Ethernet Cradle for m500 Series Introduced

Portsmith, Inc., today announced the Portsmith Ethernet Cradle for the Palm m500 series. It provides a fast connection to the corporate network for single-button synchronization of mission-critical data and recharging of the handheld’s batteries. It will list for $200 and be available in late May to early June 2001.

The cradle utilizes the DHCP servers already installed in most corporate networks for automatic IP address assignment. This allows for seamless integration into the corporate environment with little or no impact on the existing infrastructure.

Holmes Lundt, President and CEO of Portsmith says, “Compatibility with existing systems and ease-of-use are two main components in the successful integration of new products into the corporate environment. The new Portsmith Ethernet Cradle provides both.”

Major handheld device manufacturers like Palm, Inc. are making strategic moves into corporate markets. Providing a complete solution for enterprise customers is key in this transition. This is evidenced by Palm’s recently-announced acquisition of Extended Systems, Inc. According to Palm, it sought behind-the-firewall server software that supports groupware and business applications to drive adoption of handheld devices in the corporate environment. The Extended Systems acquisition provides the mobile infrastructure to connect the wealth of enterprise applications with Palm handheld computers. With a leading mobile software application platform in-place, corporate connectivity products are needed to complete the solution.

“We are delighted Portsmith is providing an Ethernet Cradle for the next generation of premium handhelds from Palm, the m500 series,” said Jerry Jalaba, vice-president, Enterprise, at Palm, Inc. “Portsmith’s advanced hardware engineering and extensive experience in the mobile connectivity industry make them a great addition to our radidly growing number of enterprise solution providers,” Jalaba added.

Moving forward, Portsmith plans to develop similar Ethernet Cradles for other handheld models to offer a complete product family of handheld connectivity solutions.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2001 4:52:41 PM #
Isn't there any other kind of LAN option for the Palm out there? One that doesn't require
a recharging cradle? Something along the lines of a card or something? Something smaller

$200 Cradle?

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2001 6:50:31 PM #
With my *current* cradle, I can sync to my desktop and my "mission critical" content at the same time (through the desktops ethernet).

Maybe I'm missing something here... I can see why I would want to connect my palm to an ethernet, but not through the cradle.

RE: $200 Cradle?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2001 8:07:03 PM #
In a corporate setting, this cradle has the advantage of being able to be deployed
anywhere where there is an Ethernet jack and let users update their Palms wherever
they are. 802.11b will also be great for this. The biggest advantage is to companies
that have a significant investment in Palms and need sitewide synchronization availability.

RE: $200 Cradle?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2001 11:33:51 PM #
Does it talk to the hotsync server only? Or can it talk through LAN to my desktop (powered on 15 floors above)?

Is there any bundled software to talk to the email server directly? I need to go to my seat, power on my desktop and sync the mails to it at this moment. Can I expect the ethernet cradle to be at ground floor so I can sync it just there?

Can I plug it into customer site and sync back to my mail or desktop in office (say firewall doesn't block the information I want to sync)?

[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2001 8:30:17 PM #
why wired lan?... what about wireless lan?...

Yeah, but does it provide TCP/IP connectivity?

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2001 10:56:04 PM #
What I want to know is if these things provide network connectivity(web, mail) directly to the Palm or are they just Network Hotsync ports.

RE: Yeah, but does it provide TCP/IP connectivity?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/21/2001 2:54:18 AM #
Palm provides network hotsync software that allows the syncing of multiple devices over a network. This would also allow for example to connect via mobile phone with your corporate network and sync without having your desktop even on. These cradles would allow syncing without a PC. I also have used the MultiMail Software (a bit tricky to set up) to dial in with my mobile and syncronize directly with an Exchange Server downloading headers and then the messages I really need. It also allows sub-folders of the inbox to be synced.

So many Accessories Announced so Soon!!

mknowledge @ 3/21/2001 6:20:27 PM #
Isn't it interesting that so many accessories have been announced so soon after a new model / series of device has been announced?

Th Ethernet Cradle is a great idea... but I agree that we need wireless LAN capability post haste. This is very important and it seems as if Palm-based networking products are missing this...

Maybe Bluetooth will eventually make it into native architecture or a soon to be announced SD card??!!!

does anyone use an ethernet cradle

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/22/2001 11:12:58 AM #
I have a ?, has/does anyone actually use the ethernet cradles? I sure haven't seen any around. $200 sure seems a lot for a cradle with a little board attached. Hell, I can buy an old ass box for less then that and simply put a normal old cradle on it.

RE: does anyone use an ethernet cradle
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/28/2001 8:46:28 PM #
I got one for my IIIC thinking it would add internet
access via the lan for my palm. It SYNCS very fast
but does not provide web surfing capability for my
IIIC. It does allow me to hotsync anywhere in the
building and even from home abeit I need to
provide a wide open hole in my fire wall to do this.

If palm provided HOTSYNC server software that would
run on a standard PC it would be useful. Otherwise
it's a $200 door stop at best.

Xircom has announced a new wireless LAN module
for the Palm m500 series. The module will allow fast,
continuous, wireless access to the Internet, E-mail
and network resources. A user with the module on his
Palm will even be able to sync without a data cable or cradle.
The module, which snaps onto the back of the Palm,
will begin shipping July 31, 2001. Pre-Orders are
being taken on Xircom's website. The cost for the
module is $299.00.



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