Handspring Starts Taking Treo 600 Orders

You can now order the Treo 600 directly from Handspring.com. Handspring has also released the details of their Treo upgrade program.

Handspring is now taking orders directly on their website. At this time they are only offering the CDMA version from Sprint, the GSM/GPRS version is expected to start shipping in the coming weeks.

Handspring Treo 600 ~ Click for LargerYou can sign up to purchase the Treo 600 here. Due to high demand, Handspring is stating a one week ship time.

The cost without a contract is $599 USD. With a new one year service agreement, the prices goes down to $499, with a two year commitment it sells for $449. The discounts will be applied as a service credit on your Sprint PCS bill.

Treo Updage Program
If you're a Treo 180, 270 or 300 owner, Handspring is offering a upgrade discount. With a Treo serial number, you can purchase the Treo 600 for $399 and keep your existing phone and wireless plan. The offer is only good for Sprint at the moment, but will be made available for other carriers when the devices becomes available from them. The offer is good from Sprint until October 29th, 2003.

About the Treo 600
The Treo 600 runs Palm OS 5.2.1 with a 144 MHz Texas Instruments OMAP processor. It will have a 160x160 pixel CSTN color screen, 32MB of RAM and a SD/MMC/SDIO expansion slot. There is also a five-way navigation dial for one handed operation. The Treo 600 has a built-in digital camera (640 x 480 VGA), so you can take and send pictures or connect a face to a phone number with picture caller ID. It will also feature a dual speaker architecture for high-quality phone and system audio. It will have a large capacity 1800 mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for up to six hours talk time (GSM); or up to five hours talk time (CDMA); and about two weeks organizer use for both versions.

PalmInfocenter attended the Treo 600 launch party in New York City a short while ago, and have our report of the kickoff here.

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xhayne @ 10/9/2003 1:53:00 PM #
Kinda good for Handspring now that Samsung's phone is delayed.
RE: Hmm...
iambobbydigital @ 10/9/2003 2:03:14 PM #
honestly I dont think it matters that much. The devices are desined for people with different needs. The treo is all about replacing your blackberry. or giving you that on the go email/messenging ability. along with fast web browsing and all the other jazz. The SGH because it lacks a keyboard is simply not the same type of device. its a device for people who want just a phone with some PDA functionality, imaging mabey? multimedia? i personaly have no idea. After using the treo 300 for a few months now I can say that I will never buy another non keyboard having handheld, its all about being able to send email easily! (before i get flamed i knwo somepeople love graffiti, but lets face it a keyboard is easier to learn for the masses and when it comes to volume data entry a keyboard is MUCH easier on your hands. and hell i always sucked at graffiti anyway.)


treo 300 was just a stop gap, now that i have my 600 life is good :o)

RE: Hmm...
batmon @ 10/10/2003 12:31:53 AM #
Can you tell me how Treo compares to BlackBerry? I am looking for a solution to receive corporate MS-Exchange mails. Can Treo do something like BlackBerry, having a secure way to receive/send emails, check calendar and notify you when new mail comes in? Thank you.

RE: Hmm...
xhayne @ 10/10/2003 2:53:51 AM #
Some people are blazingly proficient using T9 and predictive texting on mobile phones. Perhaps if Samsung uses the numeric keypad in that manner then they would be closer in function... Just speculating...
RE: Hmm...
The Ugly Truth @ 10/10/2003 6:59:17 AM #
Kinda good for Handspring now that Samsung's phone is delayed.

Surprising move from The New Sony. Perhaps they're just going to wait to put out a better-integrated third generation device that can compete with the Treo 600. Still, this Samsung would probably have been a good PDA-phone as is. Palm won't have a hope in Hades of matching Samsung and Sony for price once those companies start cranking out third + fourth generation Palm OS smartphones. Palm should have kept the OS to themselves.

Sometimes the truth just isn't pretty™

Treo 600 + MS Exchange
The Ugly Truth @ 10/10/2003 7:46:40 AM #
I am looking for a solution to receive corporate MS-Exchange mails.

Seven reportedly designed the default email client on the Sprint version of the Treo 600 and it works with MS Exchange.

Alternatively, Visto's MessageXpress is supposed to be released next week.


