Palm CES Event Liveblog

Palm Event Liveblog

That time has come. PalmInfocenter is on the scene at CES in Las Vegas to bring you live coverage of Palm's grand "New-ness unveiling". We will be providing live updates from the Palm Press event at the Venetian and extensive coverage following the show.

This is the place to follow our liveblog so read on and enjoy.

Live Palm CES Event Liveblog Coverage

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Here's a shot of the Palm Touchstone wireless dock/charger.
Thursday, 1:00:44 PM Ryan
the event has concluded, stay tuned for more pics and details shortly
Thursday, 12:16:56 PM Ryan
Thursday, 12:09:15 PM Kris
Jon and ed onstagee together. thanks to the team and to us for being here. this new platform is gonna be the basis for the next decade of Palm's efforts. wow
Thursday, 12:08:18 PM Kris
Thursday, 12:07:57 PM Ryan
Palm's human centered focus is the thing that sets them apart-what Ed just said. I'm in agreement too!
Thursday, 12:07:45 PM Kris
All development is done for the platform with ease, he says
Thursday, 12:07:14 PM Kris
He's calling the Palm Pre the phone that thinks ahead. More pqrtner talk-dataviz, amazon, pandora, mobitv, Yahoo, telenav, fandanngo, Chapura, Google, aol
Thursday, 12:06:11 PM Kris
Ed's back on. yeah! Now he's recapping the whole gig
Thursday, 12:05:42 PM Kris
We are being innundated with more Facebook propaganda. People are still asleep I the crowd.
Thursday, 12:04:54 PM Kris
We are being innundated with more Facebook propaganda. People are still asleep I the crowd.
Thursday, 12:04:54 PM Kris
Over 20 million eople are accessing Facebook from mobile devices.
Thursday, 12:03:56 PM Kris
All Palm WebOS apps demo'd so far were developed in HTML, CSS and Javascript
Thursday, 12:03:37 PM Ryan
Facebook connect for mobile devices is coming later this year
Thursday, 12:03:14 PM Kris
Timeline of Facebook's history is up. personalized content yada yada yada . More WebOS! More Palm Pre! More Ed!
Thursday, 12:01:48 PM Kris
CEO of Faceboook is here today. kinda surprising.
Thursday, 12:01:25 PM Kris
Talking about Palm's 3rd party and content provider add-ons. Facebook is here today too.
Thursday, 12:00:46 PM Kris
Pre will be available in 1st half 2009. but its not finished or certified yet he just said.
Thursday, 12:00:14 PM Kris
Dan's going off now. Ed's back on.
Thursday, 11:59:38 AM Kris
This has turned into a Sprint propaganda rally and the crowd has fallen asleep. No more applause.
Thursday, 11:58:41 AM Kris
Talking about cost savings vs. Verizon & AT&T. Blah blah blah.
Thursday, 11:57:45 AM Kris
Web browser side view activated via tilt sensor
Thursday, 11:56:42 AM Ryan
Sprint is fully behind Palm's web-centric initiative. Simly Everything plan blah blah blah
Thursday, 11:56:42 AM Kris
Sprint propagannda about their great network coverage blah blah blah. nothing about WiMax, obviously.
Thursday, 11:55:53 AM Kris
Multiple web browser "cards" open
Thursday, 11:55:48 AM Ryan
Web browser showing the blue man group website
Thursday, 11:55:00 AM Ryan
Oh the Palm Pre has a slight curve to it ala the HTC G1 Android phone. Again, Why Sprint? As impressive as this thing is, I am not jumping ship for it. Too bad!
Thursday, 11:54:18 AM Kris
Thursday, 11:53:38 AM Ryan
Sprint CEO Dan Hesse is now on stage... Sprint will be first with "the pre"
Thursday, 11:53:01 AM Ryan
Palm pre is going to launch with Sprint, will likely be an exclusive
Thursday, 11:52:40 AM Ryan
Dan Hesse from Sprint is on now. Yuck-no Verizon, no GSM. Why does the next gen phone platform appear on the wal-mart of wireless providers. I feel the lack of a GSM versions isn't going to go over well with the innternational press here seated near us.
Thursday, 11:52:39 AM Kris
ed's callling it a ''LifePhone''. this is what the LifeDrive should've been. palm partners on now. SPRINT EXCLUSIVE-UGH!
Thursday, 11:51:49 AM Kris
