Kessler Talks Up the Palm Economy at PalmSource Europe

During his keynote address at PalmSource Forum Europe 2001, Chief Operating Officer Alan Kessler set out his company's vision for the future of the Palm Economy, their term for the entire network of devices, applications, content, and services that are bound together by the Palm OS. He emphasized Palm's move into the enterprise, with wireless Palms allowing business users to access critical files and e-mail from anywhere.

He also talked about the PluggedIn Palm program, which helps developers quickly create and launch new accessories and add-ons and aid in the transition to using the SD/MMC slot.

The keynote also included a demo of the forthcoming UbiNetics' GA100 GSM clip-on phone. Unfortunately, the GA100's release date has slipped to March. There was also a prototype Bluetooth connection between a Palm and an Ericsson mobile phone.

More information is available from ZDnet UK.

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Re: Enterprise Access

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/4/2001 8:57:50 PM #
I don't want to access Enterprise Data on a crappy 160x160 screen...



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