Hobby CompactFlash Springboard

A guy in Japan is working on a Springboard cartridge to let his Visor use CompactFlash memory cards, the same kind the TRGpro uses. He took apart a PCMCIA CF reader and used its inner board as his base board and worked from there. Now he's writing his own driver for it. But don't start reaching for your wallet, the developer says, "This work is done as my hobby, so I don't manufacture nor sell this adapter now. But I hope to do so in the future."

He already has it working for a special type of CF card, the PHS CF Card (Japanese cellular wireless communication card) so he can use his Visor to access the Internet. If you'd like to help develop the regular CF driver, he's looking for volunteers.

His site also has instructions for making your own.

Thanks to Nilatir for originally bringing this to our attention and to VisorCentral.

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