ed is back on. he's got a live device in his hands. nice!
Thursday, 11:50:59 AM Kris
Web browser showing Google results
Thursday, 11:50:54 AM Ryan
Touchstone looks like a little slanted hockey puck...
Thursday, 11:50:25 AM Ryan
Ohhh its wireless inductive charging. no more bulks cradles. Looks like a hockey puck. the new phone even integrates with touchstone
Thursday, 11:50:07 AM Kris
Palm Touchstone - Wireless Inductive Charging systsem
Thursday, 11:50:07 AM Ryan
Jon is talking about their new touchstone. I have no idea what it is.
Thursday, 11:49:25 AM Kris
Ruby is back up now to show new accessories
Thursday, 11:49:01 AM Ryan
That was jaw dropping!! rubinstein is on now. matthias did a phenomenal demo.
Thursday, 11:48:54 AM Kris
Thursday, 11:48:15 AM Ryan
Keyboard shape looks like BB bold. wider and less of a smile than older Garnet Treos. It might be composed of the Treo pro/centro single sheet stuff.
Thursday, 11:47:56 AM Kris
quote: ''webos palm will never get u in your face and interrupt your current task''.
Thursday, 11:47:16 AM Kris
Thursday, 11:47:09 AM Ryan
Developers can write html/css/javascrit appplet widgets to run on the desktop. nice.
Thursday, 11:46:35 AM Kris
Music player looks barebones but functuonal. sorta like newer BlackBerry media players.
Thursday, 11:45:55 AM Kris
alerts are stashed in the lower right corner...sorta like how facebook handles your alerts. nice. they call this bottom panel the Dashboard.
Thursday, 11:45:09 AM Kris
Thursday, 11:44:28 AM Ryan
OOH incoming texts and alerts and emails roll in at thw atatus bar of the app you are currently in-no nterruptions. Think of the old t3/t5/tx palms but totally overhauled!
Thursday, 11:43:37 AM Kris
Even on the launcher/desktop your cards rotate automatically and reformat. fantastic!
Thursday, 11:42:56 AM Kris
discrete pop-op notifications/alerts scroll up from the bottom of the screen
Thursday, 11:42:52 AM Ryan
Browser works quite well in landscape mode. NO accelerometer lag like the BB storm. Gesture area handles scrolling in web pages: ''gestures do not impede your reading''. WOW WOW WOW!
Thursday, 11:41:33 AM Kris
Thursday, 11:41:12 AM Ryan
Multiple browser "cards" supported, unlimited
Thursday, 11:40:37 AM Ryan
Nice pinch/drag circle multitouch gestures. web browser renders web pages quite well. Supports multiple browser tabs aka ''cards''. Boookmarks show thumbnail shots of your web pages. nice!
Thursday, 11:40:11 AM Kris
Browser supports full html and zooming, via multitouch
Thursday, 11:39:56 AM Ryan
Goooge, Maps app & Wikiedia are also linked into the search results. I AM STUNNED. you can find anything on the device or on the web from the launcher. fantastic!
Thursday, 11:38:43 AM Kris
Web browser looks good, showing google results now. not many details yet but this thing is mostly built on web tech
Thursday, 11:38:32 AM Ryan
Keyboard integration into launcher. Much better than Palm's old Find function
Thursday, 11:37:53 AM Kris
Gesture activated task switcher
Thursday, 11:36:57 AM Ryan
Cool! in a threaded sms chat, it integrates with aim or facebook or whatever and shows if your char recipient is on or offline. Damn, you can roll a email or instant messaging ap right into a threaded sms chat.
Thursday, 11:36:28 AM Kris
Now on Instant Messaging (AIM etc). Threaded sms is back and better than ever. Yes!!!
Thursday, 11:35:19 AM Kris
I have to admit, the whole thing is phenomenal but long-time Palm OS users are gonna have a huge learning curve ahead of 'em. but I think its for the best absolutelty
Thursday, 11:34:16 AM Kris
Palm webOS launcher
Thursday, 11:33:55 AM Ryan
Now he's talking about email multitasking, again via cards
Thursday, 11:33:39 AM Kris
has a ''start typin to start searching emails'' like Vista's Mail app
Thursday, 11:32:53 AM Kris
Email app is way overhauled from Chatter and VersaMail. you have a single inbox that pulls from all accounts. wow!
