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PocketSensei has released SilverScreen 2.1, an update to their application launcher. It now supports VFS expansion cards. Both the Palm m500 series and all Clié models will be able to access applications stored on expansion cards. All Clié models will be able to launch applications directly from Memory Sticks without having to wait for OS 4.0. All users will be able to categorize applications. SilverScreen 2.1 is available now for $20.
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I.M. Anonymous @ 8/22/2001 2:51:31 PM #
I have used SS for sometime now - it contiunes to be a leader in this area.

There will likley be some additional things that users would like to see in this app. However, as we all know SS will surely continue to deliver what the consumer wants.

This is an easy reliable app that is amazing for both palms with or without cards.


RE: Silver
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/23/2001 3:16:14 AM #
SilverScreen with ChromaCast seriously slowed down my 505. I won't be using it anymore


Silver 2.1 is Buggy

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/22/2001 3:03:54 PM #
Short-cuts seem to default to the "Unfiled" catagory each time Silver starts or when I launch a program that was installed on the SD card. Released to early! I'm sticking with PowerRun until these bugs are fixed. PowerRun is slow, but works!

RE: Silver 2.1 is Buggy
Lucky @ 8/22/2001 3:21:15 PM #
I've noticed this as well. I also didn't like the fact that it adds the databases for my Laridian Bible reader program to the program list even though they're not programs. Nevertheless, it still beats any other launcher hands-down, not to mention the stock one.

RE: Silver 2.1 is Buggy
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/22/2001 3:49:01 PM #
If you have installed 2.1 and not the earlier release, once you move the apps from the "unfiled" tab to a category they will remain there.

Once you categorize them, pop the card out and the shortcuts disappear - pop the card back in and they re-appear in the category that you had put them in. Files are created on the palm and on the card the assist with this.

As to why databases are showing up - no idea, but I have not had this happen yet.

RE: Silver 2.1 is Buggy
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/22/2001 3:57:44 PM #
What I don't like is the lack of a progress indicator, both for moving apps and launching them to and from the VFS cards (the system just seems to hang for a while). Just something to let me know it is working would be great. The other item is that the names it displays for programs on the memory card is different from the names when in RAM. I'd like them to be the same. Maybe a way to rename applications (by using a database, not actually changing the app) would be useful.

RE: Silver 2.1 is Buggy
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/22/2001 4:09:44 PM #
I have had numerous crashes. Wait until the bugs are gone.

RE: Silver 2.1 is Buggy
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/22/2001 4:25:12 PM #
this continues to be one of the best palm apps out there... however I did just notice a small annoying bug. After a hotsync, files seem to be defaulting back to the unfiled category... not the end of the world but not perfect either.

There is a very cool feature when you are in the browse mode that by tapping the lower right corner arrow will allow you to see all the tabs in addition the one you are already viewing.

RE: Silver 2.1 is Buggy
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/22/2001 4:47:09 PM #
I noticed that registered apps will stay in their assigned categories, but unregistered ones will default to the unfiled category. Also, when I used the Palm back-up card program by inserting it into the slot while in the Silver program, I received a reset message. Maybe just a one-time thing, we'll see.

RE: Silver 2.1 is Buggy
Altema @ 8/23/2001 2:05:07 AM #
The good thing in all this, is to see how developers are rushing to embrace removable media. Rushing a little TOO quickly perhaps...

RE: Silver 2.1 is Buggy
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/24/2001 8:32:12 AM #
Has anyone used 2.1 with the PalmPak Games Card? Whenever I tap on Bubblet, it gives me the message that "This Bubblet is only intended for use on the PalmPak Card." The same is true for 9-ball, Chroma Games, and Vegas Slots. However, if I exit Silver and just select the Games tab, all games work fine. Anyone had the same issues? If so, any fixes?

I have also use the Palm Dictionary/Thesaurus card and it seems to work fine as well.


Launcher III v. 2.3b3

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/22/2001 5:28:00 PM #
How's SS different from Launcher III other than one is free and one cost $20.

RE: Launcher III v. 2.3b3
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/22/2001 6:10:05 PM #
Where did you get the Launcher III v2.3b3, it seems hasn't released yet.

