Handspring Continues Treo Rebates

Handspring today announced a limited time $200 rebate on new Sprint PCS service when they purchase a Treo 300. This doubles the previous rebatem that recently expired. T-Mobile is also offering a $100 rebate on the Treo 270 with the purchase of a new plan.

Buyers who sign purchase a Treo 300 from Handspring's Web site through June 29 are eligible for a $200 service credit when they activate a new Sprint PCS Service contract. The credit will be applied to their Sprint wireless invoice. This brings the cost of the Treo 300 to $299. The offer is good through June 29, 2003.

Handspring today also announced that T-Mobile has extended the $100 rebate offer on Treo 270 through April 30. This brings the cost of the Treo 270 to $399. The mail-in rebate is available to new customers with activation of qualified voice or data plans

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TheMessenger @ 4/7/2003 3:53:44 PM #
Wow....what a good deal.



Double Rebate

michaelcpowell @ 4/7/2003 4:15:48 PM #
There is a better deal. You can combine these rebates with the $100 rebate offered on Amazon.com to reduce the price of the Treo 300 to $149 and the Treo 270 to $199 (both with new service activation).


Treo 300:

Treo 270:

RE: Double Rebate
i2oadi2unnei2 @ 4/7/2003 4:58:35 PM #
Wow, finally a Treo for T-Mobile users! Of course I have to get tired of my NX-70v before I'll buy it *grin*...

...|3eep |3eep!!...

RE: Double Rebate
michaelcpowell @ 4/7/2003 6:29:10 PM #
Taking that comment seriously ...

I think that whether to buy the Sony or the Treo really depends on what you want. The Sony is clearly an amazing machine in terms of multimedia, camera and other technology improvments. It is, however, fairly large and does not have built in phone and cellular email like the Treo. One is not "better" than the other in some global sense - the choice depends on your needs.

Of course, getting the device for under US $200 is pretty sweet.

RE: Double Rebate
southbound747 @ 4/7/2003 9:54:02 PM #
i'd really like to get the treo...but i suspect all these rebates mean something new is coming out. it really bothers me that treos now don't have irda ports to beam stuff nor do they sd expansion slots. i am hoping a newer treo will. probably palm os5 and maybe even an mp3 player?

i really like the kyocera 7135...but i really want an integrated thumbboard like on the treo. so saving money now...it is always good, but i am sure when something new comes out in the summer i will wish i had waited.

RE: Double Rebate
ocspub @ 4/7/2003 10:05:49 PM #
> it really bothers me that treos now don't have
> irda ports to beam stuff

Huh? Of course they do. That's how I hotsync (slowly but surely).


RE: Double Rebate
Scott R @ 4/8/2003 11:36:52 AM #
"My wife owns a TREO 270 and the 7135 is far superior to her 270 (not that I've mentioned my opinion to her). I write software for the PalmOS and was the primary reason for buying a 7135. For anyone interested, it beats the TREO 180 or 270 by a factor of 10 (haven't used a 300 but would esimate a factor of 5)."

To echo michaelcpowell's words of wisdom, to say the 7135 is better than either Treo (let alone by a factor of 10) really depends on what your needs are. The Treo is wider but thinner and has a backlit thumbboard which is extremely useful for IM, email, etc. If you want/need MP3 and/or memory card storage, the 7135 would be the better choice.


RE: Double Rebate
michaelcpowell @ 4/9/2003 10:50:01 AM #
Someone recently asked me whether they should get teh Kyocera or the Treo. My advice was to decide whether the phone or PDA portions of the device were most imporatant. I think the Kyocera is a superior phone and the Treo is a superior PDA.

I also think that the Kyocera is the "cooler" device and the Treo is the more practical but it is a matter of personal taste.

One thing I don't have a feel for is battery life. Anyone know if there are any major differences?

Treo 180 for $49 (after rebate)

ocspub @ 4/7/2003 10:06:55 PM #
Another current rebate offer: get the Treo 180 from TigerDirect for $200, and get $150 back from T-Mobile if you sign up for a voice plan plus GPRS (need to keep the GPRS add-on for four months or so).

BUT... be aware that this Treo 180 is carrier-locked to T-Mobile: I just got mine and it does NOT work with my Cingular SIM card. So if you plan to stay with T-Mobile, and never plan on traveling and using a "local" pre-paid SIM card abroad, this might be a good deal.


The end of Handspring?

tantousha @ 4/8/2003 3:31:38 AM #
I predict this is going to be the beginning of the end of Handspring. One thing I think Handspring overlooked when they jumped exclusivly into the smartphone secter is that people only buy cell phones cause they are offered dirt cheap when they sign up for contracts with the carriers. People rarely buy cell phones out of a contract. This means that aside from the diehard techies, the only way Handspring can get the Treo to really take off is to cut the bottom off the price. A big loss for Handspring.

The other problem I see coming is that the other smartphone companies like Samsung, Kyocera and Sony Ericsson all have other products to fall back on while they promote their new smartphones. For them it's no biggy if they cut losses on their smartphones because they're raking in the money with their other products. Handspring on the other hand(pun unintended) is not almost entirely smartphone based (seeing as how they axed the lovely Treo 90) and have nothing to fall back on.

RIP Handspring?

This is a Test, this is only a test. Had this been a real posting, it would have been followed by replies.

RE: The end of Handspring?
TDS Computer @ 4/8/2003 10:00:52 AM #
If I had a nickle for every "End of Handpring?" post that I have read on this site... I would have a lot of nickels!

Visit us at www.tdscomputer.com
RE: The end of Handspring?
michaelcpowell @ 4/9/2003 10:47:45 AM #
People saying that the rebates signal the end of Handspring fail to recognize that we are dealing with a cell phone market - not a PDA market. Rebates and free phones (especailly when a model is not brand new) are common - especially when coupled with a new activation.

I have no idea whether Handspring is ready to issue a new machine but I also don't think the rebates are much of a signal.



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