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Cerience is now offering a free version of Repligo, Lightspeed is a new app that will overclock Intel XScale handheld processors, Sedio now ships directly to Europe and DDH has announced the winners of its applet contest and more.
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popko @ 7/18/2003 12:58:21 AM #
Is it possible to increase the bus speed while decread the multipler? This way the the battery drain should be the same while the incread in bandwidth should still bring some nice speed improvment.

RE: Overclocking
abosco @ 7/18/2003 9:42:27 AM #
That's exactly what I do using PXA Clocker, a free overclocking app by someone named FlashSeeker. I set the MHz value to 118 MHz (originally 99.5), bus speed to x2, and turbo clock speed to x1.5. Battery life is pretty much the same. These settings make the device faster than a T|C. Every PXA processor is different. Some devices crash on the same settings another is fine on.

Also, Ryan, Lightspeed isn't yet compatible with the NX73v and NX80v.


RE: Overclocking
Tungstenman @ 7/18/2003 10:14:47 AM #
When you overclock a SONY clie, its ony as fast as a TungstenC

A Palm in one hand is worth 2 Pocket PC Bricks
: )

PDF is finally Portable!

ggeoffre @ 7/18/2003 9:01:28 AM #
After struggling and getting frustrated with all of the other solutions for viewing PDF files on my T|T, I think that I have found a workable solution. Repligo is not a native PDF viewer for Palm, but then again, what is? You actually get a print driver that allows you to print any document to Repligo format. The print driver saves a file to your drive and installs a copy to your PDA. It looks much better than any of the other solutions I have tried. I still find the Linux based PDF viewers for devices like the Sharp Zaurus to be superior, but Repligo looks like it will finally allow me to view my PDF documents in an acceptable fashion.

I also really like the integration into Microsoft Internet Explorer. I can very quiclky save a web page to my T|T for review at a later time. I may have to re-examine my use of Plucker and PocketLink as alternatives to WebPro's 'View Saved Pages'...

New game by mobilewizardry called x3

helf @ 7/18/2003 12:23:28 PM #
Its a freeware strategy game. They will be taking request and idea's from users and adding them into the game :) its really cool.


kev @ 7/18/2003 12:26:28 PM #
what ever happened to that picsel viewer shipped on the new sonys? did they release that for anybody other than the 200 or so people that bought the latest sony?

Is overclocking really necessary?

stephen007 @ 7/18/2003 1:35:18 PM #
I like to consider myself "old school Palm". I remember back in the 16Mhz days when overclocking really helped me. Even now with my NR70V I long for a bit more speed when switching between apps.

That said, is overclocking really necessary on the PalmOS5/Xscale devices? I had gotten the impression that they are much faster than the old dragonball processors.


RE: Is overclocking really necessary?
Ernie Longmire @ 7/18/2003 1:53:55 PM #
You wouldn't think people would need to O/C a 3GHz Pentium desktop processor either, but some folks make quite a hobby of it!
RE: Is overclocking really necessary?
Ole @ 7/20/2003 5:47:22 AM #
How about underclocking? I'm still using a Vx (waiting for a "real" reason to upgrade. The T3 seems like it might be the one), and often read ebooks with iSilo. I use Afterburner to run iSilo at 10MHz, and it makes a huge difference in battery life. When I read, the program doesn't do anything except wait for me, so it doesn't have to be fast.

If there was a way to turn the clock speed down whenever the palm was simply waiting for input, that would be incredibly cool. I don't know if it's possible, though.



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