Sneak Preview of MyPalm

It doesn't officially launch until December 25, but if you go to the Palm.Net site now, you will be able to sign up for the new MyPalm service. Interestingly, after all the hoopla over, going to that address now simply pulls up a note stating that you probably want one of Palm's other sites.

Important features of MyPalm in the beta or future versions include wireless synchronization with a calendar at home or work; web searching through Google; a link to personal e-mail accounts; access to more than 450 web clipping applications; modifying datebook, phone lists, and to-do lists on the web; automatic incorporation of events to the web-based datebook, such as movie listings and sporting events; scheduling group meetings with work and personal groups; and receiving personal reminders.

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Only for wireless palms?

mklar @ 12/20/2000 3:42:55 PM #
It seems like a lot of this stuff would be useful for palm users without wireless capabilities too. Will there be conduits to support this service through a desktop computer?

RE: Only for wireless palms?
digichimp @ 12/20/2000 4:05:55 PM #
XTNDConnect PC for MyPalm, Build 4.5.195 is the software they use for desktop sync.

I'm not sure if it is the same as the Harmony one from Anyday, but the drawback
i see is that you can't sync from the Palm Desktop if you install this sucker.

It support do repeat appointments!
if a web based sync solution is offered like MyPalm, it should at least, the very least have the
same funcitonality as the Palm Desktop.

Luckily I'm going the wireless PalmVIIx route.

RE: Only for wireless palms?
mattyhayes @ 12/21/2000 8:31:16 AM #
I set this service up yesterday. I sync my Palm IIIxe with the Palm desktop, and separately sync the my palm service with my desktop as autosync at night. It works well. So you don't need to be wireless to use the service.


MyPalm is just

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/20/2000 8:39:34 PM #
I've been using for several months now; a few months back Palm inc. bought them out out & made some changes but overall it hasn't changed much.
See for your self:

RE: MyPalm is just
Ed @ 12/21/2000 8:12:20 AM #
What do you think of the AnyDay/MyPalm service? You must like it a bit because you've been using it for months but tell us a bit about why you like it, please.

I'd also be interested in hearing from any other AnyDay/MyPalm users with their opinions.

Palm Infocenter

RE: MyPalm is just
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/21/2000 10:56:09 AM #
Actually, I found barely OK. (When I posted the original message I was merely pointing out the fact that MyPalm was nothing new; I also wasn't ready to go in to details but, I'll give it a try.)
The Harmony Sync option behaves strangely- Duplicates many names, dates, & to-dos. I personally use the Palm desktop so, there shouldn't be compatibility problems. Also, there is no way to only show "active" to-dos.
I was also hoping for more synchronization options when Palm acquired Anyday (Like wireless via the web using my Omnisky modem) however, I've only seen a few software tweaks & a cosmetic makeover on the site.
A customized wireless web page 'ala' should have been an obvious option--Unfortunatlety, Not yet.
To further clarify, I have had it for several months, I only "Use it" when I travel out of town. After all, I still have my Palm w/me.
Bottom line:
No sync w/ the Palm Desktop(!?)
No wireless connectivity
Don't bother unless you have some "extra" time when you hot sync.
Scale of 1-5= A solid 3 :(


slfunk @ 12/21/2000 10:19:53 AM #
Downloaded the s/w from the site after registering... installed it.... it starts to sync & then eventually hangs. This is on a clean istall w/ only Palm desktop installed.... Attempted several times... Hope the end release is better than this :-(
RE: NoSync'?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/21/2000 6:20:46 PM #
Same thing happened to me,. When it did sync, it only copied about half of my contacts even though it said "complete" Not a very good product, and not exactly ready for launch, I'd say.

RE: NoSync'?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/22/2000 3:33:02 PM #
Hear Hear,

I had a devil of time trying to synch up my palm desktop with the new XT YA YA YA software that replaced Harmony this past week.

Finally, someone from tech support admitted there was some bugs (premature release). A person always wonders if it is them/their machines.

Yesterday I reinstalled the software and found out that it worked. Finally!



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