Cingular Treo GPRS Update Now Available

Cingular Wireless and Handspring, have announced the availability of General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) for Treo users on Cingular's 1900 MHz GSM network. HandSpring has also announced an agreement with Brightstar to distribute Treos in Latin America.

Cingular will sell GPRS-enabled Treo 270 communicators through the company's various sales channels in all Cingular 1900 MHz GSM coverage areas as a voice enabled PDA option for Cingular's Wireless Internet Express service, which gives individual customers access to POP3 email via My Wireless Window, as well as its XpressMail Network Edition service for corporate customers.

"Cingular is rolling out GSM and GPRS services nationwide in order to give our customers the ability to use the most advanced wireless devices and to access high-speed data applications," said Mike Dobbs, vice president of product development for Cingular Wireless. "The availability of Handspring's GPRS upgrade on Cingular's 1900 MHz packet data networks will allow Treo users in these markets to enjoy the full functionality of their communicators."

Handspring's GPRS software upgrade is unique in the mobile phone market as it enables customers to easily upgrade Treo 180 and 270 communicators and improve performance with a simple download. The software enhances email and Web applications with faster, more persistent connections to high-speed data networks as well as an easy installation and wireless data set-up process. It also includes improvements to the phone and text messaging applications. Current Treo 180, 180g and 270 owners can download this software at no additional cost via the web at

With the upgrade, Treo automatically becomes configured for data access - there is no need for manual configurations or an Internet Service Provider (ISP). In the text messaging application, Web pages can be launched, phone numbers dialed, and emails addressed by simply tapping the corresponding information (URL, phone number or email address) that arrives in a text message. There is also a new "mute" button as well as helpful keyboard hints built into the phone application.

Customers wishing to upgrade their Treo to take advantage of the Handspring GPRS upgrade will need to contact their Cingular Wireless service representative and add Wireless Internet Express service to their account. There are Windows and Mac OS X downloads available.

Treo 270 in Latin America
Handspring and Brightstar Corp. will work together to bring Handspring's Treo 270 GSM worldphone to Latin America. Through an agreement signed by the companies, Brightstar will distribute the Treo 270 and Treo accessories throughout all of Latin America (except Mexico and Brazil). In its role as primary distributor of Treo in the Latin America region, Brightstar will handle the importation, distribution, marketing, fulfillment and service and support for Handspring.

Brightstar will manage the Handspring business through its Wireless Data division. The product is available through Brightstar's 20 facilities in 17 countries located in Latin America serving operators, direct and indirect sales channels.

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Treo 180 owners?

rluxemburg @ 3/20/2003 1:51:37 PM #
Are we hosed or will we be able to use GPRS too?

RE: Treo 180 owners?
Admin @ 3/20/2003 2:06:46 PM #
Current Treo 180, 180g and 270 owners can download this software

Yes, the Treo 180 is covered by this update.



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