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Verizon Treo 755pRumor: Another set of leaked Verizon release dates is making the rounds with another sighting of the Treo 755p. Confirming our earlier rumor report back in August, the Boy Genius Report has a new chart showing a November 1st date for the Palm Treo 755p.

The Treo 755p has been available on Sprint since this May. Previous leaked Verizon reports also showed a Treo 800w, though there is no sign of this device on the roadmap this time.

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Who cares really?

bbtkd @ 10/8/2007 11:10:14 AM # Q
At this point, Palm has been publicly flogged (in the market) for failing to properly and in a timely fashion patch the previous product - so who cares? Now if they can - with a straight face - say that the major flaws of the 700P have been fixed in a new 755P firmware release that has been tested by more than Ed's 10 yr old cousin Tony, then maybe it warrants a glance. I was once hopeful that by the time I am eligible to replace my 700P in November 2008 that the Linux platform would have been shipping for a year, but looks like I might be able to be one of the first test rats, but not holding my breath on that date either. Luckily my 700P has the original firmware and I have not been experiencing many of the problems others have, mainly since I don't use bluetooth or MP3 or some of the other plagued features. Anyway - regarding the 755P, old news, who cares?

RE: Who cares really?
retrospooty @ 10/8/2007 11:40:52 AM # Q
"firmware release that has been tested by more than Ed's 10 yr old cousin Tony,"

LOL. sad that its a good semi analogy of Palm's QA

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755p or bust for me....

sims2k @ 10/8/2007 10:18:14 PM # Q
I am eligible to replace my Treo 650 now ... anyway I am waiting for the 755p to come out for Verizon so I can continue using all my reference and medical programs that I have been using for the past two years. Anything PalmOS would be great for me.

RE: 755p or bust for me....
leathernuts @ 10/9/2007 2:27:05 PM # Q
I agree Ive invested (or wasted-however you want to look at it) in so many third party programs that changing OS's would not be a wise choice on my part.

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