Treo 600 Now In Sprint Stores

Handspring has announced nationwide availability of the award-winning Treo 600 with wireless service from Sprint. The Treo 600 is available immediately from Sprint retail and business channels nationwide and online from

The Treo 600 is available to Sprint customers at a suggested retail price of $599.99. Customers can receive service credits of up to $150 with a two-year PCS Advantage Agreement, bringing the price down to $449.99. For a limited time, Handspring is also offering all Treo 180, 270 and 300 owners the ability to upgrade to a Treo 600 for only $399 exclusively at

"The Treo 600 once again raises the bar in the smartphone device category," said Ed Colligan, president and chief operating officer of Handspring. "We are pleased to be delivering this solution first on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. The combination of the smallest, most functional smartphone to date with the PCS Vision network makes the Treo 600 the most desirable wireless solution available on the market."

"Sprint continues to deliver innovative products that leverage the breadth and power of the largest next generation network in the United States," said Phil Bowman, vice president, business marketing, PCS Division of Sprint. "The Treo 600 by Handspring is clearly a breakthrough in the smart device market. Tightly integrated with our advanced wireless voice and data services, the Treo 600 is a great example of how a close relationship between carrier and handset manufacturer is working to create the best possible customer experience."

Sprint and Handspring will provide hands-on demonstrations of the Treo 600 at CTIA Wireless IT in Las Vegas on October 22 - 23, 2003. Sprint is an exhibitor in the M2M Zone at booth number 1340.

About the Treo 600
The Treo 600 runs Palm OS 5.2.1 with a 144 MHz Texas Instruments OMAP processor. It will have a 160x160 pixel CSTN color screen, 32MB of RAM and a SD/MMC/SDIO expansion slot. There is also a five-way navigation dial for one handed operation. The Treo 600 has a built-in digital camera (640 x 480 VGA), so you can take and send pictures or connect a face to a phone number with picture caller ID. It will also feature a dual speaker architecture for high-quality phone and system audio. It will have a large capacity 1800 mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for up to six hours talk time (GSM); or up to five hours talk time (CDMA); and about two weeks organizer use for both versions.

PalmInfocenter attended the Treo 600 launch party in New York City a short while ago, and have our report of the kickoff here.

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Where's the GSM

DJS_TX @ 10/16/2003 8:33:57 AM #
I thought there was supposed to be news of the GSM version yesterday? I want my unlocked, quad band, GSM smart phone with 6 hours of talk time...


RE: Where's the GSM
sub_tex @ 10/16/2003 9:03:10 AM #
I think that's coming in November. Check Treocentral for more info.

Where's the bluetooth?
acorntree @ 10/16/2003 2:51:13 PM #
ouch an a $400 device that doesn't have
bluetooth and hi-res screen. Oh well, I've
heard nothing from sprint about their wifi
offerings. I guess its for their corporate
clients. Cingular and Tmobile are looking
more & more interesting.

Lets hope that Sprint will have a small
bluetooth phone by thanksgiving and I
won't switch. Actually what is the point
of having a bluetooth cell phone when
you can't use it as a modem? I mean I
don't want have broadband on the road
but at least give me 14.4 so I can check
and send email. Actually whats the point
in having a cell phone period.

Hmmmm T3...

P.S. I don't want to hear about your
opinions on lo-res screens, I've used both
& for me its worth the battery & $$. As for
bluetooth, the point is so you don't fiddle
around w/ IR or cables. The point is the
phone stays in your pocket while you talk
on a bt headset &/or check email on your

RE: Where's the GSM
edyaw @ 10/16/2003 3:28:05 PM #
As for your sprint fone connecting you to the internet. My Sanyo SCP 4900 and a cable from Best Buy does a fine job of doing that.

Verizon Verizon Verizon Verizon

Foo Fighter @ 10/16/2003 1:42:34 PM #
We interrupt this regularly scheduled discussion to bring you a special bulletin: Verizon still does not support the Treo 600. Lets all give them a big raspberry! :-p

Verizon, please support the Treo 600, or I shall go mad. Quite mad indeed. It's already starting. I can't sleep at night. I hear voices in my head telling me to do evil things. What's that? I should act out my frustrations on Mike Cane? No...I shouldn't. ;-)

My blog:

RE: Verizon Verizon Verizon Verizon
sub_tex @ 10/16/2003 2:09:43 PM #
"I should act out my frustrations on Mike Cane? No...I shouldn't."

Speaking of Mike, I'd love to hear his take on the 600. I assume you bought one already, Mike? Any more points on comparing it to the smartphone you got to try out?

Anyone else have a smartphone that can compare the two? (Aside from the obvious OS difference/lack of keyboard/touch screen stuff).

