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Longtime Palm OS online software store has experienced a sudden resurrection and has been relaunched by its new parent company PocketGear. After its closure in November of 2007 shortly after being merged into, the formerly dormant has been revived "under new management."

A familiar face on the Palm OS software scene since 1997, maintains a storehouse of over 30,000 titles for download, although many of the older or obscure free titles have disappeared from the site during the shake-ups of the past several years.

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yay pocketgear slow

zire102001 @ 9/3/2008 5:18:05 PM # Q
This is good news, Pocketgear is freakin' slow on dialup compared to the ol' palmgear site and it looks like our accounts are still intact - :) - alas pocketgear also randomly logs one out - or it did me and it took forever to find a program and go to one's account, etc..

Ty :)

Out of all sites the best and well-known are palmgear and freewarepalm of which are two awesome sites.

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RE: yay pocketgear slow
PacManFoo @ 9/4/2008 6:09:23 AM # Q
I tried to download an older freeware app. It shows up on a search but when trying to download it's not there.

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20% OFF!

dmp @ 9/3/2008 11:52:21 PM # Q
Will PalmGear promote re-launch at developer expenses to keep a good tradition?
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Discount ?

BaCkFiRe @ 9/4/2008 8:51:03 AM # Q
Where have you seen that PalmGear is offering a 20% discount ? I've tried to purchase something but on the checkout page there's nothing about a discount, the price is still the same. Is there some kind of gift code to enter to get the discount ?
RE: Discount ?
gmayhak @ 9/4/2008 8:55:04 AM # Q
The code is NEWOWNERS

This is great! about 20 of my old apps are back, mostly free

Some old apps won't respond to the Home key but you can break out of them by bring up the search app then pressing Home.


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Pocketgear - slow

VCamm @ 9/5/2008 6:53:56 AM # Q
The executives who made the decision to merge the 2 sites got to learn by experience what web users really want. They don't want more ads, more glitz, more java. They don't want their computers siezed up. They just want simpicity and results. Palmgear is a well recogonized brand name. I am suprised they opted for the merger into pocketgear in the first place. Oh well, now they know what we know. What you can't learn in a board room.

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We tried to tell them...would they listen? Nope

sleepnowinthefire @ 9/11/2008 1:23:41 PM # Q
I worked in support for all properties owned by Motricity: Palmgear, Pocketgear, etc. for years. When they first came to us (support) and told us about the site merger we insisted that we had a loyal customer base and before we merged the sites we needed to fix the individual problems (credit card authorizations when a failed order went through and so on) of each site before merging anything. Repeatedly we told them how idiotic it was to make a new house out of supplies from two broken homes. They insisted it was all part of the plan. I am unsure what that plan was but I doubt it included launching a site that they were told the night before launch was badly broken. In fact I was told by QA members that "Nothing Worked." The Customer Support team was and until they close the doors always will be on the side of the customer. Management changed hands more often than I can remember. The constant asinine decisions by upper management that never took one call or answered one email left us as babbling, script repeating automatons. The new group that took over should be much better as I know a few of those guys and they want that business to succeed it just may be too little too late.
RE: We tried to tell them...would they listen? Nope
Rastick @ 9/11/2008 5:52:01 PM # Q
Back in the day, under Kenny West, Palm Gear charged a 20% commission and paid quickly until two expensive bad situations undermined its finances. At a 20% commission, a lot of developers of hot sellers were very happy to use the service.

By the end, Motricity were taking between 40% and 70%, arbitrarily reducing the prices, and setting self-serving unpleasant and one-sided rules. This was a death spiral where the developers of hot sellers moved away from Motricity, which took away the best revenue sources, and then Motricity responded by trying to soak more money out of the remaining titles

Can the new leaders of PalmGear escape Motricity's death spiral and look at both Kenny's original success and Apple's current success to develop a viable set of business rules and procedures which bring back the hot sellers?

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