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Several readers have reported finding the Palm i705 already available in stores, most notably Mike Cane's report of finding it at the CompUSA on 5th Ave and 37th St in New York City. -Ed

Pictures of the Treo Communicator compared with lots of other handhelds were taken at the last Dalles/Ft.Worth PUG meeting. -Ross Weems

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PDA Wireless Phones Will Revitalize the PDA Market

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/25/2002 8:24:02 AM #
PDA Wireless Phones Will Revitalize the PDA Market

RE: PDA Wireless Phones Will Revitalize the PDA Market
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/25/2002 1:32:17 PM #
Yeah, right. Nobody in the US is going to pay that much for a cell phone, no matter what it does.

RE: PDA Wireless Phones Will Revitalize the PDA Market
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/28/2002 12:05:23 PM #
Yes, but this isn't a cell phone.
People pay $400-$500 for PDAs all the time--it's icing on the cake to have your PDA and cell phone in one.

RE: PDA Wireless Phones Will Revitalize the PDA Market
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/28/2002 12:20:19 PM #
course people will pay. if you appreciate technology, you know that you have to pay for it!


JeepBastard @ 1/25/2002 9:14:19 AM #
The TREO is HOT. Where is it already? Is it gonna be early Feburuary? Or Late Feburary? If they take much longer I am gonna get something else.

MobileMitch @ 1/25/2002 10:31:15 AM #
I agree, it is a very compeling piece of hardware.

Personaly I am going to wait untill they can do in in color and have a SD slot. I am hooked enough on my 505 I don't think I could give up those features, even if it meant one less thing I have to carry.

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/25/2002 3:36:09 PM #
It'd better fly off the shelves and gain marketshare along with the i705 before RIM joins the market with Nextel in Q4.

RIM and Nextel signed a multi-year cross-licensing deal (announced by RIM yesterday). Expect first product Q4 this year in the form of a Blackberry handheld that runs on Nextel's iDen network and offer both Voice and Data.


mikecane @ 1/25/2002 9:53:02 AM #
Wow, that unit is tiny! I'd like to see one in person, even though I have zero intent to buy.

Nate @ 1/25/2002 10:24:23 AM #
Yeah, those pics actually made me do a double-take. I'm not a big fan of the PDA/Phone combo, but with such a small size, it's a very appealing design. Much better than the Qualcomm units, and a better overall design than the Samsung (not counting the color screen). Not that I have any interest in buying one either, but the Treo is nice enough looking that I know if I ever see someone using it, I'll get envious. :)

Syncplicity. Redefining Simple.

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/28/2002 12:37:31 PM #
I saw one at Nov.'s SVpug meeting.
It is small.
It is a very good design, much better than
other Palm phones.

Unfortunately, they still could not sell it,
while Palm already starting to sell i705.

It should be a success. But its success dimishes
as each day HS delays its shipment.

Treo vs M100 size

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/25/2002 10:03:26 AM #
Bummer no comparison of Treo to the M100 form factor

RE: Treo vs M100 size
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/25/2002 10:09:07 AM #
I was at that DFWPUG meeting (that's my m505 in the picture)... the Treo's screen is about the same size, perhaps a touch smaller, than the m100.. the device overall is about the same size, perhaps a bit thicker because of the flip top cover.

RE: Treo vs M100 size
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/25/2002 10:17:10 AM #
I like the Treo, my biggest reservation is the screen size. How was your feeling about that by seeing the unit in person?

RE: Treo vs M100 size
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/25/2002 11:54:20 AM #
I personally think m100 screen size is way too small. even if you enlarge fonts. buttons will still be smaller

Treo number keys?

costein @ 1/25/2002 11:17:43 AM #
Where are the number keys on the TREO unit shown?

It seems pretty unlogical to me that you would have a keyboard with cahracters but no numbers for "out of the blue" dialing. You may not always want to dial from within your address book.
I doubt that the people in the US will catch on to SMS (short message service) that fast (in Europe, next to speaking on the phone, the most important part of the phone usage)so I would think you would have static number keys there...


costein @ 1/25/2002 11:22:45 AM #
The pix had too much flash...but now I saw them! Sorry for being blind! But another question then: do you have to hold the green key to press the number board or is it like a "Caps Lock" button until you press it again to deactivate it?

Synwpn @ 1/25/2002 3:28:26 PM #
>>I doubt that the people in the US will catch on to SMS (short message service) that fast (in Europe, next to speaking on the phone, the most important part of the phone usage)so I would think you would have static number keys there...

I guess it would depend on the area. I seem to use it quite a bit among my friends and work. Actually, I guess I use it a LOT. Then again, we're all on Voicestream. I can't wait till the other two networks come up on GSM.


I.M. Anonymous @ 1/25/2002 11:42:10 AM #
All right, now I'm completely turned around in my opinion of the Treo!

