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Articulation is a new VoIP application for the Palm OS from Hampton Software. It is compatible with most Palm OS 5+ devices with a microphone that can access the Internet via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth or EDGE/GPRS. Articulation is the first service independent VoIP phone for Palm OS, which means you can use it with a number of different VoIP service providers.
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It's pricey

palmdoc88 @ 8/24/2006 5:08:25 AM # Q
US$ 37.78
Anyway I find I use Skype mainly for SkypeOut calls to save on long distance charges.
I now have the same functionality with my Treo650 using MinoWireless
This service uses a Java applet to connect your Treo (you need the free IBM Java installed) with another landline phone or mobile phone over an Internet connection.You get an incoming call to your Treo and then the service connects you with the other party.
The data used is very little as it only just tells the Mino servers to initiate the VOIP connection.
Their rates are very competitive - calls for like 2 cents a minute to North Americal! So far I’ve tested their service and the call quality is not bad but there have been a few service outages. SkypeOut at the beginning had its problems so I am hopeful with
At least with Minowireless the application is FREE and you get free credits to test out the service (unlike MobiVOIP which requires you to purchase a plan)


RE: It's pricey
Alfa @ 8/24/2006 6:20:41 AM # Q
I checked the Mino program but it's not a traditional VoIP program that works all inside internet. When you want to call someone your java mobile phone send info to Mino servers which after a while call you on your mobile connecting you to the number you choose via mobile network and internet.
The problem is that they have to use a mobile network to call: in USA it's cheap (rates are 2.2 c for calling landlines in NorthAmerica and Europe) but in Europe mobile networks are more expensive (rates are about 20-30 c for calling landlines in NorthAmerica and Europe from european mobiles).
Another problem (for everyone) is that when you are abroad you must pay for receiveing call or you can buy a local sim card: anyway more money...
The good is that mobile networks are much more available than wifi networks and Mino program is free.
IMHO I still prefer Articulation even if it costs $37.78 USD which is like a setup fee that you can pay off quickly with better rates and no need to buy local sim cards.

RE: It's pricey
c_bloo @ 8/24/2006 8:52:37 AM # Q
The problem with Mino are the rates if you´re not located in a country close to its server. Articulation on the other hand allows you to choose your VoIP provider. I'm using it with an Asterix server on our main office and is working great.


RE: It's pricey
neuron @ 8/24/2006 2:24:07 PM # Q
All craps. Can't even make any of them works. I tried the skype in PPC, which works like charm.

RE: It's pricey
joad @ 8/24/2006 3:15:54 PM # Q
I looked at the Mino Wireless contract, and (unless I'm not reading it right) it's essentially like a calling card - you have to keep topping it off about every 3 months or you lose all your money.

As an infrequent international caller I hate that kind of hassle. I've used Gorilla Mobile for a while and can't complain too much about it. Rates aren't as dirt-cheap as some of Minowireless, but they bill me $6 bucks once a year, then just bill my credit card the actual price as I use it (only). You call a number in NY, get a dialtone, then dial the international number from there.

If Mino Wireless (or a competitor) comes up with a fairer way to hold onto credits, I'm taking a pass on that arrangement - I can just use a calling card.

RE: It's pricey
mobilemoma @ 8/27/2006 9:52:27 PM # Q
I have the solution for all of you. It's called Globe Dialer and you can download it onto your Palm and it's easy and the calling service is cheap. And best of all, it doesn't run over a data connection.
RE: It's pricey
Alfa @ 8/28/2006 5:33:18 PM # Q
To neuron: I have tried both MobiVoIP and Articulation on my TX and they both work fine: you must have some problems with your palm or your router.
To mobilemona: is interesting but their prices are often more expensive than others and there is the same problem as Mino: if you are abroad you must buy local sim card and you must call with your mobile at your domestic rate to globedialer number. But of course is at least better than calling with traditional phone lines.
RE: It's pricey
mobilemoma @ 8/31/2006 9:47:19 PM # Q
Actually the Globe Dialer prices that I know of are quite low. 3.5 cents to the UK from a mobile with no hidden costs is pretty good. Also, I found out that the company is launching in Europe this fall so you will be able to dial into a local gateway when traveling abroad. I'm not sure about other countries but I think they are planning to set up in Asia and South America too.
RE: It's pricey
Alfa @ 9/2/2006 2:18:01 PM # Q
With Articulation and inPhonex provider the price to the UK is 2 cents: much better than which is 5.5 cents (3.5 + 2 additional cents if you call the toll "free" number -> see bottom of page).
The toll "free" number is for the moment available only in US (so calling from outside US is more expensive) but even if it were available in every country we would have to pay the additional 2 cents.
And calling to other countries is even more expensive: Italy and Spain 7 cents (5+2), Germany 6.5, France 6 while inPhonex is still 2 cents. But at least prices to mobile phones are similar to inPhonex.
And if we are abroad we have to pay roaming charges or buy a local sim card to avoid roaming charges: in both cases more money.
The prices of Globe Dialer are of course better than traditional phones but Articulation is better.

