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1 2/25/2009 SanDisk Develops 32nm NAND Flash Technology
SanDisk and Toshiba have jointly announced the co-development of multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory using 32-nanometer (nm) process technology to produce a 32-gigabit (Gb) 3-bits-per-cell (X3)…
2 11/26/2008 Toshiba Announces a 16GB microSDHC Card
Toshiba announced today that it will soon have a 16GB microSDHC card on the market. The company also announced a new pair of high speed read/write 8GB and 16GB SDHC cards. The company says mass…
3 1/31/2008 SanDisk Announces 32 and 16 GB SDHC Cards
SanDisk announced today that is has increased both capacities and speeds in its SanDisk Ultra II line with the introduction of 32 and 16-gigabyte GB SDHC cards and an 8GB SDHC Plus card. Aimed…
4 1/30/2008 Seagate DAVE Wireless Storage System recently posted a short write-up and YouTube video of Seagate's DAVE technology. DAVE is an intriguing new portable hard drive with integrated wireless connectivity. Despite looking like…
5 1/16/2008 Affordable 16GB SD Cards Now Available
While it was once a capacity unimaginably large for flash-based media, 16GB in a removable SDHC card for less than $100 is now a definite reality. A recent turn through several reputable online…
6 1/8/2008 SanDisk Develops a 12GB microSD Card
SanDisk has announced at CES that it has begun to sample 12-gigabyte (GB) microSDHC flash memory cards to major phone manufacturers for testing and evaluation. The card marks a 50% bump in capacity…
7 12/20/2007 SanDisk 6GB microSD Card
The PalmInfocenter store is now carrying a 6GB microSDHC card from SanDisk. The card comes with a full sized SD card adapter to fit into devices with a standard SD slot and a USB 2.0 card reader for…
8 10/22/2007 6GB microSDHC and 16GB SDHC Cards Now Available
Owners of Treo 750 and 755p smartphones have been stuck at the 4GB limit for some time now, enviously watching as fullsize SDHC capacities soar to 16GB while 8GB SDHC card prices continue to plummet. …
9 9/21/2007 SanDisk microSD 3in1 2GB Memory Card
SanDisk's microSD 3in1 2GB Memory card is new this week in the PIC store. SanDisk is now selling their 2GB microSD card along with adapters for regular size SD and miniSD for use in almost any device.…
10 9/20/2007 Patriot 16GB SDHC Cards Now Available
Back in August we reported on the impending arrival of Toshiba’s 16GB SDHC cards to the market. Now according to Engadget, it looks like Patriot has beaten Toshiba to the punch. Patriot's 16GB SDHC…
11 9/4/2007 Sandisk Announces 4GB SDHC Ultra II Plus card  
12 8/29/2007 SanDisk 4GB MicroSD Card Now Available  
13 8/22/2007 Toshiba Announces 32 & 16 GB SD Cards  
14 8/15/2007 Kingston Announces Class 6 4GB miniSDHC Cards  
15 7/19/2007 Sandisk Releases Ducati High-Speed SDHC Plus Cards  
16 5/17/2007 Samsung Announces 8 GB microSD Card  
17 1/14/2007 Handera 330 Supports 4GB SD Cards  
18 12/20/2006 Treo 680 Compatible with 8gb SDHC Cards  
19 12/7/2006 8GB SDHC Cards Now Available  
20 9/27/2006 Sandisk Ultra II 4gb SDHC Card Announced  
21 3/10/2006 4 GB SDHC Memory Card from Panasonic  
22 2/27/2006 SanDisk USB SD Card Getting Bigger  
23 9/5/2005 Palm Large SD Card Compatibility  
24 6/14/2005 SanDisk Ultra II SD Card With USB Adapter Now Available  
25 6/2/2005 4GB SD Card Announced  
26 3/14/2005 MicroSD Memory Card Standard Coming Soon  
27 2/22/2005 SanDisk Announces SD Card with USB Connectivity  
28 1/10/2005 SanDisk Announces New Memory Products at CES  
29 11/23/2004 Sony Introduces One Inch Removable CF Microdrives  
30 10/27/2004 SanDisk Bumps Up SD and MS Pro Capacities  
31 9/30/2004 SanDisk Announces 2GB High Performance SD Card  
32 8/24/2004 Sony Boosts Memory Stick Size & Speed  
33 6/4/2004 Pretec Demonstrates 2GB MMC Card  
34 2/13/2004 Sony Speeds Up Memory Sticks  
35 1/27/2004 SanDisk Ships 1 Gigabyte SD Card  
36 1/9/2004 SanDisk Intros 2 Gigabyte Memory Stick Pro  
37 12/19/2003 SD Takes the Lead in Memory Cards  
38 10/13/2003 SD Card Dominance Projected  
39 10/9/2003 Possible T3 SD Card Problem?  
40 8/29/2003 SanDisk Debuts Faster SD and CF Cards  

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