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In what may be a sign of new Palm PDAs around the corner or just an attempt to clear out excess inventory, has the Palm TX and E2 handhelds on sale as web-only specials through January 27th 2007.

The Palm TX, featuring wi-fi, Bluetooth, 128mb of RAM, and a 320x480 screen is $224.99 after a $75 mail-in rebate.

The Palm Tungsten E2, in its rebranded "Bonus Pak" version, is $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. The Circuit City-exclusive E2 Bonus Pak version offers a brown leather carrying case and Astraware's Sudoku game on CD, making this bundle quite a decent value for the money. The Palm E2's standard features include Bluetooth wireless, a 320x320 color screen, and 32mb of RAM.

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VampireLestat @ 1/15/2007 2:24:26 PM # Q
Let's hope new Palms are on the way! :-)

RE: Great!
LiveFaith @ 1/15/2007 2:27:17 PM # Q
Will this be the end? Is the dreaded day of "no more tradional Palm PDAs" upon us? This could be. How long can retailers really move antiquated gadgets anyway?

Palm could just upgrade all three this way and keep the same price points:

T|X2 - Keep the dog tired form factor. Change color to dark gunmetal grey. Bump the proc to 416 or 512. Heck, 512 & 624 PXAs outta be on the auction block after the last 24 months, so they might save a buck. Update the software & OS version. Wake up and allow OS to handle 8-16GB SD cards. Put back the built-in mic and VR for God's sake!!! All this could have been done without much R&D. Without much R&D seems to fit the biz model these days anyway. Sell it for $299 or more with mkting gimmix.

E3 - Gut the cell radio outta the 750v/680. Change the color scheme. Sell it for $199 or more with sales gimmicks.

Z33 - Get copyright clearance from Pat Horne's Z33. Then take the E3 and remove the BT & SD. Then slap 1GB of flash in for MP3s sell it in four colors, plus camo, pink, and even a Hello Kitty version, all for $99. Market as "MP3 for Responsible Mommies". Sell in VacPaks at BestBuy, CC, K-mart, Gum Machines & PEZ dispensers.

Pat Horne

RE: Great!
Rhauer @ 1/15/2007 3:04:39 PM # Q
I couldn't agree more. There is plenty they could do to upgrade these products without alot of R&D. They could even add a few twists with out alot of work. How about a slide out keyboard for those that want to type. G2 is the pits. I can live with the ancient OS but at least give us some new and improved hardware. Please keep the PDA alive.

RE: Great!
cypher76 @ 1/15/2007 3:17:26 PM # Q
I doubt we'll see any updates to Palm's traditional PDA lineup anytime soon. Palm has been reactionary for a long time; the best devices Palm made were back when Sony was their competitor. Palm's only real 'competition' in traditional PDA's (in the retail market) is HP, and using as an example, the most recent models from both Palm and HP are from October 2005. I am curious to know how both companies' current models are selling, though.

I imagine an E3 model (Treo 680 without a cell radio, maybe WiFi swapped in its place?) would make sense, since there are no thumbboard PDA's in Palm's PDA lineup anymore. Any kind of updated model would make sense, if for no other reason, to get rid of the 'palmOne' logo that's still on the E2.

Also, I think Hello Kitty has a little more class than appearing on such a low-end Palm :-P

RE: Great!
hkklife @ 1/15/2007 3:24:45 PM # Q
Here's how to keep the current line going for another year+ with hardly any R&D expenditure:

1. Z33--Add headphone jack, SD slot, and SDHC driver. Bundle it with Pocket Tunes and push it heavily as a portable media device. Keeping the price at $100 or below is key. I mean, a Z33 + an 8gb SDHC card could be had for ~$150ish and offer much more functionality than any flash-based mp3 player with not that much more of a tradeoff in size or battery life. Maybe Palm could improve the screen quality slightly but not if it raises the price too much. Again, keeping this thing as an impulse sub-$100 price is critical.

