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Tetris for Palm OS ReviewTetris is THE definitive "killer app". Its inclusion with the original Game Boy handheld helped make it the world's best-selling game console ever. Tetris is also one of the most widely ported games ever, with countless ports, clones, spin-offs, and sequels appearing in every machine released since the mid-1980s. Read on to see if this piece of gaming history is finally given the credit it deserves on the Palm platform.
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Galley_SimRacer @ 6/4/2006 7:51:28 AM # Q
Like most people, I ws excited to see a new version of Tetris, but this one has too many "WTF moments".
1. 150 line cap?
2. No upgrade discount?
3. I also feel that the tiles background is distracting. It should have some more transparency added to it. The ghost just doesn't look right.

AFAIK, HVGA support goes, they can't change the size of the playing field, so perhaps they should've extended the background like Astraware did for Bejeweled 2.0.

"I'm not a cool person in real life, but I play one on the Internet".

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$20.00?!? Even to upgraders?!?

joad @ 6/6/2006 8:46:28 PM # Q
I'm not much of a game player on my Palm devices, but I appreciate some of the work the developers (especially Astraware) do. Tetris is an "ok" game, but I scratch my head at the market for $20.00 licenses for simple Palm games.. And it's a pretty amazing strategy to charge upgraders pay full price - that is always disappointing.

I absolutely don't understand the economics of most shareware on the Palm. A lot of people would probably pay $5 per title to get the license to a decent game. But at $20.00, IMHO very few would purchase - even if they liked it a lot they wouldn't even bother trying it out because of the asking price.

Unless your teenager (an ideal market for "old school" games) is dealing crack, coming up with $20 apiece for a few programs is a non-starter - that's about 4 hours at minimum wage! At that price most potential buyers will do without (or seek out a pirated version). And then because of "poor sales" the developers jack up the price even higher on the next versions!

There must be some way to offer good products at prices cheap enough to make "impulse purchases" of Palm titles. When I consider I can purchase 2-3 popular DVD movies (on physical media!) for $20.00, there's absolutely *NO* way I'd invest that much in a simple handheld game that doesn't even come with any upgrade discount! Entire X-Box and PS2 games can be had for that price or less.

C'mon developers - they're licenses... make the stuff so affordable we will snap them up without hesitation rather than put them in the ballpark of a steak dinner with drinks and tip!

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