1000th News Story! and PC Expo

According to the auto-incrementing database counter this is our 1000th news story. To mark the occasion I thought it would be nice to go over the history of the site and it's current status. Before I go into that, I wanted to mention that I will be attending the PC Expo on Wednesday. If anyone would like to put a face with the site or just chat at the Expo feel free to drop me a line. If OmniSky works inside of Jatvis, you can mail me on the show floor. I'll probably spend most of my time around the various Palm exhibits (handhelds are supposed to steal the show, you know).

First things first, I would like express many thanks to EVERYONE who helps make this site one of the best in the handheld industry. Specifically, in no particular order: Mike Cane, Ed Hardy, Robert Zach, Michael Ethertton, Sintaks, the OmniSky Corporation, Alan C. Brawn, my friends and family, all our sponsors and everyone that sends in stories, posts comments and all of the daily readers. Without your help and support this site wouldn't be the same.

A little background info...
I started the PalmInfocenter as a small hobby back in January of 1999. I used my old earthlink webspace to host the site and after only 3 months and 9,000 hits/month I was starting to max out on the 1 gig of bandwidth a month limit. In August of 1999 PalmInfocenter.com opened it's doors to the world with an improved interface, detailed reviews and articles, comment forums, an AvantGo channel and the Palm Graveyard. Nowadays the site serves almost 20 gigs of info a month to over 25,000 palm enthusiasts a day. The Palm and heldheld industry has really gained allot of momentum since early '99 and things look great for the Palm Economy with a new devices coming from Palm, Sony and maybe Handspring in the fall and the whole platform moving to wireless access. Expect to see a ton of new announcements and products from PC Expo. We’ll be there to bring you the latest from New York.

Palm Infocenter webmaster

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mikecane@wildmail.com @ 6/26/2000 4:04:50 PM #
1000 stories?! And I've only done, what?, 3 of them? I gotta catch up. Seriously, here's the twenty I owe you for mentioning my name (give it back at PC Expo!). Ha! mc

25,000 per day?

Paul S @ 6/27/2000 2:45:40 AM #
I don't think so. According to hitbox.com it's actually about 3000. Say about another that many off avantgo and that still doesn't make 25,000.

Other than that little exageration keep up the great work. This is the only palm site I visit daily.

RE: 25,000 per day? yes at minimum
Ryan @ 6/27/2000 9:48:46 AM #
Thanks for the positive comments. However I don't understand where you are coming from by calling 25,000 an exaggeration. I check my hitbox stats almost everyday and I run a log file analysis each month. 25,000 page views a day is what I get at minimum. Hitbox doesn't get everything on the site and I don't know where you're getting that number.
RE: 25,000 per day?
Paul S @ 6/27/2000 7:11:32 PM #
My mistake, I thought you were talking unique visitors. Anyways it's a great site you have.


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