Palm Launches Knowledge Finder

Palm Inc. is aware that many thousands of people will be getting their first handheld as a gift in the next few days and they want to be ready for all the tech support calls that will start pouring in shortly thereafter. In preparation, they just announced the Palm Knowledge Finder, a web-based interactive customer-service tool available on their Support page. It contains hundreds of technical solutions compiled by Palm engineers and is designed to provide users with around-the-clock access to Palm technical support.

For those who need a more personal touch, Palm also announced that their Customer Service Organization will be open during the holiday season.

"One of the hottest gifts this holiday season will be Palm handhelds. We want to ensure that our customers' questions are answered even if it's Christmas morning or New Year's Day," said David de Valk, director of Palm's Customer Service Organization. "We aim to delight our customers with their Palm service experience and, going further, gain their lifelong loyalty. We're happy to serve them, even during the holidays."

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Need support

Sunil_Shindekar @ 12/21/2000 10:16:51 AM #

Can anybody tell me the information of Palm service center in Singapore ? I have Palm V which is not working. Please send the contact information to

Thanks in advance.


palm is lacking of innovation

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/21/2000 4:45:48 PM #
Ok ok palm is fine, i am a palm user for 3 years now. And i want to migrate to win. because i think the palm is not caring about multimedia technologies or anyother thing, okey simply palm what ever? but don't i deserve an mp3 player and a bit of more memory. And speed ? I think technologies is going faster than palm. Probably, if they dont bother to act fast enough, i want to pay a bit more to get a 16 mb ram and a colour screen mp3 handheld. Now probably, palm may have teenager developers, how about 1 year time? I had enough, while everyone is going colur and mp3 and lots of new technologies i had to wait 2 years to palm to get to win's current stage. Look dudes, i love palm, i love the programs grafitti, user interface but i cant resist this gorgeous pocketpc's. If they go like that (cpu speed) you will going to have a palm emulator running twice the speed of prism on those bloody bill gates screens.

RE: palm is lacking of innovation
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/21/2000 7:25:18 PM #
I think u fail to know that speed of the palms cannot be compared to the ones of the pocketpc. They are on a different OS/platform and thus 33mhz for palmOS is more than enough. As for pocketpcs, wince is known for the need of high memory since their programs are much bigger. Go find a wince program and compare it with a palm program. You'll find palm's is much much smaller. And this does not require palm to have so much memory. Currently i have a palm Vx, and the 8mb has come a long way, thru cleaning out unnessesary programs i freed up at least a mb. Also i have a dictionary in there that is at least 2mb. So i don't think this is a problem.

wrong direction for support...

GregGaub @ 12/22/2000 12:30:09 AM #
Instead of compiling crap from Palm engineers (re-install the Palm Desktop! :P) they should be making it easier for new users to find peer support, both in their area, and on the internet.
It's insane how hard it is to get the "word" out about a users group to the average consumer. I can't put cards in stores because the stores are selling tech support. Now Palm is going to sell their support too. If people knew they could just join a mailing list, check a web site message board, or even go to a PUG meeting once a month, all these paid support services would get blown away. It's all about money, though, and not the consumer who only needs good support from people who give a care.
Has anyone tried to find the Palm User Group listing on the palm web site? It's buried about 6 links from the top, and you have to be LOOKING for it to even find it. Yeah, thanks a LOT Palm, Inc. :P

new users

Eston Bond @ 12/23/2000 3:41:56 PM #
i'll help palm inc- email me.

Eston Bond
CEO Pine Tree Software



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