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Picsel Proviewer for Palm OSPicsel Proviewer, a document viewing application that was previously only available for Sony Clie models, is now available for Palm OS devices. The application is a rich documents viewer that supports many image formats, native Microsoft Office files, html and PDF files. This is the first time the company has made this software available directly to end users.
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No demo, no try, no buy

dsaroff @ 3/2/2006 1:13:51 PM # Q
Silly of them not provide a demo.

KultiVator @ 3/2/2006 2:25:10 PM # Q
I wonder why the T|E is supported, yet the T|T T|T2 T|T3 T5 T|E2 and friends are not?

Odd as odd can be!

If a trial was available, I could work out whether I could live with whatever issue it is holds them back from supporting the T|3.

Weird that they're cutting themselves out of such a large chunk of the market.


RE: No demo, no try, no buy
Tech72 @ 3/3/2006 3:17:47 AM # Q
I 2nd that KV

RE: No demo, no try, no buy
justauser @ 3/3/2006 7:30:42 AM # Q
Agreed, but hey - they've been happy enough to limit their market potential to 'Clies only' till now despite the obvious hole in the Palm OS world for native pdf viewers (not to mention Sony pulling out of Palm OS). Bit late to make a move on the market now with a few companies offering native pdf views (one of them for free). Without a trial, I'm sure not going to be the first to determine if it's better than what's currently out there.

RE: No demo, no try, no buy
Ce @ 3/3/2006 8:27:46 AM # Q
Next to not offering a demo they also don't have a quick e-mail response and they have a forum which they don't moderate and obviously don't read.

it seems they want to make it a big succes.

probably done like that on purpose
ackmondual @ 3/3/2006 6:44:28 PM # Q
That may be their whole marketing strategy. We're so desperate for native document viewer, esp for PDF that we'd be willing to drop a relatively meager $30 on it just to "donate and test it". Although I wouldn't pay $30 w/o a demo either (and the fact that I don't really need one of these apps that bad), I say "relatively meager" when one considers DTG8 Premium costs $50. Even though it's good, it's still not what it's cracked up to be.

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RE: No demo, no try, no buy
Admin @ 3/3/2006 7:28:37 PM # Q
I spoke with Picsel and they are working on getting a demo ready. In the meantime they suggest the online demo, no substitute I know but better than nothing.

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They're kidding, right?

MleB @ 3/3/2006 7:51:46 AM # Q
...No demo and only, what, around $25.00 too expensive?

I'm really not all that familiar with the product, but it seems to me that currently included software on my TX, plus the addition of the freeware PalmPDF will do all the tasks this will.

But I'll never know for sure with no demo.

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Best document viewer experience on Treo 650

garychner @ 3/3/2006 10:01:19 AM # Q
Bought Picsel Proviewer yesterday and run it on a Treo 650 GSM - it offers truly amazing and painless document viewing experience - Picsel Proviewer has just become my favourite document viewer after Documents ToGo 8.0 Premium and Palm Pdf 1.1 - in my opinion worth every penny, really!

RE: Best document viewer experience on Treo 650
Ce @ 3/3/2006 10:43:51 AM # Q
You must be lucky because I read more negative comments (on their own board, on and on 1src) than possitive. Next to that this line is on their site since yesterday:

"For Use With English Language Devices Only"

RE: Best document viewer experience on Treo 650
hkklife @ 3/3/2006 10:56:07 AM # Q
Isn't "best document viewer experience" used in associated with any SSS (small square screen) device an oxymoron?

I think this app needs way more testing & shaking out before it's ready for primetime competition with DTG.

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RE: Best document viewer experience on Treo 650
Lungboy @ 3/3/2006 1:46:11 PM # Q
Care to elaborate on what makes this experience better than other software suits out there? What features you found better and what other products you've tested?

I do love the new accounts that seem to pop up on the day of a software release with nothing but glowing marketing speak for the product.

Not suspicious at all, nope.

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suspicious minds
Admin @ 3/3/2006 2:22:17 PM # Q
Not suspicious at all, nope.

I looked into your claim here. The poster says he's from switzerland and his IP confirms that. Looks like it is his genuine opinion. I'm always on the watch for spam and faux marketing hype and will remove it if I come across any.