After seeing the Treo side-by-side with a Nokia 82xx series phone, I can see how Treo actually has a chance in Europe and Asia, where Nokia's GSM phones rule. It's got a form factor that completely trounces Nokia's ugly brick of a PDA-phone, the 9210 communicator.

The analysts in the US aren't giving Handspring's management enough credit. It's hard to blame them because they're coming from a different perspective.

Although color really sells to the high-end market of power users, a monochrome unit isn't really all that bad for the rest of the cellphone users out there. The price IS too steep for regular users, but I could see people actually picking the Treo over the 9210 in Europe. Take the price down a bit more, and even more people should be snapping it up. I'm betting this will attract people who've never owned a color PDA or a 9210.

The 9210 has the Treo 180 beat in terms of color and the availability of expansion through a MMC slot, but form factor is a BIG issue with cellphones. Nokia was the company that really milked the whole 'small is beautiful' idea with cellphones. With what Handspring has managed to pull off with the Treo, now it might backfire on Nokia.

Sorry if this post is getting a bit long, but to give you a bit more perspective, I use a Nokia 8850, a tiny GSM phone the same size as the 8290. I also have a CLIE N760C, which I can say is bigger than the m505 but smaller by far than the Prism. After seeing the comparison pictures, I'm finally sold on the whole 'convergence' idea. BUT I won't be one of the people falling in line for a Treo, having already been spoiled by a color PDA screen and Memory Stick expansion. These things I just cannot do without. That doesn't mean, though, that OTHER people won't be interested in the Treo, and recent market studies have show that the biggest sellers have been monochrome PDAs, showing clearly that monochrome is good enough as long as the price is right. Also, predominantly, most GSM phones in the market are STILL monochrom. Color is a luxury in cellphones, as it is still with PDAs. The price point, therefore, is VERY important, for consumers. Emphasis on CONSUMERS.

So what about the enterprise market? I also think the Treo will have a good following in the enterprise market, once the CTOs and Technical Advisors actually get demo units in their hands to play with and get over the fact that it's not a color PDA. I believe that being a Palm OS device is an advantage that the Treo has over the 9210's Symbian OS. The Treo brings with it A LOT of apps that allow synchronization with office tools, like Documents to Go and the like. Symbian will probably have a harder time getting as wide an application base as the Palm OS already has. Handspring has to show everyone what the Palm OS can do for the enterprise, and emphasize that the Palm OS makes everything available to the enterprise.

I hope Handspring is reading this! The Treo has a lot of value, and they ought to be promoted more. I used to ask, "What was Handspring thinking?" Now, it's: "When are they going to start selling those things over here in Asia??" Handspring's got a chance, but they have to really get this thing out there.

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/25/2002 10:13:47 PM #
I don't know. I think that there are several issues here:
1) Lack of memory expansion. 16Mb is better then 8, but I use a total of 40 (8+32 SD) on my 505.
2) High Cost of GSM data calls in the US + You need an dial up ISP account.
3) Low data dates
(2 and 3 may get better with GPRS, but so far the US GPRS plans I've seen, i.e. voicestreams, are pretty pricy)
4) no Email notification (unless you somehow redirect to SMS).
5) Pricey !! $539 w/out a new activation

The San Jose Mercury reviewed it ( and had a couple of important comments:
- Trouble connecting a lot of the time.
- Questionable e-mail app.

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/26/2002 5:38:09 PM #
1.) If you're cool with your present setup, don't buy now. Wait for the next generation TREO (probably with expansion - HS will learn it)

2.)Sorry, but the rest of the world already uses GSM and GPRS with extreme success. The US is not the only one in the world, so neither is the market (thank goodness). BTW that's why Europe is getting the first TREOS from HS and not the States.

3.) check 2.)

4.) depends on which account you have, I would suspect in connection with GSM. It works here (Europe).

5.) With an account subsidising plan, it'll be very much cheaper. Besides freaks buy faster! ;-)

As far as the color TREO is concerned if the screen is the same as the new european Ericsson T68 then I don't want it. Looking at that screen (T68) in the sun just makes the screen TOTALLY unreadable. Very bad!! So HS needs to go in the field (preferably Arizona in summer) and double check on the color screen readability.

i705 will be announced monday, it is official

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/25/2002 2:46:12 PM #
there has been some speculation but now it is safe to say that it 100% certain ....

New Palm Handheld Coming Monday
On January 28, Palm is releasing a new handheld computer that will make it even easier for you to stay on top of your busy world. Check back on Monday, and all will be revealed. 30-5296907

I just bought the i705!

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/25/2002 9:25:19 PM #
Well, jsut went to Office Depot here in LA and walked out with a new 705 in the bag!

They hadn't put them out yet.

Already am thrilled!



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