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The Electronic Frontier Foundation has announced the "Top 10 Most Wanted Patents" the organization will target first in it's campaign to rid the world of frivolous patent infringement lawsuits. A Nintendo patent that threatens current Palm OS and other Emulators is among those targeted.
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Liberty / Freedom

killah fury @ 7/7/2004 5:08:31 PM #
I'm still patiently waiting Gambit Studios to release the new version of Liberty (Freedom) for Palm OS 5...

RE: Liberty / Freedom
maven @ 7/8/2004 12:09:55 AM #
I can only apologize for the delay, and hope along with everyone else that we can get our "differences" with Nintendo resolved soon.

We are gratified that the EFF agree with our stance on Nintendos recent patent, and we believe they will be able to strike down this frivolous patent.

We do not believe Liberty even violates the patent, and if it did it would then be classified as "prior art". However, Nintendo's lawyers have so far not agreed with our IP attorneys' evaluation.

It's "David -vs- Goliath" and our stones aren't doing the job just yet.

RE: Liberty / Freedom
eamondaly @ 7/8/2004 3:43:06 PM #
No need to apologize. As a registered user, I hope you take whatever time you need to get your legal ducks in a row.


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