Ask Verizon
alexito @ 10/16/2003 2:22:42 PM #
Maybe you can sign up the petition to Verizon to carry Treo 600

Also when would palminfo have a deep review?

Technology moves faster than you can afford... at least for me.

RE: Verizon Verizon Verizon Verizon
Foo Fighter @ 10/16/2003 2:27:36 PM #
I already signed that petition ages ago.

My blog:
RE: Verizon Verizon Verizon Verizon
rcartwright @ 10/16/2003 2:28:24 PM #
First, Verizon can not hear you now or any other time as they are idiots. Second, while on one hand I have never seen a situtation where Mike Care gushed more about any device than the 600. On the other hand, I was under the impression that NYC was solidly Verizon land and Sprint did not have much of a presence.

Life is a great adventure or nothing.
RE: Verizon Verizon Verizon Verizon
alexito @ 10/16/2003 2:29:11 PM #
Me too, it is just to keep more people signing, there are 1400 or so, so maybe the presure works in the end.

Technology moves faster than you can afford... at least for me.
RE: Verizon Verizon Verizon Verizon
Foo Fighter @ 10/16/2003 5:30:03 PM #
Quote: "First, Verizon can not hear you now or any other time as they are idiots."

No, Verizon is not run by idiots, quite the contrary. They are just an extemely conservative company.

My blog:

RE: Verizon Verizon Verizon Verizon
fool faughter @ 10/16/2003 11:05:07 PM #
Who is Verizon ?
RE: Verizon Verizon Verizon Verizon
rcartwright @ 10/16/2003 11:29:43 PM #
Foo fighter,

Quote: No, Verizon is not run by idiots, quite the contrary. They are just an extemely conservative company.

Perhaps so. I guess they send the idiots to my area because BellSouth/Cingular have such a lock on this part of the country. The cannon fodder principle.

Life is a great adventure or nothing.

Multiple Personality Disorder
The Ugly Truth @ 10/17/2003 10:22:52 AM #
Those of us who saw the movie, Identity are waiting for the day that "Foo Fighter" realizes he/she is also "fool faughter". The drama on this site has become almost cinematic.

Sometimes the truth just isn't pretty™

RE: Verizon Verizon Verizon Verizon
Foo Fighter @ 10/17/2003 7:52:27 PM #
And we're all waiting for the day The Ugly Truth discloses his true identity...Ska. A fact which should surprise no one.

My blog:
Multiple Personality Disorder - Foo/fool
The Ugly Truth @ 10/17/2003 11:57:33 PM #
Ever wonder why "Foo Fighter" and "fool faughter" have the same birthday?

Sometimes the truth just isn't pretty™


Sweetlu @ 10/16/2003 4:41:30 PM #
I just visited the Sprint PCS store in the Palisades Mall in NY and they didn't have it.

Casio B.O.S.S --> M100 --> Vx --> M505 --> ?

Yankees, Steinbrenner,...... I will never turn to the dark side.

RE: Where?
treo007 @ 10/17/2003 4:23:45 PM #
I've seen reports from posters all over the country that their respective Sprint stores sold out a week after getting them. Most will have them a week and a half to 2 weeks from now.

On a slightly different note, go into your store and ask the donkey behind the counter if they've got the 600. If he knows what it is, he'll aloofly say no and act as if you're bothering him. In fact, you could go in there and tell him you want to start a new plan with maximum minutes and all the bells and whistles and you'll take whatever phone they give you. He'll still act like you're bothering him. I've had great experiences with Sprint's phone customer service, but there's nothing worse than Cell Phone Store Guy (for pretty much any carrier). A high school education doesn't doesn't qualify you to play cool guy.


tthiel @ 10/16/2003 11:04:10 PM #
Is there any device out there that isn't award winning?

helf @ 10/17/2003 9:11:41 AM #
I don't think that hitachi g1000 beast won any.

Got It!

Etodd @ 10/17/2003 4:35:54 PM #
It is 4:39 PM EST and I have had my Treo 600 for 5 hours (3 hours to charge, half hour to program with Sprint, and half hour to negotiate service contract, and an hour to play around with it)

Because I am a previous sprint customer with a contract that ends this month, I had some leverage with my plan and rate discount.

Bottom line: 480 anytime minutes, free nights and weekends, free long distance, Vision service, business connection and web access without using my minutes for $45/month.

Oh yeah, I'm the first kid on the block with a newest, coolest toy.

Can you "see" me now?

RE: Got It!
Hal2000 @ 10/18/2003 9:34:17 PM #
Way to go Etod, Do you think I can get that deal in NYC?

"One hour martinizing! Who is this guy martin anyhow?"


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