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A new word processor has hit the scene, AvantGo is no longer beta, Palm has a patriotic Flag app available, PalmGear has a new look, the T|C WiFi Sniffer has a new name plus much more in this update.
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Two quick things...

abosco @ 7/1/2003 11:00:59 PM #
First, Mobile Word 2003 is a native document reader, and puts the document into its own format after it is edited. I think that is worth mentioning, as it's the only Word application to do that besides QuickOffice Premier, which is $20 more.

Second, Wifi sniffers for the T|C are great, but what is Sony's reason for not releasing the Wifi API this time? Is it the same reason why they don't release the sound, voice recorder, and camera API's as well? So we don't get cool applications that aren't Sony branded?


RE: Two quick things...
abosco @ 7/1/2003 11:36:14 PM #
What am I smoking? It doesn't have native files. My mistake. Drag me across the coals as I deserve...

RE: Two quick things...
rsc1000 @ 7/2/2003 1:08:08 AM #
Yes - this crap from sony has got to stop. And whats with not supoorting OS 5 sound APIs??? are they trying to sabotage the very OS they support? It was a different matter when PalmSource didnt have a real sound API - but this is crap.

RE: Two quick things...
Scott R @ 7/2/2003 9:53:31 AM #
abosco, you also failed to note that QuickOffice Premier covers Word, Excel, and PowerPoint functionality for that extra $20, whereas MobileWord is just a word processor. I don't say this to criticize MobileWord, just to put things in the proper perspective in terms of pricing.


RE: Two quick things...
abosco @ 7/2/2003 10:57:09 AM #
Not a bad way to look at it, but if this did offer native formats and you didn't want Excel at all, QuickOffice is your only option at $50. This WOULD HAVE offered it at $30. But now, it's just like all the others.

I want to break free of having to do a VPN conversion. No more conversion! Memory expansion is so cheap these days.



hj43 @ 7/1/2003 11:19:25 PM #

Is it just me or does PalmGear seem to have become as bad as Handango with this latest remake? Now new and updated software isn't even listed on the main page; the only programs that are are the most popular ones and the ones that have paid for advertising.

And worse still, if any of you developers out there take a look at the new Resellers Agreement you'll notice that they now force you to link to their website from yours (even though you're still not permitted to link to your site from theirs) (8.1), require you to *match* commissions paid to other sites (so if you list on Handango you now need to pay PalmGear 30% too) (5.6), and they've given themselves the right to offer a 25% discount on your software whenever they feel like it (5.7).

RE: PalmGear
bquin @ 7/1/2003 11:30:25 PM #
I agree with your comments on plamgear. It has been my primary source for palm applications, but I hate the new design and it now takes 3 clicks to download anything and you are inundated with advertising!!

...laughing at a world too absurd to take seriously...
RE: PalmGear
hj43 @ 7/1/2003 11:33:45 PM #
Right, yes, forgot to mention that. So now while people are downloading your software they may very well be treated to banner ads for your competitor's. And purchasing and downloading have both gotten a lot more complicated, it seems that you can hardly do anything any more without an account.

RE: PalmGear
PDAinHand @ 7/1/2003 11:48:08 PM #
I now look at PalmGear as a website that PDA in Hand dose want to be!! there older site was much better and nice looking this site is white with little colour and hard to understand.

PDA in Hand I know what not to do with our site now, we are looking in getting a much bigger website with better pricing.

PDA in Hand

RE: PalmGear
a @ 7/2/2003 2:00:42 AM #
i liked the old palmgear more based on content,but i think that the new look cleans it up a lot.
i guess the new palmgear is more 'marketable' though.

I love my Treo 90

RE: PalmGear
RoelvdV @ 7/2/2003 7:30:16 AM #
This is not an improvement. Apart from the new layout and the overload of add's the new site is ssslllooowww.

Greetings, Roel.

RE: PalmGear
ChiefPilot @ 7/2/2003 11:20:41 AM #
Judging from the speed of their new site, they are in a downward spiral. I thought it was slow before, but doing anything on it seems to take forever.

It gets better, though. I logged into my developer account, and was presented with a listed of software packages from another developer - they apparently have some serious bugs in their web site software.

RE: PalmGear
TedTschopp @ 7/2/2003 11:31:03 AM #
Not to mention the fact that when I logged in this morning it thought I was someone else and I got to see all their personal information... Opppss!!!

Hit >Software>New & Updated
MediaBaron @ 7/2/2003 12:46:40 PM #
Just bookmark this URL, you'll feel right at home:

RE: PalmGear
gilacrazy @ 7/2/2003 4:35:16 PM #
I think the new site needs a little bit of getting used to. If you guys think a little more, actually this new site probably can give more exposure for more software than the old one. Here's why

1. Many applications made frequent updates on their product to be featured at the front page. Well, that's fine. BUT what is not okay is, some applications like X and S who actually don't really provide updates or extensions to their features. All they do is add some sub-product, like themes, or add a so- called'new' product, BUT on offer(it's the old product), or just do something cheap to increase downloads/sales so that they'll appear at the front page more often. Often is for FREE! The new website doesn't really allow them to do this anymore (at least at the front page).