2. E3--Give it 64mb RAM, BT 1.2, and update the OS/bundled apps. This is still a fine PDA for business types wanting to do basic PIM stuff with a bit of multimedia. Maybe drop the price to $150-$175 permanently. Palm could easily throw in a T5-style 256mb internal flash volume + DriveMode and market this thing as a USB thumbdrive replacement for executives/students on the go.

3. TX2--Give it an internal mic and a charge LED (both can be done by changing the design of the top panel of the device. Adding 1 to 4gb of internal flash would be fantastic, especially if done in conjunction with an SDHC driver. Such a TX2 could finally put the LifeDrive out to pasture in the process. Palm needs to give this one a very solid software bundle--maybe PTunes Deluxe or a reskinned CorePlayer or so. Push it HARD as a movie-playing PMP (shown in landscape mode) with superb PIM features and/or or as VOIP solution (see some of the software recommended at for what can be done with a current TX + external mic). A larger internal battery is a must as well. The $299 price is fine if the unit is well built and has a solid feature set. Finally, Palm needs to add CDMA Bluetooth DUN connectivity as well to please those POS users who desire the big screen/RAM/wi-fi that a Treo cannot offer.

Slide out keyboards, OLED screens, 802.11g, 5megapixel cameras etc etc. are all unrealistic, unnecessary requests. Remember, we're hoping that Palm keeps PDAs in production--to expect Clie-style bells'n whistles out of Palm is asking far, far too much. (Peronally, I just want a solid POS handheld like #3 mentioned above). These things are still, essentially, retail-oriented consumer-level PDAs. Palm has the <$200 PDA market wrapped up entirely to themselves now, so abandoning it completely to keep flogging the dying Treo horse would be incredibly short-sighted.

P.S. Pat, you ask "how long can retailers really move antiquated gadgets anyway?" Well, last I checked, there are still things like Franklin talking dictionaries and Sharp Wizards and Royal digital diaries on store shelves. If people are willing to pay $50 for a piece of junk like that then of course you'll find people who will buy a Z22/Z33 for $100ish!

Also, just look at healthcare & related fields: PDAs of all ages,shapes, sizes and styles are de rigeur for most people in the profession. I think various HIPAA rules state that these have to store their data internally (ie on a non-removable flash card) and cannot send/receive certain types of data wirelessly etc.

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RE: Great!
palmato @ 1/15/2007 4:55:53 PM # Q
I would trade the charge led for a vibrating alarm, like the TŠ1. And keep the T|X black, please...

There's still a chance Palm will not drop traditional PDA's this year, but most likely they will not have any groundbreaking feature. Let's hope the third business brings something innovative.

Hey Admin: Why do we have to keep two profiles?

RE: Great!
LiveFaith @ 1/15/2007 5:57:38 PM # Q

Z33 buyers don't know what SD memory is. Better to have 1GB on board (hand) that 4GB in the slot (bush).

The thoughts would go something like this: "Look at this Palm. It plays MP3s just like the iPod Nano, but all the organizer and Palm goodies for the same price. Wow! Yeah, but it says here on the box that you have buy an add-on SD memory card to make it work. Hmmm. What's memory? What's SD, shark dung? Where's that at in Wal-Mart? Pocket Tunes? Do I have to add that on too? This is all so foreign. Will I get the right kind? FrankenGarnet 5.499? Forget it, that's to complicated. I wonder if the 2GB or 4GB Nano would be best? After all, Apple invented the MP3 player. Black or white? Oh, look at the time. I'd better get down to the precinct and vote in the congressional election. ...

Pat Horne

RE: Great!
hkklife @ 1/15/2007 8:14:14 PM # Q

You just used the words "hand" and "bush" in the same sentence. You'd better don your asbestos suit b/c here on PIC that's sure to get the heated discussion going for at least a day or two.

I'd LOVE to see some numbers on the % of cell phones & expandable flash MP3 players (like the Sandisk Sansa) where the customer has actually purchaed a storage card. I'd imagine it to be very, very low.