Sometimes the truth just isn't pretty™

RE: Hmm...
batmon @ 10/10/2003 3:17:11 PM #
So can someone tell me which software is the best for receiving corprate MS-Exchange Server emails? Is Treo 600 just like BlackBerry that will be always on and notify you when new message comes in (PUSH technology)? I don't really like Palm PDA + blue tooth cellular phone solution because it's a PULL technology and user will experiece the slow email connections.

Thank you.

RE: Hmm...
batmon @ 10/10/2003 3:24:12 PM #
I found this at http://www.treocentral.com.


Has anyone try any of these software? Thanks

RE: Hmm...
chrisfm @ 10/10/2003 5:10:56 PM #
To answer a few peoples' questions about an Exchange-integrated wireless email solution for the Treo 600...

Good Technology's GoodLink is now shipping for the Treo 600:


GoodLink is a push-based cradle-free wireless email, messaging, calendar and corporate data solution -- fully integrated with Exchange. It takes advantage of tons of new features of the Treo 600, including phone, contacts, and browser integration.

el Verizon no está aquí

Foo Fighter @ 10/9/2003 4:38:54 PM #
The following major mobile phone service providers are NOT compatible with Treo:

* Nextel
* Verizon


My blog: www.pocketfactory.com

RE: el Verizon no está aquí
fool faughter @ 10/9/2003 10:29:20 PM #
Who is verizon ?
RE: el Verizon no está aquí
fool faughter @ 10/9/2003 10:29:20 PM #
Who is verizon ?
RE: el Verizon no está aquí
The Ugly Truth @ 10/10/2003 7:08:29 AM #
Qui est Feu Fitre?

Sometimes the truth just isn't pretty™
RE: el Verizon no está aquí
Foo Fighter @ 10/10/2003 10:38:03 AM #
Quote: "Who is verizon ?"

Yeah, just because Verizon is the nation's largest wireless carrier, with the most subscribers in all of North America, doesn't mean they are a major force in the telecom industry. Just like Microsoft isn't a major software developer. Go Cingular!

My blog: www.pocketfactory.com

RE: el Verizon no está aquí
fool faughter @ 10/10/2003 4:13:15 PM #
Bummer the biggest carrier does not carry the latest. Can you smell me now ?

First impression on the Treo 600

The Ugly Truth @ 10/13/2003 3:21:19 PM #
I finally had the opportunity to use a production version of the Treo 600 and have a few observations:

1) This amount of thought that went into creating the interface of this device is impressive. You can do almost all tasks with one thumb.

2) The screen is great. I think most of the people complaining about the screen and asking for a 320 x 320 screen probably haven't actually used the Treo 600.

3) Sprint stores are clueless. The salespeople know very little about the phone and don't think twice about lying. When I initially called a few Sprint stores, one claimed the phone costs $700. Several claimed the phone isn't available without a contract (they are apparently under pressure to reserve the initial supply for new contracts).

4) Current supplies of the phone are very limited. My impression is that production was lower than expected and stores have each been allocated only two or three phones. Most stores didn't even have display models.

5) Only complaints: I would have preferred an internal antenna (for pocketability); the back of the phone is too smooth; the phone is about an ounce heavier than I would have liked - using a high quality plastic case might have saved a bit more weight.

6) Sprint's plan options are expensive. The cheapest was 300 daytime minutes for $35/month. Adding unlimited data costs another $30/month. 500 daytime minutes was $45/month. My corporate rate didn't bring it down as much as I'd hoped. The phone lists for $600, with $100 and $150 discounts for one and two year contracts, respectively - no matter what the salespeople may say.

7) An employee's Treo 600 gave decent voice quality.

8) I couldn't tell where the phone was manufactured. Initial Internet posts showed phones made in Mexico, but the label was missing on the one I used. Odd.

9) I didn't come across any older applications that didn'twork on the Treo 600.

All things considered, I'm impressed with the production model. I was tempted to buy one yesterday, but I think I'll wait until I have a chance to see what AT&T has to offer (next month?). Their version is supposed to be lighter + have better battery life than Sprint. Hopefully the plans will also be more competitive.

Sometimes the truth just isn't pretty™



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