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Sprint and palmOne announced today an agreement to develop mobile enterprise solutions targeted at healthcare organizations. The companies will leverage the Sprint Vision Network, and the Treo 600 to bring third-party applications to market solutions to mobilize healthcare processes, allowing healthcare providers to improve patient care, increase efficiencies and manage costs.
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dsm363 @ 2/23/2004 6:21:02 PM #
Cool. I'd be interested to see how they would get this to work with legacy hospital information systems though.

RE: Interesting
drw @ 2/23/2004 7:40:26 PM #
How about they first leverage and mobilize their assets to get past the 160x160 low rez screen. And maybe put bluetooth in there as well.

The size of the thumbpad on the 300 was perfect. Go back to that width, eliminate the flip, and they'd be on to something.


Now can I use my phone in the hospital?

WireLess_OneDer @ 2/23/2004 8:24:09 PM #
Perhaps now I won't have to stand outside with the smokers just to use my cellphone. Hospitals for the longest time have banned the use of cellphones due to "interference" affecting medical equipment. Interesting how their argument for the ban suddenly vaporizes when they have an application they need. There is the possibility that the ban would still remain in effect for no good reason.

Finally a bluetooth cdma phone:

RE: Now can I use my phone in the hospital?
dsm363 @ 2/24/2004 8:19:27 AM #
I think many hospitals are starting to drop this requirement since every single patient and their family members use cell phones everywere in the hopital. If anything, it's restricted to the ICU and telemetry floors now but it varies from hospital to hospital.

RE: Now can I use my phone in the hospital?
Altema @ 2/24/2004 10:45:41 AM #
The earlier cell phones put out a higher output from the radio, and the frequencies were closer to what equipment was already in use such as telemetry gear. Now that the cell bands have moved outside the spectrum of most hospital equipment and the signal is lower output (thanks to more sensitive receivers), cellphone bans for the sake of non-interference is a moot point. With 802.11 being installed site-wide in many hospitals, 2.4Ghz phone systems, and other wireless gear (including leaky microwaves which transmit garbage in the 2.4Ghz range), I'd question the integrity of any fire/emergency system that falls apart due to a cell phone.

One North American hospital system had a representative declare on prime-time news that their systems were safe from any interference, including cell phones... but three years later the warning signs are still hanging. Was the rep lying, or did the hospitals not get the message?

Of course, I would support a cell ban in some hospital areas, just for the sake of peace and quiet!

RE: Now can I use my phone in the hospital? Yes!
devildoc @ 2/24/2004 12:16:55 PM #
At my institution, all the medical and nursing staff are issued mobiles. When you need to get a nurse to a roon, you call her on her mobile that is issued @ morning report. The staff alone has at least 20 mobiles on the floor and then each usually has their personal phone, add in the patients, their agents and families and you have a sizeable number of phones on the floor.

No adverse events yet.

of topic

lkluj @ 2/24/2004 8:18:08 AM #
A little of topic, but THIS SITE IS DYING...
No info about new rumors (zire 72)... No info about Cnet's PockePC vs Palm story... No new reviews... :(

RE: of topic
Altema @ 2/24/2004 11:02:12 AM #
Check the home page, the stuff you mentioned is like, SO last week!


RE: of topic
Admin @ 2/24/2004 11:44:44 AM #
you you immediately assume your friends are dead when you don't hear from them in a few days? I mean come on, maybe I'm too busy programming improvements to the site to have time to update the site as often as I'd like to.
RE: of topic
jjsoh @ 2/24/2004 12:33:28 PM #
I didn't realize that there was Palm news to share every hour of every waking day of every year. Maybe the problem is not that there isn't more news to post, but that the people criticizing about lack of updates might find other things to do during the slow news days? Are you guys on this page all day just clicking on the "Refresh" button?

Give Ryan a break. He maintains the code to this site as well as updates it as often as he humanly can.

Hmm... now that I think about it, are you a one man team, Ryan? Curious...


RE: of topic
Admin @ 2/24/2004 12:58:43 PM #
yes, I pretty much wear all the "hats" at PIC, now I'm really in search of some additional help and I've also had some great volunteers along the way as well. I'm really looking to expand the news team at the moment so many of the plans I've had in mind for the site can get implemented quicker.
RE: of topic
lkluj @ 2/24/2004 3:50:55 PM #
Ok, ok ;) I'm not saying PIC is totally dead. BUT PDA24/7 shows that actually alot happens in palm industry and community (everyday). Anyway I apriciate PIC and will keep visiting :)



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