RE: It's pricey
Loudy @ 9/23/2006 8:26:19 PM # Q

I have been using Globe Dialer for some time, and I don't use the toll free number you mention. I mean, why would you call a toll free number from a cell phone? - it's the same price.

The application routes all my international call to a local 212 number (which I believe is a New York number), which only charges minutes on my regular t-mobile plan. So the price list they have one their website actually is very cheap.

I have been using calling cards for almost a year before switching to GD, and one of the things I like about it is that they charge per second. Think about how many times you reach a cell phone and hang up after 10 seconds. You do the math...

Happy calling.

:-) Louis

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How Does it Work?

LiveFaith @ 8/25/2006 6:47:26 PM # Q
I'm ignorant about this, so here's my Q. Is this saying that I could theoretically use my unlimited Cingular EDGE Plan to make unlimited nationwide calls for their fee?

Pat Horne
RE: How Does it Work?
Sleuth255 @ 8/27/2006 10:23:12 PM # Q
yep. I currently use SJPhone (WM SIP phone software) to connect to my Vonage SoftPhone acct. This could do the same thing on PalmOS.

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Will Skype PLEASE deliver a PalmOS VoIP app? PLEASE!

The_Voice_of_Reason @ 8/26/2006 12:15:26 AM # Q
No Skype for PalmOS.

No Wi-Fi Treos.

No PalmOS Slingbox application.

Is someone trying to kill PalmOS on purpose? Lord Vader Gates at work? Hmmmmm...


RE: Will Skype PLEASE deliver a PalmOS VoIP app? PLEASE!
dkirker @ 8/26/2006 6:31:12 PM # Q
TVoR, I agree.

The PalmOS has to much potential to be killed off. The problem is companies like Palm and eBay (they own Skype, don't they?) don't want to take full advantage of the PalmOS.

D*** it! I want them to ben my PalmOS device to the breaking point (just don't break it)!

There is no reason that Wifi should not be on the Treos by now (not to difficult to roll a NetLib if the sources are available). There is also no excuse that UMTS should not be on the next PalmOS handheld (nobody said that 3G devices could be low cost). Yes, the PalmOS can multitask and this should be taken advantage of. PalmSource can't license the multithreading APIs, but there is nothing against finding them out and using them.

Ok, I am going away from the point. Palm, release WiFi drivers for the Treos and Skype, write a client for the Treos! It is possible!

Ok, enough said.

Have you hacked your Treo today?

RE: Will Skype PLEASE deliver a PalmOS VoIP app? PLEASE!
Loudy @ 9/23/2006 8:32:50 PM # Q
I heard that Skype is waiting on a deal with the carriers before they roll out all the software version.

I guess it makes sense, because the carriers are probably not happy about Skype "steeling" all their traffic on a $5 unlimited data plan.


RE: Will Skype PLEASE deliver a PalmOS VoIP app? PLEASE!
The_Voice_of_Reason @ 9/24/2006 6:04:25 PM # Q
I heard that Skype is waiting on a deal with the carriers before they roll out all the software version.

I guess it makes sense, because the carriers are probably not happy about Skype "steeling" all their traffic on a $5 unlimited data plan.

Not likely. Skype already has a version for Windows Mobile which as a platform now dominates PalmOS in terms of quarterly sales. As with Opera, Skype seems to have made a decision to support platforms that are growing, while ignoring the platform that is currently imploding from the weight of Palm's/PalmSource's incompetence - PalmOS.

There are workarounds possible to use Skype on PalmOS smartphones.

After 1 week of trying the iSkoot service mentioned in the link above, I'd rather just use my cellphone minutes. (iSkoot allowed me to connect 2 phone calls out of around 30 made in the past week. Beta, indeed...)

Meanwhile, people with Windows Mobile and unlimited EVDO plans or a nearby Wi-Fi network have been happily using REAL Skype on their devices for a while, with active development ongoing.

As if people needed yet another reason to go with Windows Mobile instead of PalmOS...


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Gizmo possibility

JOB4031 @ 8/29/2006 5:22:22 PM # Q
Haven't tried it yet but it looks like this would work with Gizmo's sipphone gateway. With Gizmo's free callout to registered users you can call a person's phone for free with your palm. Just need to get it setup.

RE: Gizmo possibility
scross @ 9/16/2006 8:23:40 PM # Q
I got it working with Gizmo. Set the server to gizmo sip server and user name to your Gizmo SIP number. Not sure what the Domain setting should be, seemed that one was required so I just set it to gizmo.

Using my Tungsten T with a Bluetooth LAN connection to conntect to the net through my PC it all seemed to work fine. I was able to make a test call with the echo test, first time the audio was very choppy, but the second attempt was a lot clearer.

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