Thursday, 11:32:09 AM Kris
Calendar ''folds'' open time (unused space). good utilization of available screen real estate!
Thursday, 11:31:19 AM Kris
New calendar app looks nice- much better use of color and good scoll integration. Good implemenntation of overlapping schedules & conficts
Thursday, 11:29:49 AM Kris
Email being demo'd
Thursday, 11:28:37 AM Ryan
''Synergy'' is how it will imntegrate all contacts or other PIM data. Integration on an OS level with Facebook. Contacts list shows someones's Facebook status, Outlook data & Google info
Thursday, 11:28:19 AM Kris
Still getting used to these names - Palm WebOS and Palm pre
Thursday, 11:28:04 AM Ryan
No drag handles or window panes or X icons to close it. TONS of newness being shown here!
Thursday, 11:27:42 AM Kris
Drag contacts to the notepad. uses a Mac-esque ''throw away'' action
Thursday, 11:27:05 AM Kris
Live Demo - there is no save button in this UI, no closeboxes etc... Just cards
Thursday, 11:27:05 AM Ryan
Phenomenal multitasking-not windowd but little cards on the workspace.
Thursday, 11:26:23 AM Kris
Thursday, 11:26:08 AM Ryan
We will have video highlights later this afternoon
Thursday, 11:25:50 AM Ryan
Notes app is absolutrly great looking. uses metaphor of a home message board with pushpins
Thursday, 11:25:37 AM Kris
No noticable lag in the UI whatsever. and he's using a live device
Thursday, 11:25:07 AM Kris
The live demo is very impressive so far!
Thursday, 11:25:00 AM Ryan
Talking about gsture area replacing the trafitional ppalm hard buttons. wow again!
Thursday, 11:24:23 AM Kris
More pics are on the way, uploads are a little slow at the moment so stay tuned for more
Thursday, 11:23:44 AM Ryan
Photo app looks phenomenal with a sidebar-esque panel. wow!
Thursday, 11:23:14 AM Kris
Thursday, 11:23:13 AM Ryan
It supports a number of unique gestures for navigation and actions
Thursday, 11:22:23 AM Ryan
organic finger gestures. all basic navigation is gestures. no stylus
Thursday, 11:21:16 AM Kris
screen physical size is 3.1 inches
Thursday, 11:20:51 AM Kris
Touchscreen goes beyond the screen.
Thursday, 11:20:27 AM Ryan
Thursday, 11:20:12 AM Kris
Wow Matthias is on stage now
Thursday, 11:19:43 AM Kris
Oh wow, he's slamming virtual keyboards !! slide down smile qwerty boards. looks like the Trei Pro but in smile layout
Thursday, 11:18:44 AM Kris
Slide out qwerty keyboard!
Thursday, 11:18:06 AM Ryan
Rrmovable battery, MicroUSB AND NATIVE MASS STORAGE SUPPORT YES! 3.5mm headset jack and the traditional ring/vibrate switch. yes!
Thursday, 11:17:50 AM Kris
3mp camera with DSP and led flash
Thursday, 11:17:29 AM Kris
removable battery, 3.0 megapixel camera, microUSB
Thursday, 11:17:25 AM Ryan
320 x 480 touchscreen display
Thursday, 11:16:45 AM Ryan
320x480 lcd with multitouchl a gesture area under the screen-like the old silkscreened Graffiti area
Thursday, 11:16:43 AM Kris
Thursday, 11:16:41 AM Ryan
Palm pre: GPS, Bluetooth, Fast Processor TI OMAP
Thursday, 11:16:13 AM Ryan
BT 2.1 802.11g gps 8gb internally fast TI Omap CPU, their latest cpu
Thursday, 11:16:00 AM Kris
New handset looks like an older HTC in black but slimmmer
Thursday, 11:15:20 AM Kris
Palm pre: EvDO - CDMA, WiFi, 8GB storage
Thursday, 11:15:14 AM Ryan
Palm PRE is the new device!
Thursday, 11:14:52 AM Kris
access anywhere on the web to your data is crucial! this is starting to sound good, guys
Thursday, 11:14:22 AM Kris
the Palm pre
Thursday, 11:14:14 AM Ryan
Ed: developers no new languages to learn if you're a web developer
Thursday, 11:13:40 AM Ryan
HTML/CSS/ajax is the building blocks of the new os. the right phone hardware is KEY and must be killer!
Thursday, 11:13:29 AM Kris
The whole thing is built on HTML and CSS
Thursday, 11:13:19 AM Ryan
PALM webOS is the official name of Nova!
Thursday, 11:13:07 AM Kris
Palm webOS is the official name
Thursday, 11:12:56 AM Ryan
