New Site for Palm Developers Opens

Developers' Nation is a new website for Palm OS developers. It will promote more effective and efficient code development by initially providing technical support services with a guaranteed response time and access to a searchable Knowledge Base of technical information derived from Palm's own proprietary technical archive. They charge $100 for access to the knowledge base and $75 for each technical question answered.

They will also offer discussion forums, chat rooms and hosted on-line events allowing developers the chance to interact and exchange information. Additional services, including technical conferences and seminars, Palm OS training, and Quality Assurance product certification will be available later in the year.

Through its strategic relationship with Palm, Developers' Nation has been able to secure the rights to offer one to one technical support for developers and publish, host and maintain Palm's internal technical library.

Palm has provided Developers' Nation's engineers with extensive training in Palm OS technical support. In addition to the 4500+ FAQs found in the knowledge base today, answers to questions that DN gathers and verifies, once cleansed of any proprietary information, will be fed back into the knowledge base.

"We look to Developers' Nation to become a very important service to Palm OS developers," said Gabriel Acosta-Lopez, senior director of Platform Development Services at Palm, Inc. "As a site dedicated to providing quick answers to the tough questions that inevitably come up when creating new applications, we expect DN to become a valuable resource to us and to the entire Palm OS community. We are pleased to see Developers' Nation officially launch and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with them."

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$75 an answer? No wonder nobody cares!

Davy @ 5/1/2001 10:10:29 PM #
The reason this article has no comments is because no one cares. You should move insignificant stories to a little box with text links, there's no point to clutter our screens with this.

RE: $75 an answer? No wonder nobody cares!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 9:44:30 PM #
I know that when I have my back up against the wall, having a "way out" for only $75 would be great. Anytime I need support from Microsoft it costs 2x that much. The whole reason that the economy is the way it is has to do with people getting everything for free. That does not work with capitalism. At least I know that I have a resource to turn to when and if I need it.

How much should I sell?

Sindhu Kurnia @ 5/3/2001 2:28:08 AM #
If I have to pay at least $75, how much should I sell my software? No more $5 hack!


Eston Bond @ 5/3/2001 8:48:38 AM #
$100 startup plus $75 a question is absolutely ridiculous. You can go to Yahoo! groups and get free support.

Searching for Novel: Palm software developer

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/1/2001 8:41:34 AM #
Actuall I am looking for a developer/company interested in backing my Suspense and Mystery books. I am a published author at First Print

At present my book ia available in palm download through Palm Gear and First Print for $6.00 ea.

The problem is my royalties are so low from the palm download site. I'm seriously thinking of pulling them off the market since palm takes 60 percent of the sales.

I have two more books ready at this time but hesitate up loading to First Print until I check all options available to me.

Thank you for your time.

Holly Schrepfer



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