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Hagiwara Sys-Com have announced the availability of their Memory Stick Wi-Fi Wireless LAN Card.
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Ignore us Oldtimers.....

ssnider @ 4/2/2004 1:44:53 PM #
First post I hope.

It seems those of us Sony people still on OS4 get the shaft again. I mean come on there was a ton of these things sold.


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RE: Ignore us Oldtimers.....
UZI4U182 @ 4/2/2004 3:50:18 PM #
I agree. What the hell is so hard about it?
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RE: Ignore us Oldtimers.....
gfunkmagic @ 4/2/2004 4:44:48 PM #
The problem is that there just is no market incentive to make an OS 4 version...sorry. You may think there is a market but why spend $130 bucks on this card when you can just get a new wifi integrated model for ~$300, and you won't have to sacrifice you storage? Yeah, I know it sucks but alas....

I support


RE: Ignore us Oldtimers.....
TTrules @ 4/5/2004 5:27:40 PM #
Isn't there already a wifi memory stick available?

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A Little Late?

Lucky Bob @ 4/2/2004 5:39:28 PM #
I think Hagiwara missed the boat here. Yes, I know that there are a number of handhelds that could benefit from this, such as the TG50. But 3/4's of Sony's current handheld line-up offers built-in WiFi. Is someone going to buy a TJ27 and then buy a $130 WiFi card? They would save more money going with the TJ37 + the mp3 capabilities.

And the choice not to pursue their other wireless cards is pretty stupid. You have many PalmOne users out there that don't even have Bluetooth or WiFi built into their handhelds that would benefit from these cards.

(Why do some people say you can kill two birds with one stone when it's hard enough killing one bird with two stones?)

RE: A Little Late?
Token User @ 4/2/2004 5:51:04 PM #
Hmmmm ... but what WOULD be cool is a Digital Camera with a MS slot being able to use this to transmit image to another device. Unlikely, but very cool indeed.

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RE: A Little Late?
benixau @ 4/3/2004 2:58:42 AM #
they just need to drop the price - which will happen in time. noone is really going to pay this much for a WiFi MS - only early adopters.

RE: A Little Late?
bobes @ 4/3/2004 11:48:13 AM #
maybe they didn't choose to not build wifi and bluetooth SDs. Maybe it's just an SD limitation on the Palm


vesther @ 4/3/2004 3:18:55 PM #
If I had to buy a Sony Clie right now, I'd rather purchase a TH55 instead.

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Whats the differance?

tfftruoa @ 4/5/2004 10:05:32 PM #
What are the technical differances between MS I/O and SD I/O?

I know most file managers can use either, and the same spectrum of periferals is currently available for both (VGA Camara, Bluetooth Card, and now WiFi, etc.), so what makes the drivers that much easier to write for MS than SD?

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Fragile Looking

phoneboy @ 4/6/2004 1:51:06 AM #
Has anyone else noticed that the thing looks like it will break in half if it gets bumped? It looks as if it may damage the MS slot in the process. I had enough fear with my relatively small Bluetooth MS sticking out. Integrated is the only way to go.



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