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REALVison will soon release the Carpe Diem V, a dual-band GSM phone with voice and data capabilities. It snaps onto the back and bottom of the Palm V or Vx and can wake the handheld when a call or SMS message is received. It comes with its own rechargeable li-ion battery that offers 220-280 minutes of talk time and 52-80 hours of standby time. It will be commercially available on April 17 in Hong Kong for US$409.
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Headset only, blech.

GregGaub @ 4/3/2001 11:41:18 AM #
Just like that other one, this can only be used as a phone with the headset. As much as I like headsets, and use them when I drive (honest! ;-), I don't want to be forced to use them.
I'd MUCH rather snag the tri-band Ohfish! when it comes out. That one does everything these other ones do, but it HAS a speaker and mic, as well as a headset jack. Being able to grab the device and put it to your ear is a lot more convenient than plugging in the headset, sticking the earplug in your ear and TEN answering the call when you're not already ready for it.
Save your money and support OhFish! :)

RE: Headset only, blech.
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2001 9:25:29 AM #
For myself, I like to use handsfree to talk while jotting down notes with my hands to the PDA.


I.M. Anonymous @ 4/3/2001 3:50:50 PM #
Why isn't Carpe Diem making a compatible version for the M500 and M505. The "universal" connector that the new Palms have seem to be the emerging form factor. It seems to me that it would be prudent for other manufacturers to make their products compatible with this factor. I know there are already TONS of Vx users to whom they are marketing this add-on, but there will soon be just as many people with the "universal" connection as well.

RE: Compatibility
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2001 10:32:10 AM #
REALVision has a newly developed product for Palm m500 series handhelds already, but it is a prototype and will have real product by the end of this year.

Too pricey, limited utility

Legible @ 4/3/2001 9:09:46 PM #
Well, I've actually got an OhFish for a lesser price, and have been using it for a while.

However, my gripe is that the current generation of GSM PDAs do too little and are way too expensive to operate. Part of the blame should also be laid at the feet of cell phone operators.

From my personal experience, the narrow-band that GSM limits you to really can put a test to your patience to do anything at all. Furthermore, there's airtime charges to contend with - hey, every minute counts!

If I want to send SMS I can already do it from my cell phone without buying an accessory for my Palm that costs almost as much as the Palm itself.

Despite all the marketing hype surrounding these devices, I would warn: Caveat Emptor!


Jonathan Boyd @ 4/4/2001 7:14:09 PM #
Does anyone know if there are ANY accsesries for the Palm M100? If you do, email me at

Ohfish is much better

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/8/2001 6:42:29 AM #
I tested Ohfish, Realvision, and UbiNetics GSM modem. So far, Ohfish modem is by far the best one available. It has a better form factor and the most reliable GSM phone.

RE: Ohfish is much better
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2001 10:30:23 AM #

Announcement by

ppmaryl @ 5/22/2003 4:00:37 PM #
I received this morning an announcement for this product by

CarpeDiem -- A Smart GSM Communicator by HOTSYNC.COM.HK
ppmaryl @ 5/22/2003 4:18:15 PM #
An other post for the previous ... bad title for those want to read comments ... sorry but if you want to see about the distribution and details of this product.



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