Visor Now Available in Canadian Stores

Handspring has announced they will begin Canadian retail distribution of the Visor. Handspring started shipping to Canadian customers via orders from its web site earlier this month. The company has now entered into agreements with Canadian retailers Future Shop and The Business Depot Ltd., which operate across Canada as Staples, Business Depot, Staples Business Depot and Bureau en Gros. All outlets will sell Visor and Visor Deluxe edition handhelds for estimated retail prices of $279 and $379 Canadian, respectively, along with a variety of Springboard expansion modules and Visor accessories.

"Consumers in Canada have been very enthusiastic about Visor since we launched in the U.S., and we're glad to be bringing the benefits of our Springboard expansion platform to those customers,'' said Greg Woock, vice president, North American Sales for Handspring. "Business Depot Ltd. and Future Shop are ideal partners to help us introduce our products into this market.''

Handspring stock lost $3.13 (about 9%) in trading Monday.

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Already up here.

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/31/2000 7:51:53 PM #
Actually, I bought my visor deluxe (ice) a week ago on July 24. It was at a Staples (Business Depot). From what I could see, they had about 10 deluxes in the locked counter. Additionally there were a couple of normal visors as well as the 5 styles packages and both backup and 8meg flash springboard modules..
re: Already up here.
Ed @ 7/31/2000 8:35:27 PM #
Interesting. I double checked and the press release I got from Handspring is definitely dated today (July 31). Maybe someone at the store jumped the gun. Or maybe the Handspring PR people were on vacation. Anyway, thanks for the heads up.

visor asking for too much

Angus @ 8/2/2000 9:20:29 PM #



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