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Worms World PartyHexacto and Team17 have joined forces to bring Worms World Party to handheld gaming market. Worms World Party is the latest in a long line of addictively fun Worms games. Players control an army of four worms, each of whom are dropped into combat zones against rival worm factions. Using the wide array of weapons at their disposal - including homing missiles, shotguns, concrete donkeys and sheep strikes - the aim of the game is to wipe out the opposing worms using your arsenal.
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Great news!

bcombee @ 10/4/2002 1:50:49 PM #
I played way too much Worms 2 when I first started at Metrowerks, and I really enjoyed the improved versions released since then. This looks like it should be a good port, and I hope they take good advantage of the high res screens, source support, and expansion ability of the current crop of 68K and ARM devices. CLIE game controller support would be nice too. :)

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RE: Great news!
Admin @ 10/4/2002 1:53:05 PM #
I have to agree. I don't play too many PC games, but I've always been a huge fan of Worms. It's one of thoose games you never get tired of.
RE: Great news!
atrizzah @ 10/4/2002 2:58:21 PM #
I think this marks a new era in Palm gaming. It's not long until it is known that Palm can take on PPC in the gaming area.

Peace Out
RE: Great news!
Take1 @ 10/4/2002 3:26:02 PM #
I hope so... The faster processors and higher rez screens should help. PPC will still have the advantage of screen size (not much will be designed for just the NR/NX series in mind). Playing a RTS game on the PPC's 320 x 240 screen is **just** large enough -- can't imagine playing on a 320 x 320 screen and seeing enought of the map to be effective.

Console ports, however, should do great on the palm -- All anyone has to do is make a console EMU for OS5 and a few hundred 16-bit games would become available.

RE: Great news!
formerlyanon @ 10/4/2002 3:43:38 PM #
what? Sony has way more screen space than ppc 320*320 or 320*480. ppc is 320*240. sony has more pixels. i'm not trolling but i dont understand how ppc can be more

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RE: Great news!
aaronchow @ 10/4/2002 4:04:40 PM #
He is not talking about resolution (of how many pixels can fit into an inch), instead he is simply talking about screen size (dimension).

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RE: Great news!
HandAble @ 10/4/2002 4:07:41 PM #
This is fantastic... The only reasons I bought a Game Boy Color several years back was so I could play Qix and Worms: Armageddon. I don't play or buy games for my Palm much (I rarely stick with a game long enough to make it worth buying.. even on my PC), but this is one I would snatch up in a heartbeat. Worms never gets boring.

RE: Great news!
ChipKerchner @ 10/4/2002 10:34:06 PM #
Looks awesome!!! It'll give Lemmings a run for the money... :)

Chip Kerchner

RE: Great news!
M3wThr33 @ 10/7/2002 1:02:43 AM #
Maybe jump starting you guys on some new screenshots. ANYTHING would be nice.

I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation. We're in space.


pgovotsos @ 10/4/2002 1:58:50 PM #
What was nice about being an Amiga user was playing Worms YEARS before it ever appeared on the PC.

It would be nice if Worms World Party supported "landscape" 480x320 display mode so you could see more of the play field at once. Or is it supposed to fit on one screen with no scrolling?

Thanks for the heads up Ben. It'll be nice to try this on another platform. I don't know why, but I never really liked it on the PC - it just didn't seem as fresh and innovative as it di on other platforms.

RE: Worms
bcombee @ 10/4/2002 2:05:27 PM #
It wasn't me... it was Ryan who posted this... I'm just a comment junkie. :)

Ben Combee, CodeWarrior for Palm OS technical lead
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RE: Worms
pgovotsos @ 10/4/2002 3:00:41 PM #
I should know better than posting somthing right before I go to bed. Sorry Ryan - I meant you.
RE: Worms
TDS Computer @ 10/7/2002 12:18:10 AM #

Most people don't realize that some of the classics like Worms and Lemmings started out on the Commodore Amiga. What a great platform that was.

I will certainly be buying this program. Now if they only release the "Video Toaster" on a springboard module :) :) :)

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RE: Worms
Palmcicle @ 10/8/2002 3:51:42 AM #
I havent heard the term 'Video Toaster' since High School. Thanks for the flashback. Gotta run, i have a data casette loading parsec onto the TI99.

Phew! Whats that smell!?! Did someone Zire in here? Buy Palm's only a nickle.


iebnn @ 10/4/2002 3:06:41 PM #
This makes me very happy :) I love Worms World Party.

I got worms!
Fammy @ 10/4/2002 4:27:13 PM #
I love worms too. Quite the party game. It should be interesting on the Palm. Are these screen shots from the PC version? If not, it looks like a hi-res only game.


System Requirements?

james_sorenson @ 10/4/2002 4:09:14 PM #
So, will this require an Arm processor? I'm drooling over the upcoming Palm Smartphone, but I really hope that it will be capable of playing this all-time classic of a game! It certainly looks like high-resolution is at least required.

None-the-less, this is really cool news.

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James Sorenson

RE: System Requirements?
Kesh @ 10/4/2002 4:51:15 PM #
I have a feeling it'll be a PalmOS 5 program, just for the graphics themselves. If so, I'll be holding off for a decent OS 5 machine, instead of picking up that Treo 90 like I planned. :D

RE: System Requirements?
Admin @ 10/4/2002 5:01:00 PM #
I just spoke with someone at hexacto and they are still not sure whether it will require Palm OS 5 as they are early in development.