Colligan - THe default thinking of this new platform is to connect to the cloud
Thursday, 11:12:32 AM Ryan
New platform is gonna be THE center to connect to the cloud. Desktop PC sync is beong phased out
Thursday, 11:12:31 AM Kris
I am overwhelmed with deja vu (again) from the LifeDrive and Foleo propaganda from a few years ago.
Thursday, 11:11:47 AM Kris
Ruby on the beach...
Thursday, 11:11:26 AM Ryan
Thursday, 11:11:16 AM Ryan
Kris is liveblogging from the 755p!
Thursday, 11:11:01 AM Ryan
''people want to separate their lives but want it in separate silos''-vanity email addresses given as an example. ''INFORMATION EVERYWHERE'' IS PLASTERED ON THE SCREEN
Thursday, 11:10:40 AM Kris
Colligan is telling the story of how they got to the new platform and the latest innovations
Thursday, 11:10:00 AM Ryan
Oh no! A joke from Gekko about ''Batman utility belts'' necessitating the snartphone!
Thursday, 11:08:34 AM Kris
Colligan - Today all our data is on the Internet
Thursday, 11:07:58 AM Ryan
New ''stuff'' coming but he's first taking us on a history lesson of getting orgaized-cue pictures of notepads and pens
Thursday, 11:07:43 AM Kris
Colligan: ''How can we simplify peoples' lives when they are on the go''? Talking about making technology invisible
Thursday, 11:06:34 AM Kris
Ed Colligan: Palm is the right company - "Mobile is our DNA"
Thursday, 11:06:16 AM Ryan
Colligan is here talking about improving peoples' lives ...''pockets, not processors''. Good talk about day to dat usability
Thursday, 11:05:46 AM Kris
Thursday, 11:05:44 AM Ryan
Ruby is handing off to Colligan
Thursday, 11:05:17 AM Ryan
Rubinstein is on stage talking about innteroperability & flxibility of data....LifeDrive & Foleo, anyone?
Thursday, 11:04:56 AM Kris
Now on to social networking (Facebook) and how info is scattered and fragmented. Ed C seems really in rahh-rah mode today.
Thursday, 11:04:56 AM Kris
Ruby: The opportunity it to put all you data in one place, with the right phone and the right platform
Thursday, 11:04:14 AM Ryan
Ruby: The next wave is clearly mobile devices...
Thursday, 11:03:34 AM Ryan
Colligan dropped by his beach pad in Mexico to pitch him the Palm opportunity.
Thursday, 11:03:02 AM Ryan
Rubenstein is on stage is telling the story about how he came to Palm...
Thursday, 11:01:41 AM Ryan
Here we go!
Thursday, 10:57:35 AM Ryan
Due to connection issues, Kris may have to liveblog from his Treo 755p.
Thursday, 10:56:28 AM Ryan
The announcer just requested silent mode on all phones, should be a few more minutes...
Thursday, 10:54:41 AM Ryan
7 Minutes to go, unbelievable there is no press wifi connection here.
Thursday, 10:53:54 AM Ryan
Kris and I are seated in the second row (the first is reserved) next to the guys from and PoderPDA.
Thursday, 10:45:57 AM Ryan
T-minus 20 minutes... Please forgive the typos during the liveblog....
Thursday, 10:40:09 AM Ryan
The empty stage, there is a HUGE projection screen behind it.
Thursday, 10:38:12 AM Ryan
The entrance to the Palm Venetian Ballroom.
Thursday, 10:35:02 AM Ryan
Thursday, 10:31:30 AM Ryan
And we are in!
Thursday, 10:31:01 AM Ryan
Still waiting to get in Kris and I are third in line, the line itself is 100+ now and is snaking around the hallway corner.
Thursday, 10:14:08 AM Ryan
EvDO tethering with the Olive Green Centro established!
Thursday, 10:13:36 AM Ryan
Thursday, 10:08:19 AM Ryan
Kris and I are in line waiting to get in... the queue is about 15 people now...
Thursday, 9:44:37 AM Ryan
Hopefully the server will be more cooperative today. However if the site goes down due to high load, be sure to check back throughout the day for continuing coverage.
Thursday, 9:02:48 AM Ryan
Venetian After a few server hiccups PalmInfocenter is back up and reporting from the Venetian.
Thursday, 9:00:25 AM Ryan
Welcome to PalmInfocenter's live coverage of the 2009 Palm CES Press Event!
Thursday, 8:05:19 AM Ryan

