SimCity Classic
by Atelier Software

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$29.95 US

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True to the original
A heck of a lot of fun!

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It does require 230K, but in this day of large memory Palms that will soon be a problem for very few! Ratings*:

Editors Comments: Can't wait for the color version!!! Look for a release in March.

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Palm Pick!
SimCity Classic Review
By Robert Zach

Sim City Do you remember the mother of all Sim games SimCity?  Well now you can play it on your Palm!  As if a Palm wasn't addicting enough, now there's that awesome game from your childhood available to suck up an already busy adult schedule.

Well I say, "Bring it on!"  Atelier Software, Inc. has re-incarnated the original game as a Palm application, and done it with remarkable playability and attention to detail.

SimCity New City.bmp (76854 bytes)In this simulation you are the Mayor of a real-time city simulation, your goal is to design and build a thriving populous of "Sims" (simulated citizens).  To start the game you must first create a city, and choose the play level (this determines how much capital you start with!).

After naming your city, a new terrain is "terraformed" for you.  Every start of a new city begins with a new, randomly generated, landscape including land (forests and fields) and bodies of  water. This is what keeps this game constantly new, and endless fun.

The game is played with some very simple controls.   There are three control points; the upper left pull-down, the RCI indicator in the center, and the upper-right pull-down as seen below.

SimCity upper left SimCity upper right 76

You begin the game by zoning your terra firma.  The RCI indicator shows the level of Residential Commercial and Industrial growth (above right).  Keeping these balanced is what grows a healthy city. Residential is where the Sims live, Commercial is where they work and shop, and Industrial in factories such.  Keeping Residential and Industrial apary seem to create happier Sims ;-)

Once the land has been "zoned" you can use the upper left pulldown to bulldoze, add roads between zones, throw in power plants and power lines, etc.  With game preferences you can even set things like "auto bulldoze" to help spped up game play a little.  Disasters also add another level of city life reality.   Earthquakes can be real nasty!

SimCity Preferences.bmp (76854 bytes) SimCity Disasters.bmp (76854 bytes)

Of course all this construction has costs; financial, pollution, taxes, etc.  All the things that plague any modern city.  As the Mayor you adjust the taxes every year in an attempt to stabilize growth, the budget, and keep your approval rating high!

SimCity Budget.bmp (76854 bytes) SimCity mayor approval.bmp (76854 bytes) SimCity graph.bmp (76854 bytes)

Use the right pull-down menu to access the budget, chack your city "evaluation", and plot graphs to indicate things like crime, cash flow, and pollution.

I highly recommend this game.  It is true to the original, the "port" to the Palm platform is very nice and works very well (animation and all).  The user interface is intuitive and simple.

The only minor issue I have with the game is when viewing the larger maps moving from one section of the map to another far away is a little slow on the redraw time, but not bothersome.

Best of luck making your own thriving metropolis!

I can't wait for the color version!!! (See teasers below)  Atelier, please send me a beta ;-)

SimCity Color   SimCity Color  SimCity Color

Editor's note: (Warning! Cheat code revealed)
I sure many of you remember the original SimCity had a cheat code that would give you some extra funds... Well, the Palm version is no different. For a quick $10k enter in: funds in graffiti. -@

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This is News?

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2000 3:32:03 PM #
I've had SimCity on my PalmPilot for months now, since it came out when, October? Next thing you know there'll be announcing Tiger Woods golf for the Palm. That's been out too? Oh.
RE: This is News?
U R A Jerk @ 3/1/2000 3:43:54 PM #
News to me, you jerk. Good review Mr. Zach, well done.
RE: This is News? @ 3/1/2000 11:39:14 PM #
Yes, but this article failed to mention that soon the Color version will be released, and that looks promising.
RE: This is News?
Oh Dear @ 3/2/2000 10:17:35 AM #
Sorry if I sounded a little harsh. I'm just not used to old software touted as new. Plus I love cheese. And yogurt.
RE: This is News?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2000 6:22:39 PM #
What is the code ? What do you enter ? where do u enter it ? they outta use quotes when they say the code ......
RE: This is News?
Ryan @ 5/2/2000 7:05:59 PM #
Just enter "funds" in the graffiti area for the extra cash cheat.


kalampo @ 3/21/2000 7:35:26 AM #
Anyone know whether EA gonna comes out with
FIFA for PALM ? This one sure rules !!


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