Visor Pro Officially Drops to $250

A few weeks ago, Handspring began offering a $50 instant rebate on the Visor Pro, bringing its price down to $250. At the time this was announced many guessed this price reduction would eventually become permanent. Well, today that happened. Handspring has dropped the official price of the Pro to $250.

This isn't an especially quick drop in the price of the Pro. It was announced in mid-September, over four months ago. However, there's a lot of price pressure on mid-range models right now.

Palm recently dropped the price on the m125 to $200 from $250 and Sony has announced that the S360 with 16 MB of RAM will be available in February for about $200. Also, winter is typically the slowest time of the year for handheld sales and price cuts generally spur sales.

The Visor Pro was the first Palm OS device ever to ship with 16 MB of RAM. It has a monochrome screen, runs the 33 MHz Dragonball VZ processor, and has a regular Springboard slot.

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sandbuck @ 1/28/2002 6:15:10 PM #
MM-mm.... I love the smell of the free market in the morning....

mikecane @ 1/29/2002 10:53:59 AM #
Thanks for the laugh!

Stop the insanity!!!

Foo Fighter @ 1/28/2002 6:39:05 PM #
When will Palm and Handspring learn they can no longer charge over $199 for a grayscale PDA, unless it has a broader range of features (i705). $299 is color only from here on out. Anything else will sink like an anchor.

RE: Stop the insanity!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/28/2002 6:57:52 PM #
I totally agreed. $299 for a 8MB color Palm and $399 for 16MB color Palm.

RE: Stop the insanity!!!
jeremyf @ 1/28/2002 8:23:24 PM #
The Palm m500 is the #7 selling PDA on, and it costs $329 there. =(

Look what the other dude said about the free market. =(

RE: Stop the insanity!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/28/2002 11:11:36 PM #
You can buy the IIIc (8MB-color) for $200, the m505 (8MB-plus...xxMB card) for $ 330 including shipping (check the web, please...) So stop whinning!

If some guy wants to buy a Visor Pro for $250, let him in peace! Itīs a good handheld. I paid that for my beloved Deluxe two years ago. I paid $350 for my m505 when the "official" price was $450. There are lots of sites where the price is considerably lower, not to mention eBay. This happens with every single thing you want to buy. Even with the singing fish !! :-)

RE: Stop the insanity!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/29/2002 12:32:59 AM #
Are color PDAs really that popular? You wouldn't know it by looking at or Palm now only has one color PDA listed, the m505. Similarly, Handspring only has the Prism listed. I know there's alot of users on this site that have color, but overall, I don't think its that big of a deal. Are there any stats on how many color PDAs are out there vs. monochrome?

RE: Stop the insanity!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/30/2002 2:37:48 AM #
I guess they'll learn not to charge over $199 when people stop buying them for such prices...


I.M. Anonymous @ 1/28/2002 8:39:13 PM #
This POS should be no more than $179!!! For $250, I'll go get myself a HI-RES COLOR Clie 610 at CompUSA!!!!!

higgy @ 1/28/2002 9:17:12 PM #
That is more than enough !!! for the entire week.

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/28/2002 9:19:41 PM #
I saw this device at Sam's Club recently bundled with an Eyemodule camera for $199.

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/28/2002 10:54:08 PM #
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/28/2002 11:16:52 PM #
Different Visor model... It's the Platinum bundled with the eyemodule. The Platinum has 8MB, but the Pro has 16MB. - rs

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/29/2002 2:04:52 AM #
More competitions in the market; better product (bes-buy) available to customers ^_^

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/29/2002 4:05:53 AM #
whats outrageous is what i heard from

They now claim [after the whole iWalk deal] that Apple has been working closely with Handspring...possible merger and the development of a new breed of PDA?

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/29/2002 8:58:16 AM #
What's outrageous is anyone still listening to SpyMac's lies. You should have called it the iWalk Hoax.

The screen on the S320, and presumably the S360, is the worst on ony PDA besides the T415. The Pro's is way better and justifies the slightly higher cost.

mikecane @ 1/29/2002 10:56:10 AM #
The S320 has a bad screen?! Do you walk with a white cane? (And I'm not referring to myself!)

In Germany....

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/31/2002 7:40:48 AM #
I live in Frankfurt/Main and today i bought the VisorPro for EUR149 (yes! less than $130 - new, really really new). So much for the offical price... :)



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