You do bring up a good point about the Z33 and potential customer confusion. Palm's at least on the right track and should continue renaming apps on the standard launcher. They've already gotten "VersaMail" as "E-Mail", "Blazer" as "Web", so now put "PocketTunes" as "Media" or "Music" etc.

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RE: Great!
LiveFaith @ 1/15/2007 9:00:05 PM # Q
... and you thot Palm couldn't innovate! Watch out Stevie boy and company! We'll rename the rest of em' while buying put options on APPL if you come out with an iPhone. Better bak awf!

YaKnow, I thot of that bit of verbal confusion when I wrote it, but cast it off as being gutter minded.

Pat Horne

RE: Great!
halcyon @ 1/15/2007 9:24:54 PM # Q
So if a TX2 has a properly placed mic and speaker what is stopping it from being used as a VOIP or SKYPE phone? I would think that would be a great selling point. I would buy it for this even though I own a Treo.

RE: Great!
hkklife @ 1/16/2007 9:51:45 AM # Q
There's nothing to stop the TX2 from being used as a VOIP platform. Heck, the current TX/LifeDrive make pretty decent albeit bulky & unwieldy VOIP platforms.

And the mere existence of a new wi-fi Palm with internal mic could be a fairly effective threat/tool for Palm to wield and try to squeeze better terms out of the carriers. And if things don't go so well for Palm, then they can always try to respin said PDA into a PIM/PMP/VOIP handset and sell it at retail with a big bundle of bundled software to do all of the above....or partner up with Linksys, Netgear etc. and offer some kind of rebate on a Palm VOIP phone if you buy a new draft-N router etc.

Apple & the iPhone may have started a trend where the hardware manufacturers try to squeeze the cellcos for better terms/money/feature implementation. Of course, if helps to have compelling hardware ala Apple....something Palm hasn't EVER had with the Treo line.

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Jonathan_2k1 @ 1/15/2007 3:04:14 PM # Q
While we're on the topic of discounts, Staples on their Canadian website ( has the T|X without wireless keyboard for $299 CAD (I've only seen the wireless keyboard bundle for $399 elsewhere). They also have the T|E2 with TomTom GPS for $199 CAD.
RE: Canada
hkklife @ 1/15/2007 3:43:50 PM # Q

lists an "E2 GPS" next to the regular E2. But the link just leads to the standard E2 handheld page and nowhere else on Palm's USA site mentions an E2 GPS. It's been like this for at least two months now, btw.

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RE: Canada
LiveFaith @ 1/15/2007 9:08:14 PM # Q
Probably means you'll need a GPS to find one soon.

Pat Horne
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Not really new news

Timothy Rapson @ 1/15/2007 3:11:33 PM # Q
These prices were available at Christmas. They were around for last fall's school sales. If we've seen these prices before without new handhelds in the wings we may just be seeing them again with no new product in sight.
A new version of the TX that worked with FITALY, included $200 in commercial software, and had a 5 MP camera might get $200 out of my wallet.
It would be nice to have a good old fashioned Palm March new product rollout. Remember those! The Palm V, the M130, M515 with color screen. Heady day those were.

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New Palm definately on the way

nexus6 @ 1/15/2007 4:31:46 PM # Q
Yup, this action might not be in direct connection with a new model, but there definately will be a new traditionla PDA model. It will replace both TX and LifeDrive, so I'd expect TX form factor, 2 or 4 GB of flash memory and finally the built in mic with voice recorder will be back. This model will be introducet this spring.

In the autumn we can expect an update to the other models in the lineup (eg. E3 or Z33). But there is no authentic information abou it...

RE: New Palm definately on the way
hkklife @ 1/15/2007 4:51:59 PM # Q

Do you have a source? Source of a rumor? Anything whatsoever or is this just your personal speculation?

Several outlets (Brighthand, Gadgets on the Go, that Spanish Palm fan users' etc) indicated back in spring-summer '06 that a TX2 with 4gb of flash was on the way...and our very own Frank Wilkinson posted in the PIC forums that he was told by someone at Palm tech support (!?!) a few months ago that a new TX was coming in early '07.