2. Advertising for Premier Partners is much cheaper now. Phew! Finally we can afford an ad for as low as $300!

I'll think of more later.

BTW, The most popular product at PalmGear are rotated on a periodic basis (dunno daily or weekly, whatever). I asked about this from PalmGear. As long as you're in the Top 50, and NOT a freeware, you'll be displayed there.

The terms and agreement (first post) mentioned about giving PalmGear more royalties and all... I was never notified of that. But I was notified to make PalmGear the point of purchase though. When tere are changes in terms and conditions, PalmGear will send out a circulation to developers to notify of them. I never got one about the one you mentioned. I'll check with PalmGear.

I think, PalmGear is still by far the best Palm OS vendor in the internet. If you sign up with Handango, you'll really know that Handango really SUCKS and all they want is your money.

I was a Premier Partner with PalmGear and get some kind of marketing effort almost every month. Did boost my sales. Handango only did once marketing for me(I'm a Gold member, whatever) even after joining their Gold prog for almost a year.

Okay guys, I'm not on PalmGear's side here or anything. I'd still prefer people to buy from my website. I think compared to many other vendors, PalmGear's pretty good enough. I mean, there are other vendors with lower commission whatever, but they don'w pull as many visitors (and thus sales) as PalmGear does.

So I'll stick to PalmGear for now.


I don't usually forum. But I'm a geek, what the heck!

RE: PalmGear
ChiefPilot @ 7/2/2003 5:54:27 PM #

Only $300? Wow, what a deal. (Hint: you can get better targeted advertising for less on Google or Overture).

PalmGear must be great, it was the choice of PalmSource themselves for their software store...before they switched to Handango. Why did they switch? Good question...

It was bad when Kenny W. ran it; it is worse now.

RE: PalmGear
gavinfabl @ 7/3/2003 4:18:22 AM #
The new palmgear website is frustrating but it does inform you more about other products .

I ordered Fonts4tt on the 1st day of their new look and could not download software after. 2 emails to support and no reply.

I hope this gets sorted but definitely teething problems and I am $8 out of pocket.

The mypalmgear section is not working either.

Zlauncher 3.01, Tungsten T

RE: PalmGear
mikecane @ 7/4/2003 10:08:12 AM #
"PDA in Hand I know what not to do with our site now" -- get rid of that dumba** animation first of all.

RE: PalmGear
Wollombi @ 7/6/2003 1:02:09 AM #
Ha ha! "Get ready to discover the secerts of your PDA". Yeah, this is a *real* professional site.


It is not very comfortable to have the gift of being amused at one's own absurdity.
-Somerset Maugham-

Great Looking US Flag for Palms

ozz @ 7/1/2003 11:25:20 PM #
There is a great animated flag available for the Palm which I like much better than the "Solidarity" flag. It's called "United We Stand" from Wagware and it's FREE!!

Lord, help me become the person my dog thinks I am!

RE: Great Looking US Flag for Palms
LiveFaith @ 7/2/2003 10:39:09 AM #
Anybody know where the link is on the Palm site? Maybe I'm blind, but I don't see it.


Pat Horne;

RE: Great Looking US Flag for Palms
ozz @ 7/2/2003 10:48:35 AM #
Just go back up to the main Flag article at the top and click on "download" and that will take you to the Palm site for the flag.

Lord, help me become the person my dog thinks I am!
RE: Great Looking US Flag for Palms
bquin @ 7/2/2003 12:01:22 PM #
I could not get UWS to run on my TT...

...laughing at a world too absurd to take seriously...
RE: Great Looking US Flag for Palms
LiveFaith @ 7/2/2003 3:31:47 PM #
Aha. thanks for the tip. The site and has the same color text that hyperlinks are and it just didn't show.

Pat Horne;
RE: Great Looking US Flag for Palms
iebnn @ 7/3/2003 8:28:35 AM #
Wasn't solidarity made by someone else a long time ago (soon after sept 11) and released for free? I remember seeing this a while ago.

RE: Great Looking US Flag for Palms
Wollombi @ 7/6/2003 12:58:35 AM #
Yeah, this was originally released a short time after Sept. 11, 2001. I fail to see how it is news, unless you count old news.


It is not very comfortable to have the gift of being amused at one's own absurdity.
-Somerset Maugham-

AvantGo for Mac OS?

robman @ 7/2/2003 12:10:32 PM #
Has anybody else noticed that AvantGo has quietly decided to support only Windows in their latest release?

I wonder if this means something...

Palm Researcher at the University of Texas at Austin

Avantgo Relase 83 is still Beta to me ...

talos4 @ 7/2/2003 4:58:31 PM #

Anyone else frustrated with slow SD card sync ? This will drive customers *AWAY* from the pay service because syncing >2 MB to SD is unacceptably, *ridiculously* slow.

Also, channel partner Hires support, while improved, is still spotty.


"Never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity"
-- Richard Feynman.


epall @ 7/2/2003 7:37:06 PM #
This almost makes me want to just buy one as addition to my Clie! It's cheaper than many phones at that price.


hot @ 7/3/2003 12:03:14 PM #
tried solitaire collection game... cool !

You live only once...


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