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Cingular Wireless and palmOne today announced the availability of the Treo 650 smartphone, the first device of its kind to take advantage of the carrier's EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution) network, the fastest national wireless data network in the United States. The Treo 650 also is a quad-band worldphone, so Cingular customers can make and receive voice calls in 170 countries and access data in nearly 75 countries.
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Great news!

The_Voice_of_Reason @ 2/2/2005 1:21:21 AM # Q
Hopefully the GSM version will have all the bugs worked out now.

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RE: Great news!
Admin @ 2/2/2005 12:20:12 PM # Q
Out of the box it does have the few rom updates. However Bluetooth DUN is missing, there is a patch on shadowmite's website to enable it.
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Strange wording on data plan prices

lemketron @ 2/2/2005 1:38:55 AM # Q
>A variety of monthly data plans are available,
>including an unlimited plan for $44.99/month.

I was initially very disappointed to see the above statement which implied that an unlimited data plan on Cingular for the Treo 650 would cost $44.99/month, (compared to $15/month on Sprint).

However, looking at the Cingular 650 on the PalmOne web site, I see unlimited data appears to be available for $19.99/month. I'm not sure why the press release says $45/month if cheaper plans are available, but I'm sure others may also get the wrong idea from this.

The bottom line is: Check out the details for yourself. I'd love to get a pair of 650s for my wife and I, but there's no WAY we'll pay $90 for two data plans on top of what we already pay for voice. Even $40 ($20 each) is a stretch.

Sprint used to (and may still?) have a shared plan where they charged $15 for unlimited data on the first phone and $5 for additional phones on the same plan. I'd love to see something similar from Cingular...

In the mean time, I'm at least happy to see that the phone pricing itself is finally getting more aggressive. TreoCentral claims that Cingular will intro the 650 with a $50 rebate for a price of $399 w/activation, and they've also been advertising the 650 on Sprint for $319!

RE: Strange wording on data plan prices
hotpaw4 @ 2/2/2005 7:49:59 AM # Q
Perhaps the unlimited data plan of $20/month requires being added to a voice plan, the cheapest of which looks like $25/month, for a total of $45 per month (minus a penny or two).

RE: Strange wording on data plan prices
MikeInDM @ 2/2/2005 9:30:57 AM # Q
Unless there is a difference in data plans? Are all data plans EDGE?
RE: Strange wording on data plan prices
twizza @ 2/2/2005 9:44:59 AM # Q
All data plans arent EDGE. But they all are GPRS. That is how I understand it. That and my T616 cannot use EDGE because it does not support it. But it does support GPRS so I can deal with a max speed fo 113kbps (usually around 60-70) for doing mobile tasks.
RE: Strange wording on data plan prices
lemketron @ 2/2/2005 11:31:20 AM # Q
>Perhaps the unlimited data plan of $20/month requires being
>added to a voice plan, the cheapest of which looks like
>$25/month, for a total of $45 per month (minus a penny or two).

I thought about that, but then checked and the release said $49.99, not $45.

Also, while it's possible that $19.99 is a GPRS-only (not EDGE) price, I got that price from the PalmOne web site while looking up service plans for the Treo 650. So I would expect that (since it didn't say otherwise, and it didn't offer any alternatives) they meant $19.99 was the price for unlimited EDGE data on the 650.

I guess in time we'll find out as people start signing up. Cingular's own web site still doesn't even show the 650 in their phone offerings.

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Unlocked Treo 650

Hustleman @ 2/2/2005 8:30:49 AM # Q

Did anyone notice the unlocked GSM Treo 650 that Palmone is selling? Good news for T-Mobile users.

RE: Unlocked Treo 650
mkheraj @ 2/2/2005 9:15:04 AM # Q
Does anyone know if the unlocked version supports EDGE?



RE: Unlocked Treo 650
pgmr1 @ 2/2/2005 9:17:53 AM # Q
Are you certain the Cingular model is locked?

RE: Unlocked Treo 650
Felipe @ 2/2/2005 9:40:44 AM # Q
all indications (from reporte/rumors?and those who got it already) so far is that the cingular phones are locked. right now, you cant even use it with att. att will sell you its locked version.

also, the phone supoorts edge. they dont strip it out to sell an unbranded/unlocked one.

RE: Unlocked Treo 650
vesther @ 2/2/2005 10:32:33 AM # Q
...But before you EVEN use the phone on T-Mobile, you should definitely call T-Mobile to see if the Treo 650 will work well with T-Mobile's networks. Some GSM Networks may or may not fully support the Treo 650.

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RE: Unlocked Treo 650
pgmr1 @ 2/2/2005 11:29:04 AM # Q
'the phone supoorts edge. they dont strip it out to sell an unbranded/unlocked one'

So... EDGE was added by Cingular? I will be listening for limitations by being locked, it is a bit confusing. And Cingular says they are the same company as AT&T now, virtual interoperability. Which must be BS if one must get different phones.

RE: Unlocked Treo 650
Felipe @ 2/2/2005 12:20:02 PM # Q
edge, is slowly rolling out.

right now, the merger isn't complete. they still have seperate system for everything.

some ppl have ported there number over to the other system (cing to att or att to cing) to get a cheaper price on the 650. :)

RE: Unlocked Treo 650
Dera @ 2/2/2005 7:32:43 PM # Q
This is from PalmOne's website:

"Our "unlocked" GSM Treo™ 650 smartphone works with almost any GSM/GPRS network worldwide, so you can use it with your existing GSM/GPRS service plan. Or use it overseas with additional international service from your service provider or a new SIM from an international service provider. Perfect for the frequent international traveler.

NOTE: Please call your mobile phone service provider to make sure their service is compatible with phones that run on the GSM/GPRS network before purchasing an unlocked GSM Treo 650 smartphone.

