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A new Fossil Wrist PDA review, a Colecovision emulator for the Treo 600, new T5 and Treo 650 serial cables with power out, the Treo 650 shows up in Thailand, The Missing Sync, Verichat and Aeroplayer have all recently been updated, SSL support comes to Agendus Mail and more in this quickie update.
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You've got to be kidding.....

Masamune @ 3/3/2005 4:44:36 PM # Q
Having just read the PDAGeek review of the Fossil watch, I was amazed to find it has better processor than the Tungsten W.

RE: You've got to be kidding.....
LiveFaith @ 3/3/2005 5:27:31 PM # Q
I've been a skeptic, but boy those pics make it much more attractive. Not a bad first try. This could really be a great concept. Gonna be hard to get dual expansion slots on it I'm afraid. :-)

Pat Horne;
RE: You've got to be kidding.....
hkklife @ 3/4/2005 10:14:57 AM # Q
Yes, the 66mhz Dragonball was/is a great and sadly underutilized CPU under OS4. Good performance (for the time), good battery life and a reasonable overclocker. A shame it appeared a bit too late in the game to appear in anything other than some Clies & Samsung's i500. A proper m515 or Prism 2 with that CPU would have been a great unit.

I have to admit that the Fossil is the most impressive piece of hardware running Palm OS that i've seen in a long time. I love that stylus! A shame that it's all for naught. Fossil likely spent much time and oodles of resources on the product--in all likelihood, probably vastly more man-hours than P1 has committed to any recent model's R&D.

RE: You've got to be kidding.....
joad @ 3/4/2005 2:23:57 PM # Q
No WIFI? No Bluetooth? Monochrome screen? hey. Hey. HEY!

...I'll just sit back and watch the fun in these forums ;)

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rasty @ 3/3/2005 5:34:11 PM # Q
The WristPDA looks really sexy, and after reading this review it feels even more difficult to resist from placing an order :)

My only complaint would be its limited IR connectivity (one has to wonder why?). Hope PalmRemote works!
I also imagine that usability would not be as good as a standard P1 device, mostly due to its lack of Home and MENU buttons. I believe some 3rd party software could amend some of its (forgiveable) lacks, thou!

RE: limited IR
Be_True @ 3/4/2005 1:55:59 AM # Q
I remember that the IR range is less than a foot.

I'm sure that they are limitting the IR use because it would make the battery die within minutes.
IR remote watches have it easy, all they need is one chip and a battery, It obviously takes lots more to cram in a working computer, thus limitting the room that the battery can take up.

Me, I'm surprised it has IR at all, and am happy that they got that much functionality out of it!

Now if it could handle 256 colors, I'd order one now!


Tungsten C, Palm IIIxe, Wizard OZ-9520

"Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati"

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I'm going to wear this?

adamsmark @ 3/3/2005 5:42:44 PM # Q
Have you ever seen one of these on a person's wrist? I might wear one on my ankle, but gee whiz, these are quite bulky.

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Agendus Mail SSL Version - Crashes my Agendus Pro

Ou_Boet @ 3/4/2005 4:29:56 PM # Q
I bought and installed the new version of Agendus Mail SSL Version v4.2. The actual mail application works very well and I like the update, but it's not compatible with my Agendus Pro, which iambic claim to be the case on their site. I'm running an older version of Agendus Pro (v6.x), so maybe that's the problem. We'll see once my service ticket is answered.

Has anybody else upgraded and have you had any problems?

Any device can have one more useful feature added.

HandEra Moderator at [url=""]PalmVenue[/url]

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New verichat problems

UZI4U182 @ 3/4/2005 11:22:36 PM # Q
Damn! This amazing new VeriChat won't connect on my NX70v! can anyone please help me?
Main PDA: NX70v + WL100
RE: New verichat problems
RhinoSteve @ 3/7/2005 2:58:50 PM # Q
Get rid of your Sony and get a real Palm OS device.
RE: New verichat problems
UZI4U182 @ 3/8/2005 6:14:09 PM # Q
A real Palm device? You mean the one that has 320x480, Wi-Fi, an integrated keyboard and a camera capable of recording video? That's right, there isn't one. Oh, let's not forget all the stories about PalmOne's ****ty-ass support, and mediocre product quality, and basically not much of a future, so if such a device did exist it might not be built as well as my NX70v is anyway.

Besides, I already emailed Verichat Support about the problem and was quite happy with customer service response time, and the file they sent me that fixed the problem.
Main PDA: NX70v + WL100

BubbaSteve gets BIOTCHSLAPPED again.
The_Voice_of_Reason @ 3/8/2005 8:51:28 PM # Q
Seems to be happening every day now.


Press release: CUPERTINO, California — February 11, 2005 — Apple® announced today that Steve Jobs will begin selling his own feces to Apple Cultists beginning March 1. Apple's new iPoo™ lineup is expected to easily surpass the iPod shuffle as the company's most popular product. Yes, Apple Cultists can already easily create their own iPoo™, but feces didn't seem cool until Jobs told them it was cool. Remember, kids: the ONLY cool feces is Jobs' highly individualistic, rebellious iPoo™ (coming soon in six different colors/flavors, including the red [hematochezia] and black [melena] U2 GI bleed model)


Sony CLIE UX100: 128 MB real RAM, OLED screen. All the PDA anyone really ever wanted.

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Aeroplayer ver. "any since 2.11.1"

twrock @ 3/7/2005 6:58:04 PM # Q
I bought Aeroplayer back at version 2. I was excited to see the update to version 5 since I could get it for free (less than a year had passed). But every sub-version of 5 has the same horrible skipping problem (or I prefer to call it "pausing"). Funny because version 2.11.1 doesn't have this problem. I've tested every version, sent the author feedback, and reinstalled 2.11.1 every time. At least that way I can play Euchre while listening to music without regularly having three seconds of silence.

Tweaks and minor additions are great, but getting basic, normal song play out of music software is fairly critical in my book.

RE: Aeroplayer ver.
userwaldo @ 3/8/2005 12:40:42 PM # Q
Check out this post to the forms about some other issues as well.
I haven't run into the skipping problem as much since I'm not always using my palm for other things while using AreoPlayer, but I will keep this in mind.

RE: Aeroplayer ver.
Altema @ 3/8/2005 11:58:21 PM # Q
If playing music in the background is important, you may want to try PocketTunes. I have music going while I play games all the time, from AcidSpider to Warfare Inc with no skipping or pauses. It will even keep playing during a hotsync!

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