RE: Launcher III v. 2.3b3
fleegle @ 8/22/2001 9:14:02 PM #
Launcher III v2.3b3 is here:

Just tried it

dwarchbold @ 8/22/2001 10:18:02 PM #
Not too many noticable improvments. While VFS support is nice, I still like using PowerRUN. PowerRUN will allow you to store applications and databases on the memory card. From what I was able to tell, SilverScreen only stored the app in the /PALM/LAUNCHER directory. The databases are still kept in the internal memory of the device.

Also, there appears to be a bug when you switch memory cards when in an app (running from internal memory, of course!), then exit the app and return to Silver. If the new memory stick doesn't have a /PALM/LAUNCHER directory, Silver will issue a "Fatal Error" and die. However, if the new memory card does have the directory, you should be fine.

I submitted this bug report to PocketSensei. Maybe they can provide a fix for it in the later releases...?

RE: Just tried it
Altema @ 8/23/2001 1:51:50 AM #
I just tried it too. I've been waiting to buy this one, and thought about registering immediately after hearing about the card support. Unfortunately, the option to place card apps on any menu is only for those who will never take their cards out again. SS forgets the categories and you are back to square one when you put it back in. I thought I could live with this, until I inserted my Palm backup card. Crash. No error message, just a blank screen with the frontlight still on... the power button did not even work any more. I unscrewed the reset pin, reset the Palm, then deleted SS until they can get a few of these issues resolved.

RE: Just tried it
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/23/2001 7:09:14 PM #
I just tried it as well. Last night it seemed to lose the categories of apps I moved, but today it seems to have remembered them.

I too have found that if I load a different card in it caused a crash, but that could be a Hack Conflict.

Either way I emailed them about the bugs and am awaiting a repsonse. Also I sent in a wish list request to get them to add the additional option of databases moving with app to VFS.

If people don't speak up about bugs to the developer and let them know about wishes, then they shoudn't complain.

My results

EGarrido @ 8/23/2001 9:26:12 AM #
Interesting, I have been using Silver Screen 2.1 all morning without major bugs. The only buy i encountered was when I was testing what SS would do if I was looking at a category with apps on the card, and removed the card. It crashed twice, but then I did it again without producing the fatal erroc result.

I've always liked SS. Even if it does slow down my palm a little, I'm very willing to wait. It's just so damned pretty (and now functional with my n710C).

Just my $0.02.

Eric Garrido

loyal customers of SS

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/23/2001 11:37:24 AM #
Silverscreen needs to remember it's loyal customers of the past and give them a free upgrade version, instead of paying for it. When version 3.x comes out, will they charge again to registered users of both 1.x and 2.x? You never know, let em know!!!!


ywk69 @ 8/23/2001 12:11:29 PM #
I don't quite get it. How do you actually move applications from RAM to card and vice versa? I tried dragging application icons to the toolbox but do not get any prompt to move to card memory. Can someone enlighten me pls?

RE: Help!
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/23/2001 1:56:52 PM #
1. First, make sure you actually have version 2.1 (Menu > Options > Abut SilverScreen).

2. Drag the application icon to the Folders icon (next to the "info")on the SS toolbar. This will pop up a menu window. Select to move the app to the Card. This will create a shortcut in your Unfiled catagory.

RE: Help!
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/23/2001 6:59:42 PM #
Ok, the best launcher for the Clie right now is the modified launcher that comes standard with the Clie. With MS Mount, it is fast and there is NO PROBLEM. I repeat, there is NO PROBLEM whatsoever. Silverscreen has always been slow and buggy. Pocketsensei still hasn't figured out how to remove the duplicating icon problem that he has had with since 1.0, the ticker looks crappy with high res, there is no jog dial support and PS is STILL providing dumbass cartoon icons instead of icons that people really want and need. Buggy isn't the word I am looking for here.

RE: Help!
ywk69 @ 8/24/2001 11:09:34 AM #
Thanks for the advice. I upgraded my SS from 1.x but was given v2.02. Now installed v2.1. It works as described. Hope no bugs. Cheers!

RE: Help!
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/24/2001 7:38:58 PM #
I have to agree with the above comment about icons. While I have been a loyal SS user since the B&W version first came out, the cartoon icons indroduced with chromacast are pretty but non-functional. I have sent a few e-mails to pocketsensei requesting some functional color icons. Perhaps some fellow infocenter readers could help me out on this endeavor and forward lots more e-mails about more useful icons! Maybe then we'll get a response. Thanks for your help.



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