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RE: New Palm definately on the way
just_little_me @ 1/15/2007 4:56:04 PM # Q

Sounds oh so credible... where do I send my money?


RE: New Palm definately on the way
drw @ 1/15/2007 6:43:36 PM # Q
Up till the point I bought my Tungsten C I was used to spending $499 for something new at least once/year. Since nothing credible has come along to replace the T|C, I've saved about $1500-$2000 by not having to upgrade.

I agree with the comment further up about taking a treo, remove the cell radio and put a 400 mhz processor, wifi, bluetooth, + latest docs-to-go in it.

I can't tell you the number of times I'm on the phone while doing something with the pda. Bluetooth headsets are not my bag so I want to keep my cell phone and pda separate. Why is this so difficult for the people in california to understand?


RE: New Palm definately on the way
nexus6 @ 1/15/2007 7:43:34 PM # Q
Yep, I have a source. But I can't be any specific. But I can tell you another thing. There will be a Palm OS equivalent to the Treo 750v - means a hi-end GSM Palm OS Treo, possibly with UMTS... I suppose we'll have to wait for this one till the autumn.

I know you guys have no reason to beleive me. Only time will tell..

RE: New Palm definitely on the way
hkklife @ 1/15/2007 8:11:20 PM # Q
There's a rather small but vocal group of people that want a spec'd out Treo 90-style device....that is, a keyboard but no cellular radio.

Then you have people like me who want a TX pretty much as is (320*480, no keyboard) but with a cellular radio.

Palm should at LEAST do one or the other to appease some of the PDA faithful.

My experiences with Bluetooth headsets have been, especially on Treos, mixed at best.

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RE: New Palm definately on the way
LiveFaith @ 1/15/2007 9:11:26 PM # Q
I think that some + reviews would roll out if the next T|X had a 1/2 inch thick LifeDrive form factor. I remember the excellent case being one of the + LD points. Throw in TCPMP, a 500+ horsepower proc, a mic, an LED, a VR, , the 1.3mpx cam, 128MB RAM, SDHC drivers, and proper memory architecture. They could have a winner at the $300-400 point.

... another point that I can't put aside. Palm has been inching it's way from OS5 Garnet to the latest 5.4.9 FrankenGarnet OS. They did not just spend million$ to get back partial rights to the OS for nothing. They are working on something for Palm OS. All I can imagine is they are feverishly at work trying to bring ole' frank into line with new wireless standards, namely HSPDA, BT2, WiFi(G). I don't even think you have to be visionary to see that. All that and more is just to get caught up with the competition. Some kind of device is in mind for their $XX million Palm OS buyback. Will 5.5 be a major uppie? Will they rename it? Will they call it OS Cobalt, Copeland, or Cadillac?

Pat Horne

RE: New Palm definately on the way
SeldomVisitor @ 1/16/2007 5:54:57 AM # Q
> ...They did not just spend million$ to get back partial rights
> to the OS for nothing...

By buying PalmOS PALm theoretically saved money on licensing, so that by itself would have been sufficient reason to buy it (see the Q207 earnings call transcript on, say, seekingalpha).

Note - I haven't read any prior licensing agreement between PALM and PalmSource/Access but it's possible there was something in there about PalmSource having to do something which perhaps Access didn't want to do anymore (like something more than trivial "support"). that would be the reason for Access to say "Okay, no licensing anymore - you go with it alone for a lump sum instead". But that's pure unthought-out early-morning conjecture for why Access would have wanted this deal.

RE: New Palm definately on the way
SeldomVisitor @ 1/16/2007 6:12:43 AM # Q
> ...I know you guys have no reason to believe me...


freakout @ 1/16/2007 7:28:50 AM # Q
But that's pure unthought-out early-morning conjecture for why Access would have wanted this deal.

Maybe Palm just threatened to walk out altogether. Maybe they pointed to the WinMob Treos and said "Well, we don't really need PalmOS anymore" and Access blinked and gave them the deal they wanted.

Maybe maybe maybe...

