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As promised, Palm has made available a patch to address a faulty memory chip inside a limited number of Palm IIIxe. This new version 1.0.3 patch is an upgrade to the patch available for the Palm IIIc and Vx which was released late last month.

Palm now has a software fix for all its affected models. If you have a TRGpro, TRG suggests you upgrade to their version of OS 3.5.1, which is free. Visor has a test application available but if you find the flaw, just suggests you call tech support. They are still developing their patch. Palm has also posted a test app and a software patch for the IBM WorkPad c3.

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Dram Test

Scott Laurent @ 7/18/2000 9:40:17 AM #
Ran the test on my IIIxe and it passed. Glad of it too! I suspect that most people will find their Palms are fine.

Is the Palm Vx affected?

Xak ( @ 7/18/2000 10:26:13 AM #
I own a Palm Vx, should I run the test program?
RE: Is the Palm Vx affected? @ 7/19/2000 7:45:07 AM #
If your Vx was manufactured between the period of October 1999 through May 2000 you certainly should. In any case, downloading and running the test program is easy. Wouldn't you like to be sure your Vx is OK?

Everyone with a possibly affected Palm, Visor, etc. should run the appropriate test software to find out if their handheld has the flaw.

Heads Up PALM!

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/18/2000 11:22:54 AM #
When I was having problems with my Vx PALM customer service would only admit to sending it back as a solution. When I hear that same week via the press of the DRA M problem and the solution (and it worked) I Emailed PALM a note of discontent over the lack of timely effort and did not get a reply. Guess PALM customer service only delivers good news.

Data loss after a reset

Ryan @ 7/18/2000 1:41:29 PM #
I just had an unusual error on my Vx...
I got a regular fatal exception error whilst adjusting the contrast, was prompted to reset and when it loaded I had lost *ALL* of my data. This also happened on my IIIc once. I was able to restore everything with a hotsync (except for OmniSky). I wonder if it was related to the DRAM bug? I haven't tested yet because I suspect I do have it and that will require a hard reset to fix. Has anyone else had a similar error?

Visor Patch

Joseph Cowan @ 7/18/2000 2:28:33 PM #
I have been contacted by Visor re the DRAM error on their devices and been informed that a patch is being tested & will be available by end July at:


Vx Problems

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/18/2000 9:13:53 PM #
My Vx has lost it's mind several times while in the system menu commands, Such as Info/Edit/Delete - And also while changing categories.
When it went, it reset to a flashing OS screen, and a black line. NOTHING would work except a HARD reset using the paperclip AND the up button. "Erase All Data?" is a sickening feeling while waiting for a layover in Memphis.......

It also crashed while performing the DRAM test. - so I patched it and havent had any problems for about two weeks, but that's normal.

Fingers crossed,
A Spineless Anonymous, frustrated by lack of logon saving cookies.

Visor Saved you a BUCK.

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/18/2000 9:25:12 PM #
I sure am thankful I didn't go with the Visor. The deciding factor was the LACK of Flash!!.

OS Version 3.5.1

P. Adami @ 7/19/2000 6:48:51 AM #
In the story they say something about an OS upgrade to 3.5.1. Have I understood this wrong? I can't find any patch on the Palm site...
RE: OS Version 3.5.1 @ 7/19/2000 1:27:37 PM #
TRG is the only one offering the upgrade to OS 3.5.1. If you have a TRGpro, you can download the upgrade here:" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>

Fatal Errors

404 @ 7/19/2000 3:19:52 PM #
I to also received fatal errors when changing the contrast (with the backlight on - a hard reset HAD TO BE DONE - the screen would flash lines & a HR was the only option). Palm Tech had said everything was just fine with my Vx, then the DRAM ISSUE went pubic. After using the patch, no more HR problems. Thanks for NOTHING Palm Tech.

404 out in field on my Vx

OS3.5 For PalmVx?

Dzamani @ 7/20/2000 9:10:03 AM #
I though the TRG OS 3.5 was incompatible with the Palm? Has anyone else had experience using the TRG OS on a Palm. I have a Vx.
RE: OS3.5 For PalmVx? @ 7/20/2000 9:45:16 AM #
Do not attempt to load the TRG version of OS 3.5.1 onto your Palm Vx. Instead, go to Palm's support page for this and follow the instructions there." CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>
There is a test app and a patch available on that page that works only on devices made by Palm.

Each device maker has had to come up with a different solution for this problem. The solution that works for a TRGpro does not work for devices made by Palm and vice-versa. This also goes for the Visor.



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