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Mark/Space has announced version 4.0 of The Missing Sync for Palm OS. Expected to ship in August, this version supersedes PalmSource's aging HotSync Manager for Mac OS X.
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Edward Green @ 6/24/2004 3:34:23 PM #
I now wish this product was available for XP :)

Edward Green
RE: Nicely
Winter_ @ 6/24/2004 10:55:58 PM #
XP? Then you would miss 3/4 of the fun! ;)

RE: Nicely
cbowers @ 6/25/2004 1:43:25 PM #
Yep, though it's getting closer. He can run Darwin on his box these days.


jho4thclie @ 6/24/2004 8:59:51 PM #
PHENOMENAL! I have a Powerbook and a Tungsten C... and I've been a little miffed that I never have been able to do a cable-less HotSync (Wi-Fi, for me). This is awesome.

**Signs up for Beta Test.


Thank you Mark/Space!

kp* @ 6/25/2004 12:12:29 AM #
I look forward to downloading this as soon as it becomes available. It's so nice that somebody is bothering to give us Mac users what Sony and Palm/PalmOne were too lazy/cheap to provide. Can't wait to wi-fi hotsync!

Bravo Mark/Space!

orca @ 6/25/2004 11:47:58 AM #
The ability to finally use the native developer tools is HUGE. I think that casual Mac Palm conduit development has been severely hindered by the fact that it was only possible with CodeWarrior or the ancient MPW tools. I applaud Mark/Space for putting their money where their mouth is in providing support for the native developer tools that are included with every copy of the operating system. This looks supremely better than the orphaned HotSync Manager.

This may work out nicely after all. None of the PalmOS providers have the resources to focus on the Mac, and Mark/Space looks like they're more than making up for it.

Now Apple needs to release an iSync SDK at WWDC next week. :)

Palm Vx 4.1, PowerBook G4 with MacOS X 10.3.3

RE: Bravo Mark/Space!
cbowers @ 6/25/2004 1:46:37 PM #
Better yet, if licensees will license and bundle as with PocketMirror and Intelisync.

RE: Bravo Mark/Space!
cbowers @ 6/25/2004 1:48:28 PM #
I'd even be happy if the licensee installer CD, had an activation step which enabled the appropriate hotsync mechanism for both Mac and PC, and an online activation step which triggered the notification to affected parties of the end users choice and triggered the appropriate royalty payment.

RE: Bravo Mark/Space!
acaltabiano @ 6/25/2004 9:44:07 PM #
Crap, I would just be happy if Apple updated isync to sync Calendars and Categories together! I am tired of having to re-categorize things! Once should be enough. Geez!

RE: Bravo Mark/Space!
Kesh @ 6/26/2004 12:18:34 AM #
Unfortunately, I had to sell my good handheld for rent money a while back, so all I've got is an OS 3 Visor Deluxe. Ah well... hopefully I can afford a new Palm soon.

A Promising move......

vesther @ 6/30/2004 4:34:58 PM #
Let's hope that I can no longer depend on HotSync Manager with this program, because I'm getting sick and tired of HotSync hanging up during Backup, as I do have 2 Decuma licenses for my primary and secondary handhelds.

A Palm-Powered Handheld is the bread and butter for many people. Without a Palm-Powered Handheld, your progress is all for naught.


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