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Final Death Throes of the PDA

Gekko @ 1/15/2007 6:47:07 PM # Q
RE: Final Death Throes of the PDA
uuhh @ 1/16/2007 2:31:56 AM # Q

RE: Final Death Throes of the PDA
specterss @ 1/16/2007 5:38:52 PM # Q

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RE: It is (not) written...
Gekko @ 1/15/2007 7:24:54 PM # Q

incoherent ramblings. change the name of your blog to "Diary of a Madman".

RE: It is (not) written...
mikecane @ 1/15/2007 9:23:25 PM # Q
Did you wash before going there? Or did you just leave behind your usual stench?

RE: It is (not) written...
SeldomVisitor @ 1/16/2007 6:10:31 AM # Q
I think "Diary of a Fanboy" is more correct that that, Gekko.

Fanboys don't "get it" and may never get it.

The true significant value of PostIt Notes and BIC has yet to be realized.

RE: It is (not) written...
mikecane @ 1/16/2007 8:22:29 AM # Q
Right. And the ultimate line of your post displays your dimness. Next!

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Time is running out

Lisi @ 1/15/2007 7:46:46 PM # Q
Palm brought all of this on themselves.

When it had rivals (Handspring, Sony [especially Sony!!] et al) they updated their product with acceptable regularity. But since it absorbed its rivals and Sony dropped out of the market, Palm has merely rested on its laurels. Hey, it's the only Palm PDA around so why should it innovate? Where's the incentive?

Now it has one. The iPhone - something truly unique but of zero use as a PDA *except* as an incentive. For most people who never owned a PDA or knew what they could do, the iPhone looks like a fantastic device. It can make calls, play music, has a calendar (not at all like a Palm's but who knew?).

Palm will cease to exist for those who haven't already experienced their strong points when the iPhone comes out in June. The Treo, as fantastic as many think it is, will cease to be competitive. As a rabid Palm OS fan, I was enthralled with the iPhone. AND I KNOW WHAT A PDA/PHONE CAN DO!

C'mon, Palm, time is running out...

RE: Time is running out
Gekko @ 1/15/2007 8:09:51 PM # Q

"It's too late for Palm."

RE: Time is running out
VampireLestat @ 1/15/2007 10:43:53 PM # Q
Palm has not even peaked yet. The best is yet to come.

I will say it again, it is absolutely 100% impossible that the mobile computing industry will experience anything other than sustained or explosive growth forever; yes, forever because computers will be relentless in integrating into our lives and improving information technology.

Ever wonder why we have not seen a serious recession in a long time? Computing has added amazing efficiency and incredible economic resiliency to any country that embrasses information technology. Mobile computing will further that IT revolution by bringing the best possible efficiency to individuals and the personal information that they value.

Palm is an innovator in an industry that is critical to future wealth, they have the knowledge to develop new products and they have products that sell well. So how is Palm finished? Nonsense.

I am looking forward to new handhelds in the spring (with or without cellular and/or any other radio technology - wifi being a minimum).

RE: Time is running out
Gekko @ 1/16/2007 10:32:14 AM # Q

silly canadian fanboy

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uuhh @ 1/16/2007 2:30:19 AM # Q
The only way to save PALM is COBALT

pmjoe @ 1/16/2007 7:52:07 AM # Q
They either need to get going with Cobalt or switch to Linux, or find some other third party alternative (maybe they should offer Apple a huge deal for the iPhone's OS, then again, that'd be a waste of time Apple would never take it). Palm OS 5 was always a go-between OS and was never meant to be dragged along like this. It's like Palm was Apple and they decided Mac OS 9 was good enough. At this point, they don't have any licensees anyhow, they may as well switch to Cobalt. Not like they'll suddenly piss their non-existant licensees off.

If there are some new Palm PDAs coming out, I wonder which features they'll swap in/out this time, since FrankenGarnet 5.idon'tcareanymore can't handle them all.