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Glad you're back online

SeldomVisitor @ 1/8/2009 8:59:51 AM # Q
Nuff said.

RE: Glad you're back online
CADJedi @ 1/8/2009 12:16:56 PM # Q

OK, what about us "Palm Loyal" customers who have been with the platform for 10+ years?

Will old Palm OS apps run on the new OS?

What about the Palm Desktop?... does the new PRE work with the old Desktop or has the Desktop been overhauled too?

Can I easily migrate all my old data onto the new device?

RE: Glad you're back online
SeldomVisitor @ 1/8/2009 12:20:23 PM # Q
> ...Will old Palm OS apps run on the new OS? ...

Sometimes it's what they DON'T say that is important.

RE: Glad you're back online
joad @ 1/8/2009 12:25:05 PM # Q "we are committed to gaining your business" or "you are going to have to throw away 12 years of application licensing if you want to have this iPhone clone."?

RE: Glad you're back online
CADJedi @ 1/8/2009 12:26:56 PM # Q

WHAT?!? no Verizon?

RE: Glad you're back online
malgeri @ 1/8/2009 12:48:33 PM # Q
I expected that if the new os was awesome my old apps wouldn't work. But I've got to have an easy way to transfer 7 years of data. If I can do that I'm sold. For those of you expecting backward compatability, I'm no expert but with a simple os like we've been using wouldn't it be difficult to add all the features we've been asking for and have the old apps work? Maybe an emulator of some sort but I don't know I'd want to take the performance hit.

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Lv @ 1/8/2009 9:09:43 AM # Q
Cool! Glad you're back!

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joad @ 1/8/2009 9:22:07 AM # Q
C'mon, Silly Season!!! Double Down!

RE: Yea!!!!!!
maykinit @ 1/8/2009 9:41:24 AM # Q
What time is the highly anticipated showing of the wares?

What we DON'T want to hear about NOVA:
rolandstone @ 1/8/2009 9:46:50 AM # Q
Let's hope none of these phrases show up in the reviews about Nova

"Too little too late", "Weak", "Yawn Inducing", "Huh?", "Empty promises", "Underpowered", "Disappointment".

RE: Yea!!!!!!
joad @ 1/8/2009 12:25:43 PM # Q

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mikecane @ 1/8/2009 9:49:52 AM # Q
For OVER TWO HOURS PIC was down geez. Now you're relying on the SAME DAMN SERVER for LIVEBLOGGING?!

I must find backups!

RE: Hiccups?!!?
hoodoo @ 1/8/2009 10:09:34 AM # Q
Just don't get hacked like Macrumorslive during the Apple keynote the other day!

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xkcd Contest Winner

mikecane @ 1/8/2009 9:51:29 AM # Q
Remember that dumb lameass xkcd contest Palm was running?

See the unfunny punchline and winner:

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markgm @ 1/8/2009 10:05:27 AM # Q
Here's hoping it's something great.
RE: Awesome!
joad @ 1/8/2009 12:26:03 PM # Q
(deja vu)...

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cstamper @ 1/8/2009 10:25:35 AM # Q
Stop commenting if you want to help reduce server load...


RE: Stop!
maykinit @ 1/8/2009 10:28:48 AM # Q
I sense a little negative energy here?

RE: Stop!
maykinit @ 1/8/2009 10:31:25 AM # Q
But seriously does anyone know what time Palm shows the magic? I for one have been waiting for this for a very long time. I am anticipating greatness.

RE: Stop!
mikecane @ 1/8/2009 10:32:49 AM # Q
2PM Eastern
1PM Central
12PM Mountain
11AM Western

RE: Stop!
maykinit @ 1/8/2009 10:36:59 AM # Q
I surfed the CES site and could find nothing.

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This is it!

ZireGuy31 @ 1/8/2009 10:36:17 AM # Q
So Excited!
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How many of you saw this and thought it was 'Nova'?

