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Kickoo Creations has just released a new card game called Patience. The program features eight different solitaire games, ranging from typical to obscure. The game also sports pleasing graphics and a fair amount of customization. Read on for the full review.
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Cheap Price for Passing the Time

ozz @ 7/26/2003 4:33:25 PM #
This isn't a bad price for what looks like some cool card games. I like these to pass the time while waiting for a meeting or something.

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Kickoo kicks

NoBrain123 @ 7/26/2003 6:21:36 PM #
Geez this game is addictive, especially Golf (has anyone won at that yet?!)

I have all three Kickoo games and they are great, some of the best Palm game makers in the world, nice job guys.

Great review too...hehe...


palmmongrel @ 7/26/2003 9:29:38 PM #
I was really excited when I saw Kickoo was releasing another game - their graphics are 2nd to none... However, after five minutes of trying to play this (on a beautiful Zire71 screen), I've come to a conclusion: Kickoo Patience is to Acid Solitaire as Pocket PC is to Palm. Basically, the graphics they squeezed onto the small screen are too much like a desktop counterpart to be practical on a handheld.

"Graphics TOO good?!" Kinda... the reason I make the PocketPC/Palm equation is that Acid Solitaire did the handheld graphics right - the card graphics are smartly designed for a small screen. With Patience I found my self not really _squinting_ at the cards, but missing lots of obvious moves because the tiny little hearts and diamonds all get lost in eachother. I thought it was pretty unpleasent, and suggest sticking to Acid... at least for the two solitaire versions they provide.


Other great Solitaire Games Out There

bcombee @ 7/27/2003 3:13:54 PM #
I've not played this yet, but I'm going to DL it soon. However, good forms of Solitaire aren't really lacking on Palm OS.

My current favorite all-in-one is Eric Snider's Solitaire from It has really sharp graphics, a nice variety of backgrounds, and a smart auto-completion engine. The one fault is the lack of customization for game play.

I like the variety on Handmark's Super Solitaire 15, but the card faces don't look good in high-res, and I think some of the UI is really clumsy.

Favorite one-game versions include AcidFreecell ( and most anything Seahorse Software's Montana Solitaire (

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RE: Other great Solitaire Games Out There
nenad @ 7/27/2003 4:55:30 PM #
How about 200 variants in one title:

IMO, if one likes to twist cards, it ends here.

RE: Other great Solitaire Games Out There
stickboy @ 7/27/2003 6:17:11 PM #
The correct URL to Seahorse Software is:

Not a new name...

FerdFerd @ 7/27/2003 4:24:33 PM #
Is it a coincidence that this game is named the same as the venerable collection of freeware solitaire games called Patience. And its color successor, Patience Revisited 2.6.2, also free? The latter, at least, is still at PalmGear.

RE: Not a new name...
bcombee @ 7/28/2003 4:37:50 AM #
Well, "patience" is a generic name for all these different solitaire games, and the full name of the program is "Kickoo's Patience". The PIC reviewer just left off the first part of the name.

Ben Combee, CodeWarrior for Palm OS technical lead
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pepper's obsession with FreeCell

volcanopele @ 7/28/2003 3:52:27 PM #
Just looking at the high score table over at for Patience (mainly to make sure I am still in first place for Klondike), and I noticed that the reviewer has an incredible obsession with FreeCell. I mean 200 consecutive wins!!! Wow. How do you do it? I am okay at Klondike but admittedly FreeCell is beyond me.

RE: pepper's obsession with FreeCell
Pepper @ 7/28/2003 4:40:39 PM #
I was involved with the beta testing of the software, so although I have a great love for freecell, I'm not quite obsessed enough to get that high of a score in just a few days. ;-)


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RE: pepper's obsession with FreeCell
the naja @ 8/2/2003 8:54:23 AM #
400 winning games in a row will be difficult to beat, but it's always feasible, isn't it Pepper ? ;-)))))))

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