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Palm has released another patch for the Tungsten T model. This patch resolves slight issues with the digitizers accuracy on some handhelds. The digitizer is the device that registers screen taps and input.
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It works really well!

Domiriel @ 2/13/2003 11:11:24 AM #
I thought I had a hardware problem, but since it only affected the top of the screen, I didn't worry too much.

However, this patch really set things right! The digitizer is now working perfectly!

Now, when can I upgrade to OS5.2 with all these patches (and more?). Let's hope it is released soon...

RE: It works really well!
djpedro @ 2/13/2003 11:59:31 AM #
*Phew* I was JUST using my Tungsten and having the same problem dragging down menus, come back to my desk and here is the patch. I'm glad its not just me as i was thinking, as I'm left handed and I figured it was my southpaw-ness affecting it.

RE: It works really well!
Morph @ 2/13/2003 12:53:01 PM #
OS5.2? When's that supposed to come out?
Does that mean we're gonna have to pay for that too, or is it gonna be a freebe thing?

RE: It works really well!
twby @ 2/13/2003 1:21:52 PM #
OS 5.2 will come with the new Graffiti 2 to replace the Graffiti due to a lawsuit between Xerox and Palm. Many of the Graffiti 2 characters have to be drawn with two strokes such as "i", "k", "t", "x" & "4"

RE: It works really well!
siralien @ 2/13/2003 2:06:56 PM #
Just like the recent audio patch, this one isn't available for the UK Tungsten yet, only the US one. The UK site does not yet carry it. :-(

RE: It works really well!
IanJD @ 2/13/2003 3:16:48 PM #
> Just like the recent audio patch,
> this one isn't available for the UK Tungsten yet,
> only the US one. The UK site does not yet carry it. :-(

So download them from the US site.

RE: It works really well!
Pritch @ 2/13/2003 3:20:13 PM #
As there is no restrictive comment in the US site concerning the patch only working on particular (US) OS versions, you can assume that the patch is universal. So yes, download from there - I did and it works fine on my EFIGS ROM TT

RE: It works really well!
IanJD @ 2/13/2003 5:39:29 PM #
To pick a nit, the Tungsten T European model you (and I) have has a BEFIGS ROM, including Brazilian Portugese; the larger ROM for which will hopefully prove useful when FlashPro and JackFlash OS5 turn up (any day now...).

Digitizer problem?

jjsoh @ 2/13/2003 11:34:39 AM #
I know there were some people who had an issue with the digitizer on their Tungsten, but I can't seem to find a problem with mine or could it be that I'm looking in the wrong place. So, I'm not sure if this update applies to all Tungsten owners or just the ones having specific issue with the digitizer.

Is there a way for me to determine if I even need to install this patch?


RE: Digitizer problem?
Lock @ 2/13/2003 11:45:00 AM #
jjsoh, I suggest you to install it.
You never noticed the problem because it's not so evident. Only if you use menues a lot you can feel it.
It's a software patch, it correct a small code bug, so it's better you install. :]

Is there any downside to installing the patch?

DWD @ 2/13/2003 1:36:24 PM #
I would be in the category of people who have never experienced any digitizer problems. Reading here, I can expect even better responsiveness with the patch...perhaps.

My question is, is there ANY potential downside to installing the patch if you are not now having any problems? Or is this just a no brainer and everyone should install the patch no matter what?

RE: Is there any downside to installing the patch?
Gekko @ 2/13/2003 4:38:13 PM #
The patch is fine. Your digitizer will get even better.

If this does not tell you Palm suck
ray00pal @ 2/14/2003 12:57:19 PM #
I don't know what does. Everybody makes mistakes, but not something this stupid. After they think they finished their work on TT, don't they do some TEST? Huh?
How tough is it to come up with the idea to test the accuracy of the touch screen? This bug really upsets me! Wait, I forget these are the people who can not tel 12 from 16...
RE: Is there any downside to installing the patch?
rsc1000 @ 2/14/2003 4:40:16 PM #
hey - based on my experience - stupidity and incompetence in most companies is so great i am amazed that anything ever gets done at all. seriously.

RE: Is there any downside to installing the patch?
Protea @ 2/18/2003 3:31:43 AM #
Hey ray00pal, it's all very well to say that Palm should iron these things out before releasing but if you're aware of hardware/software development at all then you'll know that even with the tightest scrutiny there are always going to be some areas which can be improved on. Good on them for getting these little fixes out I say.

Perhaps if you painstakingly sense checked your post before releasing then you wouldn't have had a bug either ... "people who can not tel 12 from 16..."

DOA Stockpile

pocketscience @ 2/13/2003 6:32:37 PM #
I'm sure Palm received a lot of DOA's back (mine was one) because of the digitiser problem... would've cost em a packet to handle all that, plus the good will lost in "they sold me a dud" commentaries - shame they didn't sort it out sooner.

My replacement T|T is working great, so I don't I'll bother with this patch (but I will store it in a safe place, just incase!).



RE: DOA Stockpile
palmit @ 2/13/2003 8:50:18 PM #
I agree! This was a problem as soon as the Palm TT was released. I bet many people returned there units because of this problem. I did and new one works ok without needing the patch.

Does Palm mention that this should be install if not experiencing the problem?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

RE: DOA Stockpile
jsulmeyer @ 2/15/2003 3:08:16 PM #
I'm really torn between feeling vindicated (I went through and returned more than a dozen T|T's - mostly due to the digitizer problem) and feeling TOTALLY infuriated. I went though so much crap and wasted so much time on an issue that, for months, Palm refused to even acknowledge! You KNOW they knew about it, given the fact that their software engineers were working on the patch while I was being told that this was a non-issue.

I'm glad this issue was taken seriously and finally resolved but I really feel angry that I had to go through the hell of buying and returning so many units.

RE: DOA Stockpile
Ben S @ 2/17/2003 9:38:01 AM #
In any company, what the front-line support techs don't know compared to what the engineers are working on could fill a warehouse.



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