RE: System Requirements?
abosco @ 10/4/2002 5:32:46 PM #
I love Worm for the PC. It's one of those games where you couldn't care less about the graphics, but the gameplay is the most fun. However, this game does have some graphics that give the game a zippy appearance, say, when you throw a grenade. The throwing and the explosion make playing the game that much more fun. Is it possible that there could be a mode (sort of like what Astraware has in most of its games in the preferences menu) where you can change the graphics, effects, and sound quality levels, the highest settings requiring OS 5.0, while all others don't need OS 5 to operate properly? I don't think you could do this, but that would be great. If you can't do this, then making two versions might not be a bad idea.

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RE: System Requirements?
msmasitti @ 10/4/2002 6:16:10 PM #
There is no possible way that a game would play that smooth on a 33/66 Dragonball processor. If so, then games like this would have been out already. :)

O/T Mod
RE: System Requirements?
sophmeat @ 10/4/2002 6:25:55 PM #
You mean like lemmings, qubix, or diety 3d? besides.. im sure it can be run at 99 mhz.... heh
RE: System Requirements?
RSC @ 10/4/2002 7:16:15 PM #
I sure hope they find a way to make it work on the 66MHz Clie NR series devices -- playing this game at 320x480 would rock, landscape or not!

RE: System Requirements?
Wollombi @ 10/4/2002 7:24:42 PM #
>"There is no possible way that a game would play that smooth on a 33/66 Dragonball processor. If so, then games like this would have been out already."<

I have a version of Joust (by Pocket Express/Astraware) that runs just fine on a 33MHz dragonball proc. Something like Worms should work just fine.


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RE: System Requirements?
ardiri @ 10/5/2002 9:44:54 AM #
> You mean like lemmings, qubix, or diety 3d? besides.. im sure it can be run at 99 mhz.... heh

lemmings, deity3D do not require arm :) lemmings runs fine on 16Mhz palmos units - and, deity3D does run on all palmos devices supporting 3.3 and above (of course, faster on arm units *g*)

at, we squeeze every last bit of CPU power out of the units. its sad that it had to be NOW that someone was interested in doing Worms :( it was on my list of "ports" (very similar to lemmings) :P it isn't hard to get worms running on a 68k unit fast :) but, that all depends on the programmers *g*

// az

RE: System Requirements?
abosco @ 10/5/2002 3:21:33 PM #
A game like Worms would surely play on a 66 mhz Dragonball, Mario, especially considering a game like Rayman can run on my 16 mhz m105 without any problems!

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I wish these are palm graphics

stellaboy @ 10/4/2002 6:57:45 PM #
These pics look so good. I really hope they are palm graphics and not pocket pc ones.

Screenshots aspect ratio.
Roberto_tores @ 10/4/2002 8:29:15 PM #
I don't know if you resize the pictures with a constant aspect ratio on Paintshop pro to PPC and High-res palm OS it gives the following values: (320x400) and (240x300).

None of these are standard Palm OS or PPC resolutions, so I guess the screenshots maybe from a pre ported version or beta running in Windows.

The screenshots are photoshopped

iebnn @ 10/4/2002 11:00:44 PM #
Look at the health bar, wind bar, and time box. They're the same in both. These are screenshots of the PC game photoshopped to look like a Palm game. They're *really* early in development it seems. I doubt the game will even look like that when it's released, the bars are too bulky (and what about 3+ players? It'd block the whole screen!).

RE: The screenshots are photoshopped
htomlinson @ 10/5/2002 7:34:31 AM #
If they really are in early development then this statement:
"The new versions of Worms World Party will be available via online distribution platforms and in retail stores in the fourth quarter of 2002."
Is either very optimistic, or they have one hell of a development team!
Getting from the final product to being in stores typically takes a couple of months, and its my understanding that getting a product in stores in the month before Christmas is almost impossible. Perhaps they're really a lot further on with the game ?
Worms is no trivial game to get right on the Palm, and so I'm looking forward to getting and playing it :)

RE: The screenshots are photoshopped
abosco @ 10/5/2002 7:10:45 PM #
I'm guessing they did that to give people an idea of what it may look like when it makes it onto an actual device.

Beer is living proof that God wants us to be happy. -Benjamin Franklin

This is not the only Worms clone in development :)

kozmos @ 10/5/2002 3:55:49 AM #
Wohoooo... Who's gonna be first?

RE: This is not the only Worms clone in development :)
simond @ 10/5/2002 4:45:45 AM #
Well, the beta is out for Global Worming, so they're not doing too badly in that respect :)
RE: This is not the only Worms clone in development :)
helf @ 10/6/2002 1:55:16 PM #
I've been playing the globalworm beta all morning..its pretty good..But I want a liero palm port! :(

Yes, our company almost finished Worms for Palm OS
paragon @ 10/7/2002 6:39:39 AM #
The game is called "Global WORMing". Now it is in beta-testing stage. The product will be released early next week.

Sure, we'll post the news on

The screen-shots of our Worms for Palm OS are available here:



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