I really don't think I do care anymore. I'd love to get a new PDA, but watching Palm dig their own grave for the past 4 years has gotten tiresome. IHMO, they're the poster-child of prioritizing pennies on the share over long-term viability of a company.

SeldomVisitor @ 1/16/2007 8:13:01 AM # Q
Docomo just released Yet Another Phone:


I wonder if it is Linux-powered? (I believe they released like =9= phones from a variety of manufacturers).

SeldomVisitor @ 1/16/2007 8:16:01 AM # Q
LiveFaith @ 1/16/2007 8:39:30 AM # Q
Cobalt! Uhhh, let's see here. Redevelop a failed product for two more years before release in 2009 and get a product that is quaestionably ready to compete in 2005. Not sure about that one.

Pat Horne
uuhh @ 1/16/2007 11:09:49 PM # Q
Not Failed, Canceled

uuhh @ 1/16/2007 11:14:30 PM # Q
Not *Redevelop*
It's ready

look at simulator, still availble on some sites

BRING CP/M, GEM & Newton OS BACK !!!
ChiA @ 1/17/2007 10:23:56 AM # Q
uuhh said: not failed, cancelled

The reality is Cobalt may be a fully functional operating system but no company is interested in using it.

It may be a technical success but it's undoubtedly a total commercial failure, only one company actually used it and that was one 'proof of concept' device which nobody wanted to commission.

Once again, NOBODY IS INTERESTED IN USING COBALT whether it's ready or not.

Uuhh, if you do know of any company which is interested then get in touch with ACCESS HQ Japan (+81 3-5259-3511).
They can do with the money and may even give you a good commission as a thank you.

uuhh @ 1/17/2007 4:14:27 PM # Q

Noone needs multi-user OS on handheld.
Linux development sponsored by Novell, Corel, IBM, Google, etc. and have big lack of Desktop marketshare. Undoubtedly that is a total commercial failure. And this is Palm "future"

Sorry for my bad English, i hope you're got a clue

stonemirror @ 1/17/2007 6:48:36 PM # Q
Linux marketshare on the desktop actually exceeds that of OS X these days.

cervezas @ 1/17/2007 8:47:47 PM # Q
... and Linux share of the smartphone market far exceeds the Palm OS share.

David Beers
Pikesoft Mobile Computing

freakout @ 1/17/2007 9:08:32 PM # Q
I wonder if Palm will ever officially tell us why they rejected Cobalt?
hkklife @ 1/17/2007 9:23:23 PM # Q
In the past Palm has never officially made a statement on why they rejected Graffiti 2 and/or refuse to license the libraries from Xerox or what their plans are going forward for Palm OS or their PDA line.

Why should Palm ever give any kind of "real" info on the Cobalt debacle? I would actually go so far as to challenge you to find any referneces to Cobalt on the pages of As far as Palm's concerned, Cobalt never even exists/existed.

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ChiA @ 1/17/2007 9:29:32 PM # Q
uuhh said Linux development sponsored by Novell, Corel, IBM, Google, etc. and have big lack of Desktop marketshare. Undoubtedly that is a total commercial failure

Well you should tell Red Hat that Linux has been a commericial failure. I'm sure it'll be news to them.
I don't see why you come down to specifics of Desktop marketshare, desktop or Enterprise, these companies are providing products which use Linux and these products are actually being bought by customers. Even if Linux has been a failure for them then unlike the then PalmSource, they had plenty of other products and services to sell.

COBALT IS AN UTTER COMMERCIAL FAILURE. No single Cobalt device has been sold to an end-user, not in a smartphone, server, embedded device, desktop, kitchen top or mountain top. NOT ONE SINGLE UNIT.

Money has been spent developing Cobalt yet Cobalt hasn't earned money for PalmSource.
If that's not commercial failure then I don't know what is.

Maybe you should be asking just why Cobalt is so unattractive to all the device manufacturers of the world and what ACCESS should do to attract a licensee.