RE: Best document viewer experience on Treo 650
garychner @ 3/3/2006 6:26:45 PM # Q
Hi everyone - just a quick comment to clarify my original quote "Best document viewer experience on Treo 650" - what I ment was best pdf viewing experience on the Treo 650 (compared to DocumentsToGo or Palm Pdf 1.1). Yes, I would like my Treo 650 to have a larger screen as well but that is as large as a SSS (small square screen comes I am afaid. So let me elaborate: 1) the Picsel Proviewer loads Pdf files MUCH faster than any other reader on the market 2) zooming in on a pdf file using DocsToGo or Palm Pdf 1.1 takes sometimes twice to three times LONGER than using Picsel Proviewer 3) on top of that, Picsel Proviewer allows SEEMLESS ZOOMING in and out of a document almost real-time using your stylus only 4) it is correct that the software supports at this moment only English language devices ... feel free to contact me directly should you have any further questions or phone + 41 44 225 42 00 in Switzerland (GMT+1).

RE: Best document viewer experience on Treo 650
joad @ 3/3/2006 9:04:10 PM # Q
Thanks for the mini-review. Glad you took the plunge for $30 bucks and found the gamble worth it. I'm more motivated to try the demo once they get it together.

Though at that price, it'll have to really amaze me and blow away PalmPDF (as well as DTG- which wouldn't be hard).

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Picsel Viewer Was Truly Amazing on the Clie

phoneboy @ 3/3/2006 1:41:58 PM # Q
I have used the Picsel viewer on my UX-50 for years. It renders perfect quality images of pdf, doc, and xls files at any zoom level. It shows graphs, text, and pictures just as they would appear if they were printed out. (I can't do that in DTG 7 standard.) It feels much like the print preview option in Word and Excel. Plus when you zoom way in, it doesn't pixelate, but re-renders the text/graphics, in perfect clarity.

The loss of that software was one of the big reservations I had when I finally upgraded (or downgraded) from the Clie to a TX last week. PalmPDF lets me see pdf's on the TX, but the image quality and speed are nowhere near as good as Picsel on my old, much slower UX-50.

I wish I could trial it on the TX before dropping that kind of coin.

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RE: Picsel Viewer Was Truly Amazing on the Clie
KultiVator @ 3/4/2006 7:05:50 PM # Q
Sounds like you wont have too long to wait.

Will sure be nice to have some choice (at last) of PDF viewer on Palm. It wasn't that long ago that the official and very shoddy Adobe Acrobat Mobile, was the only option on (non-Sony) Palm devices. Unless you were prepared to perform a conversion and go with the rather clever Repligo software from Cerience.


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DocsToGo, QuickOffice, MobiSystems Office et al against that

Tamog @ 3/7/2006 10:41:40 AM # Q
Hi people,
to be honest, I use MobiSystems Office very much on my T3. Ok, agreed, it lags in landscape mode(so bad that it crashes when I type really fast with an external keyboard), but its sopreadsheet and word file modules really do a great, and I mean freaking great job at showing files! Truetype fonts, tables, images in tables, cell borders, everything.

DocsToGo on the other side is more of a "creators" application. No lags, no nothing, but also rather few features.

The question is: where will PicselViewer fit in, knowing that it lacks a document editing possibility. Won't people prefer to go with PalmPDF+MobiSystems Office(costs roughly the same AFAIK)???

BTW; a nice review is here

Best regards
Tam Hanna

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Proviewer doesn't work with the Palm TX

apportum @ 3/19/2006 5:14:42 PM # Q
Desperation drives one to extreme measures such as purchasing a product that doesn't offer a demo.

Proviewer simply doesn't work with my Palm TX. Although the device has 55M internal memory and 1,848M external memory, every time I attempt to load a PDF ranging in size from 650K to 2.2M, I get a "Proviewer: Close document? Memory is full" error message. I've tried running it from internal and external memory.

Text documents of around 250K loaded, but any scrolling or zooming renders them unintelligible.

I should have looked at the Picsel forum first. There are complaints about similar problems that have gone unanswered. The Picsel support inquiry form is ridiculous: it allows approximately 100 characters to state your problem.

Proviewer may have potential, but right now it simly isn't ready for the market.


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