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Toysoft has released PictureDial, a new app for the Palm Treo 650 smartphone. Picturedial mimics the picture speed dial functionality of the today screen on the Treo 700w. It allows you to have a "ribbon" of photo speed dials and you can also add application icons to launch apps as well. More...
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Needs a lot of work.

freakout @ 2/1/2006 4:09:24 AM # Q
PictureDial is a very nice idea. And that's about it. The implementation is quite poor.

For starters, it's ugly. The white spaces between the photos, and the big white strip above do not gel at all with the rest of the Phone/Favourites screen. Secondly, it does not display the entire picture; it cuts off the bottom part, so you'll have a lot of people without chins. Thirdly, if you have more than two rows of Favourites displayed, they'll stick out about the "strip" of photos and add to the ugliness. Fourthly, it makes both the Favourites menu and the Calendar (if you choose to display a calendar event on the screen) completely inaccessible, by locking the 5-way to the photo strip.

Here's what it needs:

1)To actually display the entire picture, not the top two thirds of it.

2) To sit *above* the favourites menu, rather than on top of it, like the photo dialing on the 700w. As a matter of fact, the same exact spot would do nicely.

3) Some colour. Those white borderless spaces make it look like an unfinished hack, rather than an app we're being asked (and have paid!) money for. It would be sensible to make that colour the same blue as the rest of the Favourites menu, but user-definable would be even better.

4) An option to automatically add all Contacts with a picture associated to the Photo Strip, without having to go through the tedious process of choosing a name, then choosing a picture, then choosing a number. For those of us with dozens of contacts, it's simply too much effort to individually select it.

5) Have it scroll from side-to-side, rather than up or down. This will free up the 5-way nav and make both the Favourites menu and calendar events accessible again.

6) Enable the option to skip to a picture (or row of pictures) by pressing a keyboard letter. I realise this one might be tricky because the Favourites menu lays claim to the keyboard for press-and-hold shortcuts, and the Contacts app takes over as soon as you start typing. We can put it under the heading of "would-be-nice" rather than "must-have".

If all of the above can be done, I'll gladly pay another $9.95 for a new version. Right now, I'm feeling kind of cheated.

Tim Carroll
Your friendly customer service robot
(and big Treo fan)

RE: Needs a lot of work.
interlard @ 2/1/2006 1:53:56 PM # Q
I tried it, uninstalled it and agree entirely with Tim Carroll. Great idea. It's just been released too soon.

Keep working on it, it's a great little convenience.

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