Smartphones Sales Growth Predicted to Continue

In a new report on the smartphone market, research firm In-Stat claims that smartphone sales will grow at over 30% over the net five years and global sales will outpace the same of laptop computers. The report goes on to say smartphone users are downloading more applications and are generating higher data usage than traditional feature phone customers. Phone with smartphone based operating systems will grow at a 30% compound annual growth rate globally while the overall phone market grows in the single digits.

"Because of the value users are finding, organizations are slowly taking ownership of smartphones and data applications used for business purposes," says Bill Hughes, In-Stat analyst in a statement. "Rather than having overcomplicated reimbursement plans, more organizations are finding it more expedient and economical to treat wireless voice and data services as a business expense when they use smartphones."

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

  • All Smartphone OSs (other than the Palm OS) will grow at double digits over the next five years.
  • A smartphone user that travels has twice the ARPU of a typical feature phone user.
  • Smartphone use will grow mostly from use as a laptop replacement, and as a tool to help manufacturers develop feature phones.

The full report Smartphones 2007: The ARPU Generation Machine (#IN0703823WH), provides forecasts for smartphone sales by type through 2011. It is available now for $3,495 (US).

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