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PIC Moderator and reviewer, Kerry, brings us two InnoPocket reviews. First up is the flip top metal case for the Sony SJ30, SJ20 and SJ22. Following that, Kerry reviews the 3 in 1 Clie Metal stylus from InnoPocket. Read on for both reviews.
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4s @ 3/10/2003 8:32:13 PM #
FWIW, I saw an identical case to this one at CompUSA recently, sold by a company called iConcepts. I have seen this company also sell other cases that look identical to the Innopocket ones. Maybe they are a distributor for Innopocket.


I have to know...

masitti @ 3/10/2003 8:49:21 PM #
What does Washu! mean? :)

Mario Masitti
RE: I have to know...
kezza @ 3/10/2003 9:51:11 PM #
Washu is the name of my primary MS for my Clie. In the grander scheme of things, she's a 20,000 year-old scientific genius from the anime series Tenchi Muyo. She's also the subject of my avatar.
she has pink hair and green eyes (much like me not too long ago) and resents the world of adults. what's not to love? ;)

"Well, if it isn't the leader of the wiener patrol, boning up on his nerd lessons"
RE: I have to know...
OrionNE @ 3/11/2003 9:27:48 AM #
I really like flip cases. This one looks like a nice design.

I wish someone would make a metal flip case for the Palm Tungsten T.


RE: I have to know...
frauen1 @ 3/11/2003 10:21:19 AM #
Hard to make a flip for the Tungsten T, given the slider. I have the Innopocket hardcase for the T, it's a good compromise, I'm afraid I'll accidentally crush the T when it's slid open, but it's a pretty good case.. I had the Innopocket case for my Sony Clie T615C, I loved it, that's why I got the one for the T. Innopocket does a great job on cases, IMHO.



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