Sprint Treo 600 Update v1.10 Released

palmOne has released their first update for the CDMA Treo 600, which runs on the US Sprint network. The new update contains a number of bug fixes and introduces support for Sprints new network SMS implementation.

The Sprint Treo 600 Updater 1.10 improves your device's performance with these changes:

  • Corrects SMS Messaging with Sprint's new network SMS implementation
  • Fixes web browser cookie corruption and cookie size management
  • Enables the use of numbered keys to navigate pages on Sprint's mobile website
  • Corrects provisioning issues that have occurred on a small number of devices

The v1.10 update is only intended for the Sprint PCS version of the Treo 600. The updater is only available for windows at the moment. It requires at least 4 MB of free ram to run. You can read the faq and download the update from palmOne support.

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2 way sms now!

techfury90 @ 1/28/2004 1:31:53 PM #
Woo first comment! And I think its about time Sprint did have the ability to send SMS. I hate sprint a ton tho.

RE: 2 way sms now!
rogerkang @ 1/28/2004 1:38:43 PM #
hey, thanks for the value-added comment.

FYI: There is also a Pocket Tunes update (2.2) and I believe they suggest that you install the latest patch/update (in other words, this update for the Treo600) before installing the 2.2 update.

RE: 2 way sms now!
philhumpherys @ 1/28/2004 4:11:23 PM #
I installed the upgrade, and I can't tell if anything is different. I try to send an SMS message, and it says, "Message Not Delivered. This service will be available soon. you will receive a text message when it is ready. Until then, you can use Short Mail to send text messages to any other wireless phone from the browser."

What gives?

RE: 2 way sms now!
travishill @ 1/28/2004 4:22:10 PM #
This update has nothing to do with the 2 way SMS service sprint is currently doing a phased roll-out on. Until your region has had the service turned on, this update will not allow you to send SMS messages.

This update does prepare the Treo for those changes that are coming down the pipe though. People in the earlier rollout regions were having issues where their Treo would reset upon receiving an SMS- this update fixes that issue and several others.

RE: 2 way sms now!
just_little_me @ 1/28/2004 9:58:59 PM #
Ooh, what amazingly new technology this SMS is... not. We've had 2-way SMS since the early 90's!! Yup, 10 years ago!! The US needs some new telco's who have a clue - then dinosaurs like Sprint would be driven into the ground. It would probably help if US citizens knew more about the rest of the world too - then they could speak up and complain instead of laying down and taking it up the proverbial...

You just gotta laugh at the US sometimes... :-)

Now where's that Asbestos-lined Kevlar suit of mine...?


RE: 2 way sms now!
ceejay @ 1/29/2004 7:00:26 AM #
I've got to agree with the above comment. How can you buy a mobile phone that doesn't let you send SMS? I travelled from UK to US on business last week - perhaps I should have demonstrated the technology to my colleagues!

RE: 2 way sms now!
KRamsauer @ 1/29/2004 10:52:04 AM #
It doesn't really come into play for me, at least. SMS is not popular here, so it doesn't really matter if Sprint can't do it. Using Verichat is a much better way to contact people, IMO.

Of course if I were in London, I'd think differently. Just like if you lived here, you'd think differently as well. :)



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