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palmOne today announced a back-to-school offer that adds up to big savings for educators. The back-to-school "E" is for Education offer runs now through Oct. 30 and offers free handhelds and software on classroom purchases.
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Beavis @ 9/13/2004 3:16:50 PM #
Good way for PalmOne to get rid of some excess inventory.

RE: Neat!
eston @ 9/13/2004 4:58:31 PM #
A little late, isn't it?

..: eston

No clothes?

dchev @ 9/14/2004 8:59:36 AM #
Anyone have more direct info on the software education demo CD and software utilities and bonus pack?

This link describes some things:

My read on the "software utilities and bonus pack" is that it's the equivalent of a coupon book. Save $4000 if you spend $x where x >> 4000. No actual software appears (from the docs) to be in this poorly named pack. I'm willing to bet that these discounts are offered to any education customer directly from the vendor as well.

Could there be anything on the demo CD that isn't on the education web site already?

Anyway, getting 33 T|Es for the price of 30 seems a nice bonus, but they already had that for any palm model, not just the E:

the logo branded backpacks and notepads don't seem like high demand items, more like advertising for palm.

As for the eBook, well, classics = cheap. Probably about $3 for a real classic in the public domain, which could be obtained for free from

So, my point is that this is a hyped up marketing gimmick. The real value is the additional handhelds, not the fluff added on to it to make it seem bigger.

Slow news day, I guess.



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