Why an unlocked GSM Treo smartphone costs more:
Through an agreement with service providers, we are able to give a significant discount to customers who get a new phone line and sign up for a one-year service contract when they purchase a Treo smartphone. However, when you purchase an unlocked GSM Treo smartphone, you are purchasing it without a service plan or contract. As a result, we are unable to provide a new activation discount.

* Additional data services from your mobile service provider may be required in order to use your Treo smartphone's email and web functions. Please check with your service provider regarding pricing and availability."

Now, what bothers me are 2 things:

1. If I don't want to commit to another 2 years, a unit is $549 (Locked to Cingular). If there is no service plan add-on, why do we still pay an extra $50?

2. Nothing is said about EDGE. :-(

RE: Unlocked Treo 650
Dera @ 2/2/2005 7:36:15 PM # Q
That being said, the Datasheet does mention supporting GSM EDGE without mentioning Cingular in the same sentence. :-)

RE: Unlocked Treo 650
MikeInDM @ 2/3/2005 9:26:57 AM # Q
While Cingular and AT&T are 'the same company' if you want to change from an AT&T plan to a Cingular plan, there is a small 'contract termination' fee and you have to get a new phone in most cases.
RE: Unlocked Treo 650
Dick99999 @ 4/2/2005 1:28:46 PM # Q
The description in Dutch (GSM 650 unlocked) does mention Edge support, though a note says it needs an EDGE supporing service plan, as it mentions it for GPRS.

Question: where would you setup the Treo 650 for Edge? Under Pefs/Networks? Mine does not mention Edge, just GPRS, ISDN (?!) and wirelss dial-up.

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vesther @ 2/2/2005 10:31:11 AM # Q
...the only ones left are Nextel, Verizon, and T-Mobile. I hope palmOne will work with Motorola to obtain an iDEN License soon so that a Treo will be operable on Nextel's and Southern Linc's iDEN Networks.

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RE: Now...
voice of chaos @ 2/2/2005 10:49:02 AM # Q
Is an iDEN-based Treo likely, given the Sprint-NexTel merger (not to mention the lack of PTT on the 650)? And whatever order you put these in, make sure that Verizon is last - they have the most stringent tests for putting a phone on their network.

Carriers can be a real pain sometimes...

RE: Now...
hkklife @ 2/2/2005 12:19:28 PM # Q
I'd wager T-Mobile to be next on that list by far. Verizon is definitely at the bottom of the list--they just started carrying the ancient Treo 600 in the 2nd half of '04 fer cryin' out loud!

So for all of us miserable CDMA/VZW users with no other alternative, I'd expect Verizon to launch a 650 this fall (at the soonest) after the hubbub of their E815 Moto & EVDO launch.

RE: Now...
Felipe @ 2/2/2005 12:23:03 PM # Q
i think verizon will come, just at there pace.

t-mo is rumored to be march/april or even may.

RE: Now...
Wollombi @ 2/2/2005 1:27:52 PM # Q
>>"...the only ones left are Nextel, Verizon, and T-Mobile. I hope palmOne will work with Motorola to obtain an iDEN License soon so that a Treo will be operable on Nextel's and Southern Linc's iDEN Networks."<<

If you mean the only providers left in the market, that would be incorrect. You left Sprint out and they are a viable competitor. They are the first CDMA carrier with both a cameraless and standard 650. Also, they are buying out Nextel. That will leave Verizon, Sprint, and Cingular as the only major (national) carriers in the U.S.

If you mean that these are the only ones left who don't yet carry the 650, you would be correct. I don't anticipate Nextel ever carrying it, however, as their networks are very specialized, and there doesn't appear to be a 650 (now or on the horizon) with iDen push to talk.


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PalmOne Online Store problems

Foo Fighter @ 2/2/2005 3:49:37 PM # Q
What's the deal with PalmOne's online store? I tried ordering one, but nothing seems to work. I input my zip code and selected "No, I want to keep my existing mobile phone plan", then selected Cingular from the drop-down list. But when I click submit, it just shows me a blank page with "Mobile Phone service provider: Cingular Wireless" appearing at the top.

Anyone else having problems ordering? :-(

Contributing Editor,

RE: PalmOne Online Store problems
godschoice @ 2/2/2005 4:17:49 PM # Q
Cingular had a link up today at
but now it is gone. It listed the "New palmOne Treo 650 - Just $399.88 online - Now with EDGE & Bluetooth".

The $399.99 price was after a $50 mailin rebate.

Point is you may want to how off ordering the higher priced one at PalmOne's site.

It appears that they don't either site ready for primetime.

Wouldn't it be great to have a company announce something and have it actually available for purchase at that time.

Carl Brooks

RE: PalmOne Online Store problems
Gar @ 2/3/2005 8:33:23 AM # Q
PalmOne's site last night seemed to work all the way to the end. Happy to take your order. Full price and never allowed any discounts. I called and they said they expect to ship in one to two weeks.
Called Cingular and they didn't have it in their computer at all. But were happy to sell me a 600 for 50 bucks off the 399 price. I called again... and again till I got someone less stiff and would look a little further. It appears that 'shipping' is based on where your zip code is at. Give Cingular a zip code in Washington or Oregon and it appears that the 650 doesn't come up as an option. Put in California and you can get a phone.

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international orders

Amanco @ 2/8/2005 1:28:54 PM # Q
is there anyway to order treo 650 unlocked internationally from the states? i have ARAMEX address in the states, but i heared that palmOne don't accept international credit cards. can someone guide me please. thanks

RE: international orders
Vincent2005 @ 2/14/2005 9:56:34 AM # Q
You can buy it at singapore's site:

They deliver worldwide in 2 days, TOP!

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