Samsung Announces 8 GB microSD Card

8gb microSDOne of the undisputable tradeoffs in going from the full-size SD slots on the Treo 700p and 680 to the miniSD-enabled Treo 755p and 750 is the reduction in card storage capacity from 8 GB to a mere 4 GB. At the present time, owners of these newest Treo 755p and 750 equipped with miniSD slots cannot utilize the now-widespread and affordable 8 GB full-size SDHC cards and are limited to the handful of rare 4gb miniSDHC cards on the market. Samsung announced they have managed to leapfrog 8 GB in the larger miniSD formfactor and somehow squeezed 8gb into the tiny thumbnail-sized microSD (formerly TransFlash) format.

In theory, this development could be a boon for Treo owners even if larger miniSD cards do not appear, as the microSD format is electrically compatible with miniSD and only requires an adapter card to move between devices. microSD cards are most commonly seen on smaller featurephones, with miniSD the norm for most recent smartphones and a few cameras and camcorders. Unfortunately, production of these large-capacity microSD cards is only set for mid-2008. Hopefully affordable 8 GB miniSDHC cards will be released in the interim to ease the pain felt when hitting the 4gb flash card ceiling.

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how about just a 4GB non-SDHC card?

joad @ 5/18/2007 1:30:20 AM # Q
I have found over the past year that 4GB suits me just fine in my Treo, and will for at least another year (or until Palm finally releases units with standard 3.5mm audio jacks so I can toss my iPod).

2GB was too slim for staged backups, off-loaded files, games and such, and a movie and some music (for when I want to mess with that dumb adapter). 4GB gives me room to breathe.

However - I *DON'T* want to move to SDHC right now, as most readers and many other devices aren't compatible. There are plenty of Palm-compatible 4GB SD cards (though it's an "unofficial" standard). Has anyone seen 4GB non-SDHC MINIsd cards out there?

I know the 755 is a conspiracy to force us to throw out all our SD cards and buy these even-easier-to-lose miniSD's, but where are the little buggers in a 4GB version that's NOT SDHC?!?

RE: how about just a 4GB non-SDHC card?
bigfoots @ 2/14/2010 10:57:06 AM # Q
I am using an 8gb micro sd card in my palm pro.
got a good deal with free shipping from here

the hardest part was finding the mem

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