FCC Approves the AT&T Palm Pre Plus

att palm pre plus The FCC has given its regulatory stamp of approval to the P101UNA aka the AT&T version of the Palm Pre Plus. Interested users can check out the related OET Exhibits List doc's over here, but most of the goodies (i.e. pictures, manuals, test reports etc) are on a confidential hold for 180 days.

In another sign of progress on the domestic GSM front, Engadget has received word that AT&T store managers are now receiving their "practice" Pre Plus units. These demo models are likely intended for employee familiarization and training ahead of the launch. Still no update or even credible rumors on a real release date other than Palm's previous "in the coming months" statement.

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Early Adoption

LiveFaith @ 4/1/2010 7:27:20 PM # Q
I'm not the early adopter type, but I'm afraid I might be in line 1st for this one. Probably a mistake as they will most likely pull a VZW and give another away or price drop within weeks. I'm sick of waiting.
I hate the way US carriers operate and hold up tech progress. Nearly 1 full year since the Pre was released that I can use it on my network. Stupid. Bring back the Springboard modules to do the carrier charade, and let us get the devices when they are released.

Rant now complete.
Pat Horne

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