Poopie @ 1/8/2009 10:38:21 AM # Q
RE: How many of you saw this and thought it was 'Nova'?
maykinit @ 1/8/2009 10:42:18 AM # Q
NOT.. and REALLY glad that's not quatro

RE: How many of you saw this and thought it was 'Nova'?
bhartman34 @ 1/8/2009 10:46:32 AM # Q
It's some kinda Nova, but it's not even close to what we've been expecting from Palm. The Vista desktop is a dead giveaway...

It might be cool to log on to your desktop from a PDA-style device, but I don't see it as being all that useful. They're very different platforms, and I think navigating a desktop on a PDA would be like trying to thread a needle wearing boxing gloves.

RE: How many of you saw this and thought it was 'Nova'?
maykinit @ 1/8/2009 10:51:45 AM # Q
And methodology best left to Msft. Let all those folks walking around with computers in their pockets play with that sort of nonsense. You know, the folks with the "organizers" that have a hard time with alarms and such...

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Quivering with excitment

freakout @ 1/8/2009 11:00:44 AM # Q
That's me...
RE: Quivering with excitment
maykinit @ 1/8/2009 11:04:00 AM # Q
Freakout... with little luck, Palm is about to blow WinMo out of the water. Go Palm!

RE: Quivering with excitment
freakout @ 1/8/2009 11:11:50 AM # Q
indeed. Not just WinMo. Here's hoping it rattles RIM's and Apple's cages too.
RE: Quivering with excitment
joad @ 1/8/2009 12:41:20 PM # Q
As long as this OS can handle Garnet applications, it's a winner. If it's a brand new OS that will rely on all new third-party applications, not so sure.

The whole point that people have supported and stuck with Palm so fervently over the years is 1) ease of use and 2) third-party application expandability. Other companies can leapfrog whatever interesting features this has pretty quickly, but nobody's been able to accommodate classic Palm OS applications very well. StyleTap on the WinceMob is about as close as they've come...

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whats with the bottles of booze?

ardiri @ 1/8/2009 11:01:26 AM # Q
anyone else but me noticed the bottles of booze in those pictures? damn.. its 11am.. could have told everyone what it was all about - but, now its live :P

Aaron Ardiri
PalmOS Certified Developer
RE: whats with the bottles of booze?
freakout @ 1/8/2009 11:06:22 AM # Q
Maybe they think they'll help make for a more favourable reception....

BTW Aaron, you may need to make a new version of Lemmings for me if Nova ain't Garnet-compatible. ;)

I apologise for any and all emoticons that appear in my posts. You may shoot them on sight.
Treo 270 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 680 -> Centro

RE: whats with the bottles of booze?
ardiri @ 1/8/2009 11:07:24 AM # Q
nova will ... (oops) - they'll announce it, you can wait :P

Aaron Ardiri
PalmOS Certified Developer
RE: whats with the bottles of booze?
ardiri @ 1/8/2009 11:08:53 AM # Q
i'm busy doing my iphone/ipod touch games - :) i am sure you'll all remember them *g* as for supporting new platforms, its not a traditional PDA market anymore; more a web "data" driven market.. mobile games - may end up being mobile "widgets" :) we'll see..

Aaron Ardiri
PalmOS Certified Developer
RE: whats with the bottles of booze?
freakout @ 1/8/2009 11:20:29 AM # Q
Sounds like webOS is going to hit those notes pretty well so far...
RE: whats with the bottles of booze?
ardiri @ 1/8/2009 11:36:37 AM # Q
big question.. shipping date. :)

Aaron Ardiri
PalmOS Certified Developer
RE: whats with the bottles of booze?
freakout @ 1/8/2009 12:01:22 PM # Q
Bigger question: shipping date on GSM! :(
RE: whats with the bottles of booze?
freakout @ 1/8/2009 12:49:02 PM # Q
BTW, the Game 'n Watch revival is sweet. Bring it to webOS! :)

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Liveblogging about new PalmOS from old PalmOS

freakout @ 1/8/2009 11:16:28 AM # Q
There's something fitting about that!

Hope you brought a portable keyboard for that 755p Kris...

RE: Liveblogging about new PalmOS from old PalmOS
LiveFaith @ 1/8/2009 11:45:06 AM # Q
** I have to admit, the whole thing is phenomenal but long-time Palm OS users are gonna have a huge learning curve ahead of 'em. but I think its for the best absolutelty
11:34:16 AM Kris **

Kris, have you lost your mind? Do you know how many years it has been since Palm OS users have had ANY learning curve? Good work guys.

Pat Horne

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