Seagate DAVE Wireless Storage System

Seagate recently posted a short write-up and YouTube video of Seagate's DAVE technology. DAVE is an intriguing new portable hard drive with integrated wireless connectivity. Despite looking like a fantastic piece of technology tantalizingly close to being ready for prime time, the DAVE concept received surprisingly little buzz from the various online media outlets in their CES coverage.

The current Seagate D.A.V.E. prototype measures 2.71 x 3.54 x .63 inches (65 x 90 x 16 mm) and weighs 3.7 ounces (106 grams). It is equipped with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology. Seagate has not yet commented on the possibility of different drive capacities for the DAVE other than the 60gig device shown at CES.

The new 60GB DAVE storage module could end up being a sleeper hit for Palm users desperate for additional storage capacity far in excess of the meager 4GB SDHC cards that Palm officially endorses for use on their devices. According to a Seagate representative, DAVE can connect via an ad-hoc wi-fi network or via Bluetooth and can be accessed via a web browser or from native software for various platforms.

Seagate unfortunately has no plans to sell the device themselves and will sell it rebranded as an ODM device. According to comments in the YouTube video interview, Seagate claims to have spoken to “every” smartphone manufacturer when directly asked about their interaction with Palm., while the Mytreo article specifically mentions discussing having taken place with Palm about a Palm-branded version of this drive. Long-time Palm OS users may remember Palm’s plans for a USB-to-go "Camera Companion" for the LifeDrive Mobile Manager that was briefly revealed online before being quietly shelved at some point in 2005 after the LifeDrive's release.

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