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For those of you that need more than Synergy and Microsoft Exchange for your Palm Pre syncing needs, a number of new synchronization software options have just been announced.

Software from CompanionLink, Chapura and eventually Mark/Space will help assist Pre users sync over data stored in various other software solutions. Each of the companies has a current solution for some situations and each is working on more robust options once the webOS SDK is publicly available.

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Oracle Collaboration/Calendar?

alanh @ 6/8/2009 2:03:50 PM # Q
At my place of work, they use the Oracle Collaboration Suite with it's calendar component (used to be CorporateTime before they got bought out).

They made a Palm Sync component and I've used that for several years now. Are there any developers that are working on this?


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Sync with Palm Desktop

CADJedi @ 6/8/2009 2:08:04 PM # Q

Frankly, I've always thought Outlook was sluggish and cumbersome.

The Palm Desktop, while not perfect, is a good example of PIM simplicity. So, the "ECHO" software from Chapura sounds perfect to me.

My only question is, why sync only the Contacts and Calender?... why not sync the ToDo's and Memo's as well?

I use the ToDo application as much as I do my Calender, and I've taken hundreds if not thousands of meeting notes in the Memo app.

I hope they make a version of ECHO that sync's all 4 PIM applications.


RE: Sync with Palm Desktop
buckeyetex315 @ 6/9/2009 12:47:44 PM # Q
Eric -
My guess as to why Chapura is only syncing the calendar and contacts and not tasks and notes, is that they now have SUBSCRIPTION based task and note apps for the iPhone. Each are $9.99 per year also! They don't want to upset Apple users who have to pay over and over for the privilege of having access to their own data.

I was hopeful about eventually going back to Palm (I now have an iPhone 3G) when I heard about Chapura's new PocketMirror and Echo. But I'm with you - not syncing the tasks and notes is a major disappointment.

I am very disappointed in the iPhone since my calendar and contact data has to be synced through iTunes. If Apple would let me do a direct sync and sync with more than one PC, that would help a lot. But, I'm interested to hear when / if Palm will come out with WebOS versions of their devices on AT&T. Of course, my luck is that any device on AT&T will only have a 240 x 320 screen.

I used to use Chapura's TurboPasswords also, but since they don't have a version for the iPhone I'm in the process of switching to SplashID. And Chapura hasn't updated the app in almost 2 years. At least with SplashID I can move all my data back to a potential new Palm device.

Palm Vx -> Long wait -> Palm T|X -> iPhone (sigh)
Come on Pre / webOS on AT&T!

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the missing SDK

YojimboE @ 6/8/2009 2:17:51 PM # Q
"each is working on more robust options once the webOS SDK is publicly available."

And that would be when?

C'mon, Palm, get the lead out and let a thousand apps bloom!

Professional Amateur

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Penny wise ...

CFreymarc @ 6/8/2009 2:35:56 PM # Q
I can only think that Palm intentionaly held back full Palm Desktop feature on the Pre as a way to get a higher percentage of unit sales with Sprint thinking that they would make up for it with "the cloud" being the only way to sync personal data.

I keep on wondering what kind of data mining goes on when everyone sync's personal data to a server farm somewhere in the world. Shudder!

Not surprised that some third party developers had this up and coding as soon as they got back from the Sprint store with their Pre's to confirm it would work. Good job!

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What I really want

Wollombi @ 6/26/2009 11:30:42 AM # Q
Something that is platform (Window, Mac, Linux) agnostic, that can sync into an ical format and with Thunderbird.

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RE: What I really want
lagrx7 @ 9/2/2009 11:30:21 AM # Q
To syncronize your Outlook Notes to a Palm Pre, download the Palm Data Transfer Assistant at

Note: It also downloads your Contacts and Calendars from Outlook as well.

It's a straight forward process from there.

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