Is This the New Palm Logo?

New Palm Logo Newly published FCC documents have revealed a possible new Palm branded device headed our way soon. Our earlier story today showed that new documents reveal that a new Palm PVG100 model has been submitted for testing to the FCC. While the actual device photos are still under wraps, one potential piece of the final product has been included in the release.

The documents show a proposed label for the device which lists the usual FCC ID, Serial and IMEI numbers and barcodes. The label also includes what may be the first hint at what the new logo that could be used for the Palm brand relaunch. The full image suggests the logo may be placed on the back of the device or possibly within a battery compartment.

Full picture after the break...
Update: New leaks appear to confirm this is indeed the new logo for the Palm brand relaunch.

The label shows it's a Palm Ventures Group product and in a nod to Palm circa 2009 continues the "Designed by Palm in San Francisco" imprint. Next the model is indicated as the PVG100 and to its right is the possible new Palm logo spelled out in all caps in a square like arrangement.

Since the logo image comes to us from the FCC reports its not clear if this image will be representative of the final Palm logo or branding. It certainly is a departure from previous incarnations of Palm brand which in its heyday featured an circular orange or blue design.

New Palm Logo
Full Palm PVG100 FCC label image.

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