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Wireless ISP GoAmerica said the number of its subscribers skyrocketed in its last quarter. The company had 18,367 subscribers as of the end of June. Excluding subscribers it acquired in its acquisition of Wynd Communications, the subscriber base grew by 376% in that quarter.

GoAmerica is a reseller of the Minstrel V and a provider of $49.59 unlimited wireless Internet access for the Palm V and Vx. They also provide service for laptops and other palmtops.

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Good service...

Keith @ 8/2/2000 2:30:05 PM #
I have a GoAmerica plan with my Minstrel III, and it works great in every city I've used it in (only about 5). My only gripe is the pricing - I wish they had a mid-range plan. $9.95 for 25K is too little, and $50 for all I can eat is too much. Maybe $14.95 for 1mb...

Advantages over OmniSky?

Reed Kennedy @ 8/2/2000 2:37:48 PM #
Are there any advantages of this service over OmniSky? It seems more expensive, at the least. Also, can the software package compete? I find OmniSky's to be very complete and impressive. Why would anyone with a V series use GoAmerica instead? This is not a troll, but an honest question. If there are reasons, I may switch.

Ooops, Palm targets us.

queen-of-swords @ 8/2/2000 6:54:24 PM #
Don't you hate just glancing at an article and missing a vital piece of info before you post? Ooops.

Why are you guys stealing full stories now?

stop the cut and paste @ 8/2/2000 10:21:03 PM #
I've been coming here a long time and I just wanted to know why the editors have gone from linking to stories on the front page to completely copying stories from the sources and putting a "thanks to ..." link at the bottom? You don't see CBS rerunning stories from NBC news and saying "thanks to NBC for letting us steal their story and footage" at the end do you? Is this just a cheap (and illegal if you consider copyright law) way to try and get more page views?

This whole thing wreaks of plagiarism since I seriously doubt you have permission from any of the news sources you cut and paste from to copy complete articles. *Fair use* allows snippets of copyrighted material to be used but not entire stories. Besides, any self respecting "news" site would write their own story based on public information already available, not use snippets from other news sources, much less take their whole article and publish it under their own copyright.

If this keeps up, I'll be removing this site from my daily favorites.

RE: Why are you guys stealing full stories now?
addicted @ 8/3/2000 8:53:07 AM #
Are u working at the RIAA ?!

No, just joking...


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/2/2000 11:44:30 PM #

wireless services

chris m @ 8/3/2000 6:07:39 PM #
Question? many wireless services are there for palm OS ? I own a visor deluxe and am currently shopping for service. Please advise...


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