First Pre 3 Hands-on reports Emerge from the UK

HP Pre 3 UK HP's Pre 3 is entering the market with the softest of soft launches possible. Nevertheless, some Pre 3 units have hit eager customers' hands in the UK and the first initial usage reports and unboxings are making the rounds online.

One bit of good news for legacy Pre users is that, despite the Pre 3's expanded screen and keyboard size, it is fully compatible with the original Palm TouchStone dock from 2009. This has been confirmed in the Precentral forums. Unsurprisingly, the Pre 3 does not fit the Touchstone as snugly as the older Pre and Pixi models but it is compatible and chargers properly.

For those curious to see an actual hands-on video of the Pre 3, the first YouTube unboxing video and initial report video is available here with part 2 going into more in-depth usage of the device.

Based on the videos, the Pre 3 looks unsurprisingly like an elongated Pre 2, with just a slight twist to its slider mechanism and a vastly improved keyboard. Aesthetically, the UI seems to have made a fine transition to 800x480 and the larger 3.58" screen. Touch-to-Share is demonstrated alongside a TouchPad and the Pre 3's camera app looks to have been slightly overhauled as well. The Pre3 appears to have surprisingly decent performance based on the two YouTube videos, with its tweaked version of WebOS 2.2.0 receiving many of the WebOS software enhancements first seen on the TouchPad.

Thanks, EverythingPre.

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Left on the Doorstep

LiveFaith @ 8/19/2011 2:36:21 PM # Q
This is like a baby left on a doorstep. The doorbell is rang, but nobody is home to open the door.
Pat Horne
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Why not in the USA?

HyperScheduler @ 8/22/2011 10:36:46 PM # M Q
Does anybody know *why* the Pre 3 is NOT going to be sold in the United States (but will be sold in other countries)?
RE: Why not in the USA?
jca666us @ 8/23/2011 5:16:45 AM # M Q
not worth it.

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