ChiA @ 1/17/2007 10:00:40 PM # Q
stonedmirror said
Linux marketshare on the desktop actually exceeds that of OS X these days

I wouldn't even be going down this road about OS X and Apple if I were you: Apple's just announced record profits and sales of Macs for its past quarter, so OS X is no commercial failure by any stretch of the imagination. Apple has made enough money in the past quarter alone to buy over two thirds of Palm with cash - not that it needs to after seeing what it's done with the iPhone.

Putting it another way, it's sold 1.6 million Macs in the past quarter, more Macs than Palm has sold devices (PDAs AND phones combined) in its last quarter.

21 million iPods in the past quarter - i.e. more iPods in the past quarter than Palm has sold devices in the past four years

How many devices have been sold running Cobalt in the past quarter or even in any quarter?

PenguinPowered @ 1/17/2007 11:19:13 PM # Q
There is much contention over whether Apple has a larger desktop marketshare for OS/X than the various Linux distros have. No one has accurate numbers on Linux distros and Apple isn't saying about OS/X, so it's a matter of guesswork.

May You Live in Interesting Times

uuhh @ 1/18/2007 3:26:24 AM # Q
stonemirror: Just look where your Linux is


ChiA: No single Cobalt device has been sold
So what? That's because no single device have been released, isn't it? They just never gave a chance to PalmOS6. Release one, and i'll buy it!

You said: "Access, access". WHO IS ACCESS?!

ChiA @ 1/18/2007 9:07:43 AM # Q
Uuhh said
They just never gave a chance to PalmOS6. Release one, and i'll buy it!

Palm 6 Cobalt is released. If you are a handheld company then you can get it from ACCESS now and make a Palm OS 6 device.

Unfortunately uuhh, it's highly unlikely that a company will spend several million dollars on getting Cobalt and putting it on their device only to find that you are its only customer for a device worth $400.

You said: "Access, access". WHO IS ACCESS?!


They're only the company who own Cobalt. They're only the company you need to pay to get Cobalt in your device:

uuhh @ 1/18/2007 3:31:34 PM # Q
Yes, dear ChiA. They bought PalmSource, I know.
Is there something else they are famous for?

Do your homework, kid
cervezas @ 1/18/2007 4:41:37 PM # Q
Is there something else they are famous for?

Ever heard of NetFront? Ever heard of Java on a mobile phone (ACCESS is one of the largest providers of Java environments)?

You might want to browse ACCESS's web site some time. Like this page, which is only the mobile phones that are powered by ACCESS software (browser, JRE, PIM and messaging suite, etc):

ACCESS certainly has orders of magnitude more users and customers for their mobile software products than PalmSource ever did. It's a much bigger, more connected company with browser, messaging and JRE software on hundreds of devices, scores of networks, all the major global markets.

PalmSource was a pip-squeek by comparison. A pip-squeek we all held dear, but a pip-squeek nonetheless.

As for Linux market share, I thought we were talking about mobile devices, not desktop. On the mobile side Linux is only surpassed by Symbian for market share, while Microsoft is a fairly distant third:

Still think nobody wants Linux on a mobile device?

David Beers
Pikesoft Mobile Computing

uuhh @ 1/19/2007 5:58:29 AM # Q
Netfront? no, never heard about it
Java? where is Java? someone uses Java on PDA? huh?
ok, Java, Netfront, that's why Access will write a succefull platform (not awfull as Cobalt) ?

Linux is second, you're said? I know Archos, I know Sharp Zaurus... eehhh.. anything else of this class devices?

btw,, i've tried to find where they are supposed a Cobalt. i found nothing.

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There will be new hand helds

Nycran @ 1/16/2007 8:33:07 AM # Q
I'm pretty certain that there will be new PDA's, with and without cellular connectivity. There is a small but strong enterprise marketspace that will always need mobile computing devices, as opposed to mobile phones. I work for a company whose software is used by roughly 1000 field staff every day. For us and our customers, palm OS is fast, reliable, easy to train and cheap. There must be many more similar companies out there too. Palm will be aware of this market, and although it's not their primary focus, they wont ignore it either. The mobile world is not always about mum/mom and dad consumers.

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