ODBC Driver for HanDBase Released

DDH Software has released its HanDBase ODBC Driver, which lets enterprise users directly access and edit data stored in HanDBase databases in a handheld from corporate database and reporting programs. It bridges the gap between the data contained within the handheld and back-end corporate data files. It sells for $50 per license.

With the ODBC Driver, handheld databases can appear as tables directly within corporate databases, which lets the user access live data for queries, reports, forms, charts, and mail-merge without having to do any conversions.

Also, the ODBC driver will synchronize changes made to the database across all entry points between the handheld and desktop versions of HanDBase, and any ODBC enabled back-end database program, such as MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and more.

"Most of our clients are struggling with managing huge amounts of data being passed between operation centers and its mobile team," said Paul Hoffman, DDH Software's vice president of sales and marketing. "To compound the problem, the process is redundant and inefficient, as most field reps collect while working in the field, and then end up re-inputting information into a computer again. We produced the ODBC Driver as an affordable, single-source solution, to answer our clients' needs for integrating data between its mobile field team and corporate data-files."

HanDBase sells for $25 for the standard edition, or $30 for a version that includes a bi-directional synchronization conduit that works with the Windows